Holidays In Rajasthan India Tour : Jaisalmer Border Safari Travel To Tanot .

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Beach Vacations on Cities: Skylines

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you you you this is the most satisfying thing ever we are God in some City for well that was loud oh you're gonna eat that huh you're gonna eat it classy all right nothing okay and now she is tossing that salad with her stop sticking your finger in your ear all right she's tossing the salad with her ear wax yeah it does it doesn't really well okay they're coming for you Bob well right just road trips and kill me anyway let me know whenever we are recording and welcome to another episode of extended play I'm your host this is Stuart and dad is a fancy fancy sign thank you for watching I'll see you next time

Africa Tours 2016 – Kenya, Tanzania (HD)

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from the creatures of the vast savanna to the tribesmen who share their land and the powerful presence of mother nature's most magnificent vistas this Out of Africa experience holds the true heart of safari living it's been really different everything I expected and more yeah in a land where nature still reigns supreme what does this landscape and its people have in store for you wanky National Park is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe the park is at the edge of the Kalahari Desert and hosts over 100 mammal and 400 bird species y'all come in attendee I know I am a professional biologist and so I have been reading and studying about Africa and the animals and the plants and also about the evolution of man in Africa for many many decades this is my first trip to Africa and therefore it's a dream come true we fell in love with Africa years ago and we keep coming back amazing the people are amazing last trip all the big five and this trip lions mating nighttime is when this park really comes to life animals emerge from their slumbers hideouts to drink forage and hunt lions can eat 40 pounds of meat in one sitting the sleep that follows can last 24 hours I think they are the real Africa is meeting the people what a school visit is fantastic because the young people are the future of the country and it's important to see how their imported the travelers are interacting with the kids the kids are benefiting from interacting with the people of a different culture in the victim of a different race so that when they go out there in the world they all fit in quite easily because they have experienced that from a tender age like what they are doing right now beyond the seven years of primary education that this school provides it also offers food to the students throughout the school year I had a wonderful time in the school is incredible children are beautiful and it's so exciting if they're finally getting an opening and it made us feel good to bring things and help them I think that the principal being there all alone for the longest time until we finally got milk now there are eight of difference to see the joy they get out of life very hard and it's one of the reasons that come back to Africa Amboseli National Park in Kenya is known to be one of the best places in Africa to experience free-ranging elephants along with spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro the highest freestanding mountain in the world this one leaves a lot of fun memories of not only the beauty that we have great behind us of the mountain and but also the animals I can't get over seeing them so close I'll be up roaming free and they are just majestic they are beautiful zebras giraffes cape buffaloes and wildebeest are also abundant catching a glimpse of a pride of lions is a special treat one of the real standouts was a female lioness with two baby Cubs and it was really you know stands out of your mind as being something special I just love the country I really do I love this continent 'gondya is wonderful he's been very helpful he takes care of all problems I have a dream of being a safari guide for a long one as a little boy I grew up in a family where my uncle was a safari guide and Here I am I do enjoy it very much and as part of my bucket list of my life so right now we're in a massive village we have to redo the chief so we are able mr. Joseph I just and I'm going to welcome you entitled Emily so welcome the Maasai live a semi-nomadic lifestyle herding cattle their primary food source they believe that their God gave them all the cattle on the earth and once had a reputation as cattle rustlers so they used to travel from one place to another so a week they want to make fire there is a natural way of making fire you call it a bush matchbox so they use the card the elephant down plus the cedar wood and the dry piece of acacia tree so they make do it together and lastly you get the smoke and whenever you see smoke there's fire the Masai aversion to eating wild game or birds has made their lands rich with wildlife most Maasai tribes are enthusiastic about sharing their traditions and ways of life with outsiders what's wonderful I was so surprised I don't even dance in America all the women are so beautiful they say they start 10 years old they teach them how to jump wheelie down for the prayer they're going to bless you for yourself the trip to the masai village was incredible and they were so willing to share their culture with us and that was a very very good experience I am like child in a store full of chocolate and candy except the chocolate and candies for my brain that was such a close intimate look at how they live that's a beautiful stop made by a women lotsa women you never know when you're going to see something this wonderful experience the full beauty and power of Africa exploring five stunning and distinctly different countries on an extended Safari of a lifetime

Sri Lanka Tourism – Visit Sri Lanka – Exotic Holidays Sri Lanka

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hi travelers this is Emma from Australia if golden beaches rising waves Misty Mountains mighty elephant stealthy leopards giant whales a majestic past lovely tea and warm smiles could sum up a country that would be Sri Lanka it was an amazing experience and I'd like to thank exotic glencoe calm for all their efforts and i highly recommend exotic Lanker calm to any traveler or holiday maker thanks

Myrtle Beach Vacations – South Beach Resort

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along the Atlantic coastal plain strong like a pearl on the Grand Strand of South Carolina's coast a Holiday Inn vacations club gym is found a seaside retreat with access to all the best that Myrtle Beach has to offer where the bond between family and friends can grow this is South Carolina and this is South Beach Resort upon arrival a warm smile and friendly welcome set your vacation in motion at South Beach Resort you'll find it easy to leave the tensions of daily life at the door designed for comfort and relaxation with families in mind the villas at South Beach Resort afford every convenience of home with the added luxury of a Holiday Inn Club vacations getaway the spacious kitchen an on-site marketplace make preparing a snack for the kids or a delicious family dinner convenient and enjoyable and after settling in relax fireside and think of all the adventures to come the accommodations at South Beach Resort are spacious they're warm accommodating extremely comfortable for me and my family the kitchens here at South Beach Resort are spacious they're well equipped were able to purchase food and prepare our meals here without having to go out as often it's very accommodating can do breakfast here it's extremely convenient to have a kitchen in our quarters as the day begins the array of activities available will bring smiles to everyone relax in a hot tub or splash with the kids in the lazy river lounge your day away with a delicious signature cocktail poolside at captain cliffs Lagoon bar and pool or take a short trip to the private oceanfront breezes beach club for even more activities and the convenient beachfront access South Beach Resort is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach and if there is anything that Myrtle Beach is known for its that it was designed with families in mind of course there are miles of loaded with all kinds of watersports and if you're a golf lovers there are more than 100 courses all along the Grand Strand Plus from a cultural experience at brookgreen gardens to entertaining dining the sky will and lots of shopping at Broadway at the beach yep a day exploring Myrtle Beach can be as rewarding as it is relaxing I love Myrtle Beach it has something for every age my husband and I are jazz fans until if we want to go to the House of Blues which is close by we can do that as well Myrtle Beach has long been considered one of America's most family-friendly vacation destinations and South Beach Resort reflects that image through the families friends smiles and laughter that can be found here year after year a vacation gem where family memories can be made and treasured forever South Beach Resort Myrtle Beach South Carolina you

Family Vacation – African Safari

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Bald Head Island NC | Beach Vacations, Rentals, Property For Sale

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Incredible India | Adventure Travel, Tours & Holidays

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yes sir Ganga muhahaha seditious tatra paavana me citric shiftry – Taj Geumgang God irra soma shittim India is incredible India full of colours different approaches country of contrasts country of contradictions country of organized chaos country of spirituality diversity came here in a stream of unity everyone is invited without any invitation where the guest is treat as a God our own ASEAN para miss Donna nobuta monopoly Shetty so this is the precious moment God has given us a chance to see this beautiful word Bunner hey Banaras it's always enchanting it's always fulfilling so it is why that country is known as incredible interior

Best Holiday Destinations Gopalpur on sea hotels | Travel | Beach Vacations | Blue Sea Gopalpur

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