Holidays In Rajasthan India Tour : Jaisalmer Border Safari Travel To Tanot .

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Myrtle Beach Vacations – South Beach Resort

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along the Atlantic coastal plain strong like a pearl on the Grand Strand of South Carolina's coast a Holiday Inn vacations club gym is found a seaside retreat with access to all the best that Myrtle Beach has to offer where the bond between family and friends can grow this is South Carolina and this is South Beach Resort upon arrival a warm smile and friendly welcome set your vacation in motion at South Beach Resort you'll find it easy to leave the tensions of daily life at the door designed for comfort and relaxation with families in mind the villas at South Beach Resort afford every convenience of home with the added luxury of a Holiday Inn Club vacations getaway the spacious kitchen an on-site marketplace make preparing a snack for the kids or a delicious family dinner convenient and enjoyable and after settling in relax fireside and think of all the adventures to come the accommodations at South Beach Resort are spacious they're warm accommodating extremely comfortable for me and my family the kitchens here at South Beach Resort are spacious they're well equipped were able to purchase food and prepare our meals here without having to go out as often it's very accommodating can do breakfast here it's extremely convenient to have a kitchen in our quarters as the day begins the array of activities available will bring smiles to everyone relax in a hot tub or splash with the kids in the lazy river lounge your day away with a delicious signature cocktail poolside at captain cliffs Lagoon bar and pool or take a short trip to the private oceanfront breezes beach club for even more activities and the convenient beachfront access South Beach Resort is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach and if there is anything that Myrtle Beach is known for its that it was designed with families in mind of course there are miles of loaded with all kinds of watersports and if you're a golf lovers there are more than 100 courses all along the Grand Strand Plus from a cultural experience at brookgreen gardens to entertaining dining the sky will and lots of shopping at Broadway at the beach yep a day exploring Myrtle Beach can be as rewarding as it is relaxing I love Myrtle Beach it has something for every age my husband and I are jazz fans until if we want to go to the House of Blues which is close by we can do that as well Myrtle Beach has long been considered one of America's most family-friendly vacation destinations and South Beach Resort reflects that image through the families friends smiles and laughter that can be found here year after year a vacation gem where family memories can be made and treasured forever South Beach Resort Myrtle Beach South Carolina you

BEACH – Elsa & Anna toddlers – Vacation Sunbathe – Seagulls – Sand Play

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too much girls she told you girls if you listen to us see now we're at the be low and it's so windy today you want me yeah but it's still nice and warm all right let's get ready so do you wanna put the blanket here honor yeah I think this is a good spot yeah you can play girls okay let's play in the sand sand flight absolutely you have a sand find because then sand will come come in our eyes yeah then the what should we do how about you bury me okay right tie it here okay the umbrella is done and everything is set up how do you like girls whoa it's so cool and we can even rest on these comfy pillows let's be careful not to bring lots of sand on the carpet okay let me sit on this chair beside Anya they are super comfy else eeeh I know not nothing like a day at the beach did you see those seagulls over there oh yeah they're so funny and they're also very cute what's flying pretty birdy okay girls so we're gonna take our pants off and then we all go to the water a bit ta lotta hoie my pants off and I'm gonna put them here so they don't blow away your turn on up all right now relax Lodi or do you wanna leave it here I want to take my floaties okay so ready to go yeah let's go okay this way mommy can I give the seagulls my sandwich I don't think we're allowed to do that it's usually bad but you don't feel like eating anymore yeah I don't see if you like eating anymore and I don't want to waste it so I wanted to throw them at them okay you can throw it okay listen to me we don't have any more food I'm scared oh please Sonia not to step on a pointy showgirl okay put your legs in okay I guess we better hold you cuz this water is kind of dangerous here okay let's go are you okay now don't be a scaredy kappa why didn't you listen to me alright I'll start digging a hole for me girls and you make the other one okay whoa there are lots of shells in here tiny shells Elsa what are you doing one you're putting sounds on my legs oh sorry girls maybe I really need to see where I'm going looks like this fool will take a long time to make look at what a big call here I try to bury me up all right we better put it up to you all right let's put your ponytails out all right let's vary how do you feel Lana well my leg feels nothing I can't even move you look like a bobble head mommy wobble wobble wobble gonna bury me now girl yeah yeah yeah what about me we'll take you out later okay actually we'll take you out right now okay let's dig away the see your body let me let you watch that was it fast at all but I still I'm gonna try I want to try now okay go watch okay three whoa it takes me to one goal yet alright one more time for me and that's all this use like a bathtub and how about you stay over there because let's get Barry oh yeah I have to stay here alright girls let's go Barry Barry Barry put your hands down okay your cousin look how dirty we are we have to get clean in the ocean later yeah yeah and I feel so weird I can only move my head a bit like this girl alright let's take you out and then we'll go on okay I can see our body now let's pull you out help me girls like the sand monster – all right I'm we are going to get clean in the ocean and we'll come right back okay all right so girls now that we're dry can you please put sunscreen on us sure mommy I'll put it on put a little too much girls whatever I'm just gonna spread okay but you have to spread it everywhere okay oh no the other one is dripping quick take it okay Oh girls can you spread it girls sure we can I'll do this leg okay hurry this is like whipped cream huh okay and now you have to put some on my back girls okay here comes it spread it girls okay here Anya you can have some thank you hey it really does but at least the Sun will burn me now spread spread spread is it enough mommy yes that's enough now go put some on Elsa okay hurry up girls my skin is gonna burn okay coming don't worry Elsa squeeze it all right spread it ready that feels bad I can't feel that the Sun is not burning me anymore yep mommy now we're doing your arms okay let's get spreading spread spread okay a bit on my legs and that's all okay here it comes okay start spreading they like to spread it girls yeah it's so much fun dear mommy now you have to let it dry okay girls thank you for helping us yeah welcome you can't you can't I'll catch you on yeah you wait didn't you see a put just you just put sand on our sunscreen oh we're sorry mommy and don't stand on the blanket why are you still on the blanket No get off we're story mommy now we have to get washed again watch watch watch watch okay that feels much better let's go now sailing across the sea and in not the deep water but we can't go there girls yeah but it's still super cool when I grow up can I be a sailor short girls if you walk to be a sailor then you do this filler day but you have to believe you can do it yeah I will believe I can do it girls and I think I saw ice cream around here you wanna go get some ice cream yeah if you're nice girls you get top ice cream visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

My girlfriend took me backpacking…

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