Holidays In Rajasthan India Tour : Jaisalmer Border Safari Travel To Tanot .

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# Avalon Beach – Sydney Beach Vacations

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Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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[Applause] [Applause] Oh Toby a module ham Limassol me yoky Cyprus it wonderful solution heaven or koshish key Hamlin k morning sunset record Graham what are the beautiful sin we he bought his our just buta s view could record can really sorry rot some slogan is your hair Beach Villas area or finally Homme neige sunset we record here for the birth disputa I hope gap Logan is view enjoy IKEA the johnnesha play a piece fun condos three to four casts of subscribe John Isabella please fun Kardos three to four casts subscribe care of my family uplift friends or a play-doh so ero P sub go request karate please subscribe her there okay in chori chori videos canonically Padma not happy about time that the hot baths are like that they can either upload key support him and he who he go shyam good pinnacles again you to please subscribe conquer those three before thank you very much of Nepal Karthikeya you

Sonic and Amy Plush Vacations: The ROMANTIC Devon Beach 2 [PART 3/4]

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[Applause] [Applause] hmm maybe I can find some clothes for Sonic here I think you'd like that oh I'm sure it's Sonic he loves flannel shirts lumberjack he's a hedgehog I'm sure to set him Sun Eclipse hoodies – but don't may have any more colors ah theorem food's good new coastal town let's go check it out you know Yoga Yoga Yoga Wow bullets Bates Oh backwards I've already got two and three four Wow that's so amazing almost lifelike [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Wow she's so amazing Wow look at my amazing ice cream I got chuckle hazelnuts and white chocolate with Maltesers and then on top I got peanut butter and Nutella it's amazing ah just ignore that and so we're home again with my empty and so we're home again with my empty ice-cream pot something he wasn't supposed to know and someone or something messed with his mind we've got to get to the bottom of this think dude what is the earliest thing hey Amy Oh morning good morning Sonic good morning to you too I think that we spent all my watching gravity falls and then ended up falling asleep on the keyboard well that was me anyway Hey oh yeah well it's doing some breakfast your little side what we want to do for the day okay wait wait for me oh wow that's pretty cool street art [Applause] look it's back books on my bag sure they are good books and a good coffee I think I'm gonna make Jennifer tonight Kishori says so much for me I think I'm gonna make a great Asian dish are really nice and spike yuan cousin sue she's a doctor so the question chicken for the main dinner this is good whoo let's get a big job tonight just for the hell of it that's so good ooh and some broccoli miss Brock let's really good there's some fresh herbs for dish we're doing these Oh leaving coriander ah ah oh it's not so good our well sonic the Pitts was amazing ah thanks Amy the chickens done and the rice is done too awesome so one coming eat well cool sushi for starters first yay this also lovely Thank You Sonic your old Khomeini oh I love the sushi and wasabi so much well hey David I'm sure not wasting any time Thank You Sonic you

Guide to safari holidays: Fly-in or Drive-in safari?

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hello and welcome to real Africa you may be wondering whether to drive to your safari or to fly in this video we're going to explain the differences between two types of Safari firstly the fly-in safari you fly in a smaller type of aircraft the flight can last between 30 minutes to an hour sometimes stopping off at air strips on route flying is a good option if you want to get to the large or camp as fast as possible from the aircraft you experience views across the bush and often see animals the wide open space of the game park is impressive sight on arrival at the airstrip you are met by the Safari vehicle and the guide this vehicle will take you back to the lodge your camps button game on root some of the roads are bumpy but survived vehicles are built with comfort and good viewing in mind on arrival at your lodge or camp you meet the local team you get a chance to relax with a drink before you've shown to your accommodation when ready we join Safari vehicle and guide for your first game time for the drive in Safari you'll drive a guide meet you at the airport in a specially modified Safari vehicle this vehicle has a roof that flips up and down for game viewing I'll root your experience fantastic views and interesting local flavors roads are good in some parts and bumpy and others each year the roads are improving arrival at you lodged or cam you reflect on your experience driving across Africa over a well deserved drink you also get a chance to relax in your accommodation before going off when your first game drive

The Backpacking Cat Who Travels The US With His Human

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having a cat on my adventures has taken my outings to a whole nother level all right here we are got my kitty on my back doing the little adventure de Simon take a look hats love nature specialty Simon every time I walk near the door to go outside he races to the door he looks up and he gives me this like short little meow sound that makes me know that yeah I'm ready to go out I think Simon loves the outdoors here's a great example right here I have this this crate of grass and look he decides he wants to lay on the grass I've been adventuring for the majority of my life it started way back when I was a little kid just exploring the creeks in my backyard but my real outdoor career began in college when I started the excursion Club back in 2003 and I realized in that moment that whoa this is this was my calling this was the way that I could help the world and help the earth when I graduated college I I thought I need to do this on a bigger scale Media was the key to be able to influence more people on a much larger scale especially those that maybe are unable to travel as much and see the rest of the world yeah town joined himself to hang loose in the fire Simon and I have gone on road trips all across the US road trips that have been as long as 20 consecutive hours we have gone to deserts we have gone a majestic forests and we've even camped in the snow so yeah Simon [Laughter] we are one Hanken simon doesn't really want to walk today he's making me carry him and we're at the ocean right now I'm a person that is all about getting to the top getting to the destination Simon loves adventure and having Simon has helped me to embrace more of the journey and really appreciate the moment and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature the first time that he went into the water I was so terrified cuz I didn't know if he could swim or not and I'm thinking to myself I'm gonna have to jump in and rescue him and how am I gonna do this is he gonna drown so it's really terrifying but then when I saw that he immediately got to his instincts and started swimming that was amazing I would love to take Simon to a really tropical location and I would like to just kind of take him snorkeling and just you know like have you ever seen a cat snorkel before so because he loves fish I just I just got a fish tank and he loves it he loves staring at the fish so I think taking him somewhere tropical where we can go in and swim with a fish he would love it I think Simon introduced me to the wild he's not much of a talker can you get up and say goodbye to everybody oh do you want to say goodbye you

Sonic and Amy Plush Vacations: The ROMANTIC Devon Beach 2 [PART 4/4]

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Cruises from Rome, Italy Exotic World Cruise Vacations

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seen it in the designs was really incredible but it's come to life even better which is really exciting I mean when stuff comes to life that's better than the renderings and then science that's when you know you've really done it we all fell in love with it because even on the drawings it was spectacular it's a place where nobody works yet everybody has everything they want delivered to them 24 hours a day what I do forget we do everything for guests everything works perfectly you something breaks or something doesn't work there's always somebody there to picture for you and we capture the time from the telephone ring peel til you fix everything is fixed you know you have somebody make your bed every day and cook for you you know you all you have to do is figure out what you're gonna do do have fun they partake in fine art eat the finest foods their every whim is catered is there's rumor too long on this vessel but rumor is true reverse true the grass is growing I know more about grass than I ever thought I would in my whole life maybe the most interesting thing about this place is the second group of people the people behind the scenes who make it all happen my passion is ships for things 1.3 is eighty-three thousand horsepower well penthouse it's 1,290 square foot of prime real estate we can pretty much compete with any theater space in the world and we have actually a sucky so many year the crew has its own disco I always have that feeling the urge to get back to the sea because definitely there's no comparison between banana coolship and leave it on lung because every day is different and I think that's what makes me get up in the morning the waiter remembers your name after hearing it only once the one that really catches people off guard is when you cruise a year and a half later and they say hello Bob would you like to Delaware you you

Kenya Lodge Safari Holiday

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this is the video itinerary for the klo 1 10-year lock safari tour all arrived in are over you were met by your private baekeland guide and transferred into the Great Rift Valley and your destination to Lake Naivasha so collage this lovely Lodge is situated extensive grounds built local materials batch timber and stone the rooms are in cottages ballrooms of each since are arranged large arm sweep down into the crowns the rooms are light and airy each has a private bathroom with bar they also have a private balcony or terrace with views over the lawns at night raised by hippo from the lake there's a pool with bar to relax around your entertainment suburban monkeys play in the grounds in late afternoon it's possible to take a boat trip on the lake neva sure itself the lake is home to many hippo coolies themselves in the water and the papyrus read around its banks is grazed by water buck who come down to the water's edge lake naivasha however is most famous for its bird life here pelicans but a myriad of other bird life is also there to be seen the following morning you get to Lake Nakuru for a game drive famous Vista mingos it's a great place also to spot Rhino perhaps the hardest of all the big five to see Lake Nakuru is home to both white and black rhino you return to Lake the Russia so for your second night the following morning you head down staff to the Masai Mara traveling through large landscapes the roads becoming progress small bumpy you approach the park and watching out for local obstacles in yourway your destination is the Karen Blixen camp this luxury camp is beautifully situated on a bend in the river your room a tent is on a mahogany platform covered in patch with own private veranda with views over the river and escarpment behind inside the tent a large double bed armchairs minibar and private bathroom with shower you can also relax in the lodge grounds on Safari you have your own private vehicle with larger room patch giving you great views and camera opportunities of the animals the wildlife viewing is excellent both from the vehicle and if you wish you can book a walking Safari accompanied by a guide and guard after three nights of the current leaks on Camp you transfer by Road once more the journey back to Nairobi and your awkward flight