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hi guys I want to talk about backpacking and traveling alone and tips and tricks you can do to improve your travels especially as a girl alone because that can be pretty um I don't think it's scary but I think it can be pretty and scared for parents probably so it's good to have to follow some rules and guidelines to make sure that you will be safe when I finished high school I started backpacking right away I went to New Zealand by myself travel around there for a couple of months and I went to Australia and later Philippines to be honest I didn't plan at all I did not watch this kind of YouTube video didn't read any articles about tips for a girl traveling alone which I probably should have done and so I'm going to tell you my tips and you can learn from my mistakes you're tired of school and I just wanted to get out that book the trip to New Zealand all by myself three days later I just went away I didn't know where I was going what I was going to do there I didn't book any places to stay any buses or flights or anything except that one-way ticket to New Zealand which i think is a great way of travelling I wouldn't have experienced everything I have experienced if I didn't do it that way and it's a great way of just go with the flow and letting great things happen but you should take care and here are some of my tips so a lot of different hostels around the world has rooms only for girls so you can actually and book you can choose if you want to stay with five people or two people or something like that and you can choose if you want to to have mixed male and female or just girls I didn't I don't know I just always took the mixed thing and which I learned later not such a good idea another tips is also to ask when you go to the hostel to book your nights to ask if you can go and see the room if you want to stay with guys and girls just to see what kind of people you're gonna stay with for a few days because you don't know these people they are from all over some of them pretty weird people I was in Australia and I stayed at this horrible hostel I didn't check it beforehand I just booked like four five nights or something and I figured out I was sharing it was a five-person rooms I thought I was gonna live it a lot of people I don't I think that's better than just staying with one person turns out it was only one guy in there he was like forty late in the late 30s he has stayed there for like one year really freaky guy and so that was very uncomfortable I just spent my entire day out and only got back at night where I went to sleep one night when I stay there can you woke me up in the middle of the night and said he wanted a cuddle so it ended up with me sleeping on the beach by myself not such a good idea so I recommend staying in an all-girls room or at least checking out what kind of room you're getting before you actually pay for it I was insanely lucky on my travels it seems like I'm pretty naive I'm actually not it's just I'm always alert but I choose to think the best of people I don't know what I was thinking but I always I didn't I just I want to believe in the best in strangers so I left like my MacBook on my bed when I went out I didn't have a locker for my backpack I sometimes even I've left my passport just in the bed and headed out when I was shearing boom with five other people everyone else I was staying with and met along my travels have either lost like passport phone their MacBook just jewelry and a lot of stuff I didn't lose one thing not one thing I've sold for me so I would recommend to have like a locker for your backpack or suitcase it's a good idea to bring your passport with you you never know when you're going to need it but I would also have copies of it in your purse and wallet and in your suitcase or backpack just because that's the most important thing you got with you on your travels maybe when you are out backpacking you want to go to bars and clubs and all of that I wasn't so into that but maybe you are and then I want you to take care if you know you're gonna have to find a way home by yourself if you have to walk or take a cab don't get drunk this is just VD idiotic people take advantage of young pretty girls traveling by themselves that are drunk at night home alone walking no just don't put yourself in that situation it can turn out really bad and you're gonna regret it forever and really lucky nothing like that had ever happened to me but just take care and get friends with someone in your hostel or something that you can walk with home get some girlfriends that you can sleep over at their place or something like that another thing that I would recommend if you're traveling alone is to tell people where you're heading next I didn't know one single person on an entire continent when I first got there and I knew it would be hard to update everyone at home all the time I could tell the same stories over and over again and all of that so what I did I started a blog and always told him where I was going on what I was doing what if something were to happen people would know where I was at least another important thing that you should do is to have all your important documents on your mail so you can access it from any computer if you get lost or if you lose your computer or whatever so you got your travel documents in your passport and insurance and all of those things that you may need the little tip is to wear a fake wedding ring it sounds weird but if you don't want that much attention now it out to travel it was actually for myself I wanted to find myself and explore the world and I wanted to see beautiful places and I read books into photography and focused more on myself than to meet other people of course I met people that I am so happy that I met but that wasn't the main focus when I traveled so to have a fake wedding ring or an engagement ring is actually a good tip because you don't get unwanted attention unless you go out to find a partner they don't tip for girls or guys if you like yeah shaving and stuff and the showers at hostels not so nice pretty disgusting so if you want to spend less time in those showers I would recommend to wax everything you want to wax before you leave at least the first month you don't have to spend a lot of time in the shower shaving you don't need to worry about that so just a little tip oh so you probably want to listen to music when you go out please have one of the air plugs out or have the music low so you can actually pay attention to what's happening around you if you're in a country or a neighborhoods that is pretty like dangerous sketchy you should be like alert what's happening around you tip if you're going home from somewhere when it's late is to take a photo of the cab number before you get in the cab to track the cab on Google Maps to see if you're heading in the right direction and third to pretend like you're calling someone and tell them I'm gonna be there to see unit bits or actually do that just to let taxi driver know that someone's gonna meet you there and guys say no if you don't want something if someone offers to carry your bags or and they have a room for you or whatever and you feel it's kind of something is off about it don't say yes because you're shy or and you don't know how to say no just say no it's totally fine and don't care about you're never going to see that person again I believe you should always try to see the nice sides of people when you're out especially when traveling so you get new friends they can actually you can actually meet people that can take a different places and teach your stuff that you didn't know about the country that's the most amazing thing about traveling but always be alert every last tip is to have fun and enjoy and look around and just appreciate the fact that you are able to travel that you have the opportunity to go and travel very few people actually have that opportunity so if you can travel the world be grateful for that and take that opportunity and do it see different countries and Chinese food and meet people and find yourself on the way always sounds cheesy and I know you probably have one of those friends that was out traveling and come back and are completely spiritual or chain-store but there's something to it you you learn new stuff and you figure out that every every single person on earth aren't like the people in your city and in your town that's amazing you can bring some of those stuff with you home and then reach your life and make it better so I hope you can share with me your experiences or that you want to travel in the comments below please tell me where you have been or where you want to go and if you have any questions about my travels that will make me very happy thank you for watching and I see you soon bye

Egypt | Adventure Travel, Tours & Holidays

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welcome to music everybody welcome to the Pyramids of Giza the land of the fairies my name is Alan I'm from on the go to three different Kings they build the pyramids here at this location Herman's dating back to the ancient Egyptian time more than 2500 BC yeah you

Thailand : Wildest Street Party in KhaoSan Road

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[Applause] [Applause] Thank You Go Go Go little man third back right [Applause] yeah one of the best man the person worth has beautiful take in and everything take your peers hey beer time shot shot [Applause] that's how we do it at slumber party by bodega come back Bangkok baby we have a three vans here one two three how many because now we're too much we're at 68 right now oh my goodness that is 68 people it's loggia almost like it part you include emotional as a step can you see me make opening abandon then again Mike here is making me tonight okay so that's the pre-show my daddy's gonna fucking palette for us you're all babies the Buddha yeah Amory panty john valleca it started in the Batman theme so much as bat pocket August 7 and radiant with a clarity nudity Calgary Calgary by Charlie's monogatari I'm a goalless phenomena for joining my lambo Charlie who meets a I'm like out some rude America's military in vanity to mattaniah ionically cause Android beta do you copy fuckhead hey what's your name hi-yah Belgium hi [Applause] wash your hands all clean tonight you can meet me on the other side we're impatient like young God – the chefs in there and the light is what you cannot see keep on dreaming again sir have it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] gentlemen they come in language vans gotta get a happy life [Applause] Sergeevich panic Amelia could you be mean Amelia carbonate signal without is yep crazy Obama creamy Fupa I can get me but I see if I have simulator course Malaya she'll be there by taking me down really very much 7-eleven movie and rice we concentration Boitano variability paneer cheese kebab we're telling a Koharu it's nothing [Applause] [Applause] we out here cops are oh yeah you took that beer oh oh listen listen yeah everybody take this you take it to the beer we're chilling for chili [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] get it man out my it should be only 42 Oh I want to forgive for that

Holidays In Rajasthan India Tour : Jaisalmer Border Safari Travel To Tanot .

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Rafiki Safari Lodge by Costa Rican Vacations

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this is Rafiki safari lodge we are located on the Central Pacific coast about an hour south of Mineral Antonio's it's a conservation project we're sitting on about 840 acres of rainforest Rafiki is different from other hotels in that it's not just a bed it's an experience there's less boundaries between the staff and the guests and stay here the word Rafiki means friends so when people come to stay with us that's what we hope that they leave what they find friendship with us and that they get to experience this environment the large is set in such a place that you have the opportunity to have the forest come to be you so you you can smell the forest and you can hear that the sounds and in the mornings the birds are chirping and and you're amongst it yet you're comfortable when guests come to Rafiki they have a chance number one to see the forest and they can see the the birds that come to tropical birds we have over 350 – bird species that that frequent perfectly we have three different kinds of tours that we do we offer whitewater rafting trips horseback riding trips and hiking trips which allow people to be able to get into the forest and see more of what it has to offer we have several hikes that we go on one of our featured hikes is a waterfall hike it's called aqua hike this this trip includes a short piece of whitewater rafting that which then will take you up a series of waterfalls where you get to swim in a couple different pools you might even have a chance to jump off the cliff and along the way you get to see natural history you might run across some some frogs or some monkeys or some birds and we'll identify those for you Rafiki offers horseback rides we have trips that go through the forest so their interpretive trips of of the forest itself the rafting trips we do it Rafiki is on the rios a vagrant it's one of the cleanest rivers in all of Central America this section of River that that's rafting there's a portion that starts literally on our farm Rafiki is different from other hotels due to its ability to personalize the experience for the guests that come here the the laid-back attitude that you will find at Rafiki and also our commitment to sustaining this a very valid

Serena Mountain Lodge | Kenya Safari Holidays | Kuoni Travel

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dream Kenya think coo Oni the only tree hotel to grace the slopes of legendary Mount Kenya the Serena Mountain Lodge presents a matchless gain viewing opportunity combined with a glorious panorama of mountain vistas two hours from Nairobi with your crew Oni guide and over two thousand meters above sea level lies one of kiwannis most exceptional destinations for an unforgettable wildlife experience in this magnificent setting enjoy the champagne clarity of the mountain air and the fascinating interplay as a colorful cavalcade of animals gather to drink bathe spa and forage around the adjacent waterhole and Salt Lick more energetic guests can enjoy a guided walk or even scale the peak of Africa's second highest mountain be spectacularly close to the animals and venture down to the secret viewing hide by the water's edge or enjoy gentle pastimes in happy contemplation whilst trout fishing or surrender to a herbal massage to ease weary limbs enjoy a sundowner from the veranda as the African bush comes alive with nocturnal sounds later the setting of the timbered dining room set on stilts and serving an array of delicious local and international dishes at the end of a memorable day retire to a cabin style room which are uncluttered but attractively furnished with indigenous wood and African art and private bathrooms with an incomparable location and high levels of service serena mountain lodge is highly recommended by kuromi for those wanting to experience the real kenya no one knows the planet like us visit soon

Open Water Swimming Holiday Montenegro | SwimTrek Adventure Holidays

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offers so much and so much variety that is from Lake swimming rivers for me seas for me it's a total I think the last few days what I've realized swimming in a big group like this it really does encourage you to improve your stroke and really it's much easier actually swimming I'm Caitlin from Wollongong which is near Sydney Australia I'm in France where today it was beautiful lots of fish beautiful clear water can see right to the bottom most of the way amazing mountains coming straight up in churches that were swimming around there was a good group I was towards the back of my group that they kept on stopping for me which was nice and yeah it was just generally good fun my master denied in Germany and we are here in the sky lake today and there was some in the morning and afternoon and this one was clear border and no stuffiness around

Africa Tours 2016 – Kenya, Tanzania (HD)

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from the creatures of the vast savanna to the tribesmen who share their land and the powerful presence of mother nature's most magnificent vistas this Out of Africa experience holds the true heart of safari living it's been really different everything I expected and more yeah in a land where nature still reigns supreme what does this landscape and its people have in store for you wanky National Park is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe the park is at the edge of the Kalahari Desert and hosts over 100 mammal and 400 bird species y'all come in attendee I know I am a professional biologist and so I have been reading and studying about Africa and the animals and the plants and also about the evolution of man in Africa for many many decades this is my first trip to Africa and therefore it's a dream come true we fell in love with Africa years ago and we keep coming back amazing the people are amazing last trip all the big five and this trip lions mating nighttime is when this park really comes to life animals emerge from their slumbers hideouts to drink forage and hunt lions can eat 40 pounds of meat in one sitting the sleep that follows can last 24 hours I think they are the real Africa is meeting the people what a school visit is fantastic because the young people are the future of the country and it's important to see how their imported the travelers are interacting with the kids the kids are benefiting from interacting with the people of a different culture in the victim of a different race so that when they go out there in the world they all fit in quite easily because they have experienced that from a tender age like what they are doing right now beyond the seven years of primary education that this school provides it also offers food to the students throughout the school year I had a wonderful time in the school is incredible children are beautiful and it's so exciting if they're finally getting an opening and it made us feel good to bring things and help them I think that the principal being there all alone for the longest time until we finally got milk now there are eight of difference to see the joy they get out of life very hard and it's one of the reasons that come back to Africa Amboseli National Park in Kenya is known to be one of the best places in Africa to experience free-ranging elephants along with spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro the highest freestanding mountain in the world this one leaves a lot of fun memories of not only the beauty that we have great behind us of the mountain and but also the animals I can't get over seeing them so close I'll be up roaming free and they are just majestic they are beautiful zebras giraffes cape buffaloes and wildebeest are also abundant catching a glimpse of a pride of lions is a special treat one of the real standouts was a female lioness with two baby Cubs and it was really you know stands out of your mind as being something special I just love the country I really do I love this continent 'gondya is wonderful he's been very helpful he takes care of all problems I have a dream of being a safari guide for a long one as a little boy I grew up in a family where my uncle was a safari guide and Here I am I do enjoy it very much and as part of my bucket list of my life so right now we're in a massive village we have to redo the chief so we are able mr. Joseph I just and I'm going to welcome you entitled Emily so welcome the Maasai live a semi-nomadic lifestyle herding cattle their primary food source they believe that their God gave them all the cattle on the earth and once had a reputation as cattle rustlers so they used to travel from one place to another so a week they want to make fire there is a natural way of making fire you call it a bush matchbox so they use the card the elephant down plus the cedar wood and the dry piece of acacia tree so they make do it together and lastly you get the smoke and whenever you see smoke there's fire the Masai aversion to eating wild game or birds has made their lands rich with wildlife most Maasai tribes are enthusiastic about sharing their traditions and ways of life with outsiders what's wonderful I was so surprised I don't even dance in America all the women are so beautiful they say they start 10 years old they teach them how to jump wheelie down for the prayer they're going to bless you for yourself the trip to the masai village was incredible and they were so willing to share their culture with us and that was a very very good experience I am like child in a store full of chocolate and candy except the chocolate and candies for my brain that was such a close intimate look at how they live that's a beautiful stop made by a women lotsa women you never know when you're going to see something this wonderful experience the full beauty and power of Africa exploring five stunning and distinctly different countries on an extended Safari of a lifetime

Backpacking South America: Roadtrippin’ Patagonia (Chapter 07)

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planning your own itinerary is great but sometimes it's nice to let somebody else take the reins and that someone was an 18-ton truck named mamacita and a gang of 22 misfits the tour company I chose to travel where through this leg of the journey was dragged Amman the itinerary would take me from Santiago all the way down through Patagonia and then all the way back up to Buenos Aires hiking camping and driving over the course of 30 gloriously diverse days it was the part of my adventure I was most looking forward to volcanoes continually amazed me they're a constant reminder of how alive our earth is so when we arrived in pucon and were given the opportunity to climb the Jataka volcano one of the most active volcanoes in chile had jumped at the opportunity it took approximately four hours to summit an asphyxiation by toxic gases never felt so great but it was the 1200 meter slide down that stole the show I've never spent Christmas away from home and a six-hour journey from pucon to bariloche eating crisps and the cheese sandwich was never something I envisioned bariloche is basically the front cover of a chocolate box it's Alpine style architecture feels like a European town we spent the following days after Christmas ziplining cycling and drinking beer among stunning views snow-capped peaks and sunshine but before long we were back on the bus one thing people don't tell you about Patagonia is how incredibly windy it is setting up our bush camp for the evening seemed like an impossible task but a great team is born from an intense struggle and before night had fallen we had shelter and not a single one of us blew away in the night the wind wasn't our only obstacle so was the terrain and after two days of intense challenges a kind mini campsite owner named ray all took us in and we had one hell of a party everyone is cooking breakfast right now and there is dead sheep carcass they're truly roughing it oh man we arrived in los policías National Park well rested and in high spirits ready to take on the 24 kilometer round hike to Fitzroy the mountain famously featured on the Patagonia clothing label it remains my favorite day hike for a multitude of different reasons all of which were then completely trumped by a guy flinging off his shorts proving that shrinkage was not exclusively a problem faced by ice caps after a brief boat trip to beat Malaysia it was time to hit the road again heading even further south along the way we passed shipwrecks camped next to our Packer who looked a lot warmer than we were cross to boarders and caught a scenic ferry pass schools of dolphin before finally arriving in ushuaia the most southern city in the world first on our agenda was a height and a kayaking trip from tierra del fuego national park a park rich with wildlife vegetation and beaches all surrounded by rugged mountain currently hiking through tierra del fuoco National Park which is the most southern National Park in the world goosh wire felt like a place I already knew I think that was mostly due to the fact that it reminds me of a city you'd find in a one-off TV crime series about a missing person it's gloominess definitely lived up to its nickname as the city at the end of the world the gloominess followed and followed as we made our way north once again where we would soon begin the W Trek a four day hike in the pouring rain seemed like a pretty bleak prospect but then as soon as we cross the border into Chile as if right on cue the Sun came out you

8 TRAVEL OUTFIT IDEAS | Style Mix + Match | ANN LE

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hi everyone today styling video I'm going to show you how you can style eight vacation outfits and fit them all in one carry-on luggage so let's begin so first off we all need a pair of denim shorts and a relaxed tee they both make a great beach cover-up and casual wear for just the chill and relaxed day to go all out in comfort you must have some sandals opt for a style that can dress up and down I'm packing these sandals with the Nutri shade and simple straps next up is my relaxed cardigan go for a medium weight and neutral color lastly is my tote and this is something I carry aside from my luggage so it doesn't take up extra space and this is my comfortable tourist look okay so the next variation is with the same tee there are numerous looks you could come up with just a t-shirt go for something basic or with easygoing prints and can look good with the rest of your bottoms I wanted to have a few holey covered up options and so I packed one of my favorite leggings with me it looks like shiny leather but it's lightweight and it doesn't take up much space in my luggage next are these gold wedges wedges are a great replacement to heels especially if you're walking a lot and gold is a great accent to everything I packed following up is my army green jacket I had this jacket for years and it's still my go-to jackets light and can easily be layered this jacket is something I would wear on my plane ride so that way I could save some space in my carry-on this overall look is great if you want to be covered from head to toe it's always good to have that option third look is another cute way to style these leggings I packed along a bandeau top because it doesn't take much space and it's a great spring summery layering piece this alone is a complete outfit but I'd like to have more options and layer it up a little bit just in case if I do want to cover up I have my sweater a cardigan can pretty much go with anything and having it around is perfect when you're going on a boat ride or just a chilly night out ah the next is skirt this Elsa is suitable for just your type of outings I love love a pretty and flowy maxi skirt I decided to pair mines with a simple black tank it's simple it takes a very little packaging space to cinch it in my waistline I'm wearing it with this hand and color belt the color of the belt and thickness gives a nice emphasis to the waistline and a tan belt with gold buckles coordinate so well with almost anything a second way to style the skirt is to turn it into a dress this type of style is actually very popular I like to roll in the waistband up top to make the skirt less obvious by doing so you can also shorten the overall length now it's time for the wedges not only are the wedges comfortable they can be worn with something casual to something a little bit more dress-up next with the same belts I'm going to cinch in the waistline all I need now is my mini crossbody purse I like to bring along a small purse and a tote with me a small purse like this is easy to carry and adds a nice posh feel to the overall look this is such a cute and beach party look okay so next up is this whimsical floral dress the printing color is so pretty and feminine the neckline is a lot more daring than what I would normally wear but for a vacation dress and going to a warmer climate or a beach setting we're showing extra skin isn't a big deal I think this just fits right in if I wanted to take this dress out for a day in town I can easily cover it up with my army green jacket and cross body purse okay so second mix up is layering over a sweater this is a nice lightweight sweater top that has good draping to it I also love to have around a stripe top for my travels I find the print to be versatile and it adds a nice fun element to anything here I add it my tan belt to cinch in the waistline and also to drape the sweater over it next I gave it another little tuck up front to show off the belt and the waistline floral and stripes are two of my favorite prints to pair together the bright blue color is what the prints have in common it brings together that look quite nicely this overall look is definitely whimsical and fun les Alpha is just another way to mix up the clothes and come up with a new look I just simply paired this sweater with the denim shorts from earlier it's a simple and chic nautical look so there you have it guys eight outfit more than you need to last you a week on vacation there are definitely more variations that can be made with these traveling basics but I hope I can inspire you with new ideas and what to pack for the next time you're going on vacation right here I'm just showing you how I usually pack first I have my makeup bag and then my shoes in this shoe bag it's actually a shopping bag and I just we use it as a shoe bag then I have my toiletries and then my mini purse next I have my curling iron and then I also have my accessory pack and then my belt and here I'm storing all my undergarments and also my swimwear all goes into this one bag those are all my essential then lastly I packed on my clothing items so everything is compact in this little carry-on bag right here thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to thumbs up to keep the momentum going and to support my videos also subscribe to me if you want to see weekly videos and I will talk to you guys next time love you ciao

Sri Lanka Tourism – Visit Sri Lanka – Exotic Holidays Sri Lanka

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hi travelers this is Emma from Australia if golden beaches rising waves Misty Mountains mighty elephant stealthy leopards giant whales a majestic past lovely tea and warm smiles could sum up a country that would be Sri Lanka it was an amazing experience and I'd like to thank exotic glencoe calm for all their efforts and i highly recommend exotic Lanker calm to any traveler or holiday maker thanks

Planning Your First Overnight Backpacking Trip

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hey y'all Dixon here today I want to talk to you about crossing the line from day hiking to overnight backpacking I recently polled people here on YouTube on the community tab of my channel and asked folks what was their current level of backpacking experience and most folks said day hiking you know there were some folks that had overnight backpacking experience even some through hikers you know and some people with no experience whatsoever but most of the folks that responded to the pole we're day hikers based on some of the comments and you know other questions I've seen on the channel it indicates that a lot of these day hikers would like to go on an overnight trip but there seems to be you know something holding them back for the most part I think most of these folks are hesitant to go on an overnight backpacking trip even if it's just one night because of you know some fear of the unknown and this could be going alone not being sure where to go where you can camp maybe the gear budget time just because of a bunch of other naysayers worried about injuries maybe whether you know all sorts of different reasons that folks might be hesitant to actually go out into the wilderness and stay over a night so I'd like to go ahead and cover this topic today and you know delve into some of these points and maybe transition some of these day hikers that would like to become you know backpackers and kind of help them make that leap and if you're like Dixie I'm a day hiker I don't ever want to go spend a night out in the woods that's alright you still might find something useful in this video so just hang out and see what you think when you're learning something new I think the best way to do it is to research right so obviously if you're here and you're watching this video you're off to a good start because you're on a backpacking Channel not just because you're on my channel but you've you know decided hey I want to learn more about this backpacking thing and you're watching videos on YouTube about backpacking and most of you are probably you know getting out on day hikes so I would definitely recommend continuing that and familiarizing yourself well you know with some of the trails local to you now while you're doing that you can be researching and reading and the biggest thing with backpacking is like the gear right you need to find a way to have shelter to have water to have food and take care of you know those most basic needs and some of you are probably like oh my god here I don't even know how research is not what do I need like what what actually do I research I don't even know where to begin well if you just Google you know backpacking gear lists you'll probably come up with more than you could ever care to read on my website at homemade wanderlust com I've got a gear tab you know has my gear list but you know maybe if you're just going on a local trail you want to check out some backpacking gear lists for you know your areas so you need to think you know if I'm looking at a gear list for the Appalachian Trail is the weather where I'm at similar to you know part of that blazing trail so of course you're gonna have to tweak some of these things to your preferences in your area but just looking at gearless of people who are already backpacking is a good idea there's a homemade wanderlust backpacking forum a lot of people in there have experience with overnight backpacking and even through hikes you know so you can always post a question there it's just homemade one or less backpacking forum group on Facebook alright so for example you might look at this list and go okay well regardless of where I am I need to drink water right so how can I make sure that water is safe to drink well this person used you know water treatment a chemical or maybe another person used a filter so you can look up water treatment while backpacking and just see you know what pulls up on Google and read all about it and don't overwhelm yourself with this take maybe five minutes a day for one week to learn about water treatment while on a backpacking trip so for the next week you'll you know take five minutes out of the day and learn about some other form of gear maybe a stove if you want to cook on trail but you don't even have to worry about that yet because if you're going for one overnight trip you can really just you know pack Twinkies if you want to do then maybe you look into sleeping bags and then so on and so forth so you're learning about new gear all along the way you know each week and then maybe once a month getting out on a day hike twice a month I mean if once a week that's even better right so you'll be familiarizing yourself with the outdoors in your area and as often as you can so maybe you know once a month if your budget allows for that it's gonna depend on the person but you purchase one of these pieces of gear or you can borrow it from a friend you know maybe borrow different things from different friends to see what you like before you make a purchase you can get it used you know I mean whatever you do if you can rent it just somehow acquire this piece of gear and take it with you on a day hike so get a water filter and take it out there with you during your day hike and you know play around with it I mean sure on a day hike you can take your own bottled water but you want to familiarize yourself with this piece of gear that later you know you would need to have with you so you're gonna filter your water and that way you get to focus on one thing instead of finding yourself on the trail with a pack full of things that you don't exactly know how to use you know and you're just like oh my gosh this is so overwhelming this way you take these things out with you on a day hike and you focus on this one thing and then you add something else and then you add something else you know when you add your sleeping bag you can take a nap in it you know and this might be like a short trail just a couple mile trail but just take it nice and easy and again just introduce one thing at a time and this way you're not having to buy like all these big expensive pieces of gear before you you know really take the time to research and if you're getting out there on trails you might run into other people and you can say like hey what do you like about that pack you're carrying you know or what do you what do you use for water filtration and these might be people who are getting out there and backpacking and doing day high you can even use you know your kids old spongebob squarepants backpack it doesn't matter because at the beginning you're not gonna be carrying a whole lot of stuff with you know just some snacks and just this one new piece of gear that you introduce occasionally basically you will continue this process until you've got all the items that you think you're gonna need for one night so you don't even have to go crazy and say I'm gonna do a thru-hike right away where I'm gonna go on a week-long backpacking trip you know just prepare yourself for literally staying somewhere one night and you don't even have to hike in very far just a couple of miles set up camps stay one night and come back out and while you're researching you're gonna hear people say things like oh your base weight should be above you know XYZ pounds and you should be carrying two pounds of food with you per day and like all of these numbers but the thing is like just take what you think you'll need for one night and I guarantee you if it's not right you're gonna start making adjustments and you're gonna know what works for you by just getting out there and having the experience one of the first concerns you might have is where so maybe you're even frozen in like I don't even know how to start day hiking well you can Google you know trails near your town and some of y'all that live in more populated areas yes you might have to drive a little bit further than those of us who live more in rural areas but somewhere within a reasonable vicinity I'm sure there is a place to you know get out on some hiking trails and in areas that you can keep you can also check out the all trails app that they have for phones I think you can find it online too but it'll give information for trails that are local to you or you know mirrors to you and a lot of those give specific information like whether you can camp there or not you know if it's just for day hiking only don't let that be something that concerns you too much but again you know find out the rules for the area that you're gonna be in most of the time at the trailhead there's gonna be you know signs up telling you specific guidelines and once you start day hiking a lot in area you're gonna get familiar with the rules there anyway something else that holds people back is their budget so this makes sense you know not everyone can afford to go out tomorrow and buy a whole new set of brand new backpacking gear and hit the trail for an overnight trip the next day and I understand that but if you use the model that I was talking about you know get one little piece at a time and practice with that piece of gear familiarize yourself with it you know it does break up the expenses while allowing you to still get out and enjoy nature and some saving tips you know you can look at like the used backpacking groups that are on Facebook they're folks all the time peddling their used gear on their because they want to upgrade to something new REI does do like garage sales and if you do purchase something through Aria at least if you decide you know that it does not work for you they have an amazing return policy you have up to a year to return an item and it doesn't have to be you know broken damage whatever it can simply be just like this piece of gear does not work for me now I don't recommend taking advantage of that of course so you know if you get 500 miles out of a pair of trail runners I don't think that it's right to you know go return them and abuse that policy but just saying you know it's like a safe buy with REI at least you can also try to borrow from a friend or some of this gear you can potentially rent from some outdoor stores and then as always you know Christmas which of course just passed or birthdays anniversary gifts you know you can always tell people like hey I'm interested in backpacking now and I'm looking to get a new water filter you know instead of a new vacuum cleaner I really like a new sleeping pad or you know whatever but there certainly are ways to save money and you don't always have to buy you know the greatest newest piece of equipment another concern is being alone so a lot of folks don't like the idea of going out for their first overnight trip and being there alone you know it's just like misery loves company right but honestly you know being alone can be pretty rewarding I feel like if you go out and you do something like that alone it's gonna boost your confidence a lot you know you're gonna believe in yourself more and you'll probably be pretty proud of yourself but if you're absolutely against the idea of going out there alone you can check in to and see if there any local hiking or adventure outdoor clubs near you also you could check Facebook for your local vicinity and see if there are any groups like that on Facebook and you can always try to beg a friend and to you know getting out there with you but don't let that stop you you know if you can just don't let that be the thing that holds you back because chances are you might find that you prefer to be alone while out in the wilderness also if you go through the exercise that I mentioned earlier you know you're gonna be familiar with these trails that you're getting out on four day hikes you're gonna be familiar with the gear in your pack so all of these things are going to be normal to you and you might even if you go out for day hikes alone you might get you said you know just being out in the woods alone and the only thing that's gonna change is that short little period of time where you're asleep at night you know but the sun's gonna come up the next morning so just get out there and and try to make yourself go for it and also if you're going out on these day hikes you're gonna know if you have service on a certain trail or not and maybe for your first overnight stint and be a good idea to camp somewhere that you have service and that way you know you can text people if you need to or whatever you know if you're scared you can call somebody and talk to them but I think once you get in that first overnight you're gonna feel a lot better about it the next topic I want to cover is you know comfort or maybe lack of so discomfort yeah a lot of people will tell you that their first backpacking experience was not necessarily comfortable and I don't know I mean there might be somebody out there that's like heck yeah my backpacking setup is just as comfortable is my bed at home I don't have that I haven't had that experience I have found ways to make my experience more comfortable but I think a lot of people will tell you you know backpacking isn't necessarily about comfort I mean yes it's whatever you want to make it but a lot of times it's just about the experience itself and not so much about like you know oh my gosh that I feel like I was on a memory foam mattress and I think that after a while once you get outside and really start enjoying nature you know once you do get home and get to that big comfortable bed and everything you might appreciate it more you know you might look at the things that you take for granted in life and start to realize you know how great they are and you might end up really enjoying your tent and sleeping pad more and start looking at your bedroom like a cage instead of a place to have comfort and lay your head to sleep at night next is time so folks are like you know I just don't have the time for it well yeah I mean backpacking can take time and you know if it's not something that's important to you right now then you're not gonna make the time for it and that's okay you know maybe it's that you can't go because you don't want to take your kids Oh too young or they're not interested in that or for whatever reasons that you can't make the time to go right now that's fine but it's still something that you can learn about and plan for if you know an overnight trip is something that is of interest to you and that you would like to do in the future like anything else if you just like playing you know so in two weeks on Friday night I'm going for my one over night thing and that's it you know does it really take a whole lot more time than you know single day hikes if you're able to get out and do your day headaches just it's basically two day hike split together next I know a lot of people worry about wildlife the truth is and you'll hear people say over and over and over again that you know wildlife are more afraid of you than you are them of course there are exceptions to every rule and yes people have been charged by bears and mauled by bears and all of that but people are also in car accidents and I bet you can remember seeing a car accident in the last month but you're still gonna get behind your wheel and drive aren't you there are plane crashes and people still travel from state stay in an airplane you know so just because something happens doesn't mean that it's going to happen to you I mean yes it could but you take risks every day that once you're familiar with those risks you just don't even really second-guess anymore I'm not saying that it's not a good idea to research wildlife and you know find out ways to mitigate your interactions with them and it depends to on you know what animals are in your area do you have bears you know then Google or YouTube you know how to hang a bear bag and you know if it makes you feel better to carry bear spray then you can do that you know I'm not saying like take it too lightly I'm just saying don't let wildlife be what holds you back from getting out on the trail because chances are based on statistics you're not really gonna have a problem with that and then there's weather so I can see how you know on a weekend or week-long trip or something like that weather could be more of a concern if you're just going for your first like one night overnight trip then weather shouldn't really be that big of a concern check ahead of time you know look and see what the weather is predicted to do I would set yourself up for you know the first night to have some good weather you do decide to go for more than just a single night and you want to go for like a weekend or a week-long trip then get out there in your backyard or you know again another one night trip somewhere when you know it's gonna rain and you're already familiar with all of your stuff you've already done you know a couple of these overnight stints and you decide like hey I want to make sure that if it does rain my tents not gonna leak if I'm hiking in the rain my pack isn't getting all the stuff wet on the inside you know so check that out and your backyard or again go on you know one overnight deal where you know it is gonna rain and you're already expecting it and that way you'll be prepared like when it happens you'll be like yeah I've already done this before it's no big deal but sure you know the weather can change it can be unpredictable especially if you're up in the mountains so even for your first like one night deal you know make sure that you have a tent that you think isn't gonna leak and you know make sure that you're just prepared for the idea like if it rains what am I gonna do next is injuries so folks are worried about getting hurt right I mean nobody wants to be hurt and be out in the middle of nowhere and especially you know if you're alone what you can do to remedy this is I mentioned before you know tried to camp somewhere for the first time when you're by yourself where you know you'll have cell signal if that's not a possibility they do make you know spot GPS devices and then also like the GPS locator beacons that don't necessarily allow you to communicate with people back home but do allow you to push a button if you do need help then there's also the inReach which you know allows you to text through satellite but it's gonna be more expensive and really if you're just going for your first one night trip and you're only hiking a couple miles and you're probably not gonna need all of that you know if you broke your ankle as terrible as it sounds you can find a way to drag yourself out if you had to and again if you have service and you know you can call somebody for help and then also you know tell your family like hey I'm going out today at 8 a.m. I'm gonna hike for miles in I'm gonna camp I'm planning on waking up at such-and-such time tomorrow if I'm not home by noon be worried and come looking for me you know so make sure you communicate with folks and let them know what your plans are and it's gonna be okay and then finally it's the naysayers the naysayers will always hold people back the naysayers are the ones that make you believe that you are going to be bitten by a snake you're gonna be mauled by a bear you're probably gonna die just because you hike in two miles on a trail sleep and wake up and hike out the next day if it was up to the naysayers nobody in the world would ever do anything we would never travel we wouldn't get in the car we'd probably be hiding in our houses still because we were afraid to get outside and breathe the air outside our front door but don't let the naysayers hold you back you know if you've got folks at work they're like you're crazy you want to go sleep somewhere and lay your head where the cockroaches and the mice you know scurry around tell me yeah I do you know I really do want to go out and enjoy that and I guarantee you when you get back to work on Monday and you tell them about your one overnight trip that you spent they're gonna be amazed or you know what tell me more oh my gosh you're that brave you know and that's the whole thing is that you know people who are afraid to cross the line and try something new have decided that they don't want you to do it either and it's not always because they don't want you to enjoy life but because they're afraid for you but other people's fears are not your fears unless you make them your fears so do not let the naysayers hold you back let them inspire you and let them make you reach out and try new things even more just to show them that you can and it's okay and you might even inspire one of those naysayers and turn them into you know not a naysayer so I've talked about you know a lot of the concerns that people have with getting out and spending one night out in the wilderness but what I really want to focus on and what other people would focus on are the benefits of getting out there and doing even a day hike you know but especially like an overnight trip you're gonna build your confidence you're gonna believe in yourself more you are going to appreciate things around you a lot more than you did before simple you know luxuries that we take for granted all the time you might overcome struggle and learn you know well if I can do this I can do anything you might learn how to improvise sometimes you might improve your creativity you might just you know enjoy some peace you might find some talent that you hadn't had before like photography you know who knows you might start wanting to learn more about birds or trees or plants medicinal herbs you know that grow naturally around you it could just open up a whole new world to you that starts off with taking a simple stroll in the woods and sleeping there for a night and getting back in touch with your roots and where we come from because this world we live in today is a synthetic world it's this false security that we've built up around ourselves and we're so out of touch with things that we came from like nature I will say though that while you're out on your first overnight trip you might go Dixie's crazy what is she talking about this is terrible and there are noises outside my tent you know it rained on me or I stub my toe or whatever and you might be cursing me but I guarantee you a lot of the benefits are retrospective and when you come back and you're in your house and you're thinking about I did that like you know six months ago I was terrified to step out and do this but I did it you might not even recognize that change in yourself but it's gonna be there let me ask you a question when you were five and it was time to start school were you a little nervous about starting school or when you found out you know after kindergarten and you were all used to those kids and your teacher you had to go to a new grade with a new teacher didn't that stress you out I'm sure a lot of you see that in your children now and you know when you first learn to ride a bike or to drive a car you know you've had that like nervousness about you I mean everyone gets nervous about different things right but there's something that has made people nervous at some point in their life and mainly because it was a new concept I mean even as adults like starting a new job you know at a new place of employment it's kind of stressful or any new people there you don't know how your boss is gonna be and then after you've been employed there for 10 years you can look back on that day and laugh at yourself like what was that so worried about but going on an overnight backpacking trip and transitioning from a day hike to that overnight trip is the same thing it's just that you know you haven't done it yet so it sounds scary but if you use that model that I talked about where you take five minutes out of a week you know each day to learn about some piece of gear you're gonna familiarize yourself with that then once you take it out there you start using it you're gonna feel very comfortable with it so literally just staying overnight in one spot that you're already familiar with you know because you've been out there day hiking on that trail it's really gonna be a very gradual transition and some of you are like I love our Dixie I don't need to do all that you know I'll just go from a day hike to a week trip or you know well Dixie you went from day hiking to thru-hike well yes I mean not everyone gets nervous about the same things right so but I mean I was pretty nervous when I started that they're like not gonna lie but I save this topic for the end of the year because we've got 2018 coming right at us and you know did you really learn something new this year like did you make the time to learn a new concept or a new trade or skill or whatever you know well why not make it whether you want to call it a new year's resolution they're not you know make it a priority next year to learn something new and whether that's backpacking and hiking business or finances or cryptocurrency or herbalism or whatever you think that you would be interested in learning about I challenge you to take five minutes each day you know a new topic each week you know maybe it's all under the umbrella of the same thing but just a new little sliver of that topic and think about in 52 weeks how knowledgeable you can be on that one subject and if you did that each year and had something else or two things you know each year just think about how much you can learn you just have to be disciplined you know make yourself sit down and do it but that's why I'm calling it out and bringing it to your attention you know do something next year to better yourself and you know really focus in on that and I'm gonna stop preaching now but anyway I just want now my thing for next year is herbalism I want to learn more about medicinal herbs and you know how to cook with those foods and how to make tinctures and Sev's and all that so that's something that I'm learning so I'm not just telling you all to do something you know I'm actually practicing what I preach before I go though if any of y'all you know we're in that boat where you were nervous about you know taking your day hikes and turning them into you know a single overnight backpacking trip and you had concerns I would love for you to share those concerns below and you know what you did to remedy that or you know what you think about that now looking back and maybe that will be helpful to people who have the same concerns that are watching this video and that way they can scroll through the comments and salic see somebody else did it I can do it and with that happy new year and we will see y'all next year

10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean

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10 best places to visit in the Caribbean Caribbean getaways are a regular part of the good life for many the beaches and sumptuous climate are the kind of delightful shock to the soul that everyone needs to recharge their batteries and be reminded that we are all children of the Sun but as familiar as many Caribbean islands are in hospitality grilled fish and music vids each island nation has its own distinct personality and layers of treasures to explore the following are 10 of the best Caribbean island destinations to include in any serious vacation bucket list 1 Aruba one of the reasons to love a ruby is that it is safely outside of hurricane alley you can always count on warm sunny weather here free of the dreaded Caribbean superstorm with more arid climate than the rest of the Caribbean Aruba draws tourists who love it hot and dry and features unique tours to the cactus filled desert lands once a gambling haven Aruba features casinos entertaining and fine dining to please the tropical lifestyle maven and everyone to st. Lucia whether it's romantic intimacy sporty adventure or just sand Sun and Beach that you need st. Lucia is just what the doctor ordered with beautiful natural landscape and palm print beaches miles of rainforest and the majestic that in mountains there's lots to see on st. Lucia the Sun here is fierce so load up with SPF and make sure you stay well hydrated for the playful or the romantic dip behind one of st. Lucia's natural waterfalls or enjoy picturesque underwater sightseeing while scuba diving another popular pastime on st. Lucia three Bermuda being so close to mainland USA Bermuda is a great destination for weekend getaways as if it's famous pink sand beaches weren't enough the historic term of Bermuda will remind you of classic southern American towns like Charleston or Richmond for example the naval base at st. George is a UNESCO heritage site boat tours are inexpensive and a fascinating way to spend an afternoon exploring tiny hidden coves make Bermuda perfect destination for lovers and other strangers looking to stay hidden in plain sight while on the island paradise local laws prohibit rental cars but there are plenty of options for tering including mopeds and local guides with drivers for hire for Barbados art exhibits surfing and the best live music scene in the islands characterized leisure life in Barbados try some flying fish and take time to stop and talk with the jams who are genuinely endlessly warm and always make time to stop for a moment of friendly repartee the easternmost island in the Caribbean Barbados is known for banking and rum shows visit to the Mel gay rum Factory in Saint Michael is a must and will reveal a charter from 1703 confirming that the Mount Gay run company is the oldest rum Factory and purveyor in the world chives turks and caicos The Hobbit Providenciales Provo is the centre of all social life for visitors to Turks and Caicos boasting by far the very best beaches in the Caribbean grace Bay requires only one thing from visitors soulful relaxation take a seat or plan a guided cay picnic in a glass-bottom boat and check out the abundant marine life while enjoying delicious island cuisine but as a protected national reserve don't expect to see a lot of motorized water sports Turks and Caicos is filled with natural wonders with plenty of cave systems coves and cliffs to explore if hiking and geological wonders lie trailer fire six st. Martin st. Martin has some beautiful things to offer people in search of a tropical getaway try Sherry's cafe in maja Bay or the many beachside burgers ribs and fish joints that are guest favorite they will have you licking your spiced and salty fingers asking for more resort nightlife includes a variety of gifted performers and surprising sensational comedy or try a sunset cruise or a trip into Phillipsburg to enjoy the lively local scene and great shopping st. Maarten is known for its exquisite jewelry so a visit to Front Street is a must for one-of-kind mementos or gifts that make miss Carribean ten worth remembering seven st. Barths st. Barths is off the everyday Caribbean tourist path and not easy to get to but joining the st. Barths ekiz in three words if celebrity swag is what you seek st. Barths is plenty as the winter home to the likes of Beyonce P Julie and David Letterman unspoiled tropical island beaches gorgeous vistas and the delightfully quaint capital city gusto via and more than a touch of sophistication but st. Barths caters to the ELISA so be prepared to pay for st. Bart's exclusivity and its many lifestyle rarities often hard to find in the tropics with some of the finest dining exclusive shopping and the most lavish feast fund playground anywhere in the world this little Caribbean jewel will have you dreaming of life as a starlet or mogul eight US Virgin Islands great golf and day tours to historic museums churches and other sites will keep your curious mind filled with sightseeing adventure in the USVI dot F had to st. Thomas for exquisite gourmet dining or enjoy some duty-free shopping the coral reefs of st. Croix provide an endless spectacle of marine life if snorkeling or scuba is your thing the expansive National Park on st. John provides endless hiking through wet tropical or dry forests and breathtaking vistas across its many hills valleys and beaches or take a guided tour and view the petroglyph or rock carvings left by the indigenous Tainos peoples and other ancient civilizations that inhabited the 7,000 acre island in the distant past nine and Willow relaxation is the main business of Anguilla this is not a mass-market destination with no fast-food chains to be found unique seaside eateries like the sunshine Shack at crocus they provide delectable options for drinks and Island style snacks all-day boat racing is the national sport here making Anguilla sun-drenched playground for the nautically adventurous the journal Anguilla is and what it's not busy crowded and fast so slow down and enjoy the natural beauty and some of the most engaging people and breathtaking beaches you will find anywhere this side of heaven 10 Jamaica one of the larger islands in the Caribbean to make eyes is lively and diverse as a get friendly Jamaicans will inform and engage you in lively conversations about politics sports or food to your heart's content reminding you what the term good neighbor really means visit Negril for the most picturesque whites and remember old seas anywhere in the world climbed the fall that okhla Rios or just be a shoppi tourist in Montego Bay with its thriving retail experiences nightlife and the very best in international cuisine on the islands you

Sandals Family Resorts and Beach Holidays 2018 / 2019

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Bahai travel would like you to imagine a luxurious Caribbean holiday designed exclusively for couples at Sandals Resorts love is all you need because the best of everything is included now imagine a Caribbean holiday created for families at beaches resorts they have more quality inclusions than you can imagine sandals and beaches voted the world's leading all-inclusive resorts available now from bar head travel the holiday and tailor-made travel specialists call Oh one for one travel to travel to three now or visit bar head travel dot coat UK