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It’s Sunday Funday, and we cook up a classic Southern breakfast. We also try some exotic fruit from the grocery store that we picked out! We try, dragon fruit, cactus pear, and star fruit! Our favorite was the dragon fruit. It tasted a lot like a Kiwi Fruit. The star fruit didn’t have much flavor. The cactus Pear looked really yummy, but the seeds inside were really hard even though they are supposed to be edible.

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AUSSIE BEACH HOLIDAY! // Ep #289 *Australian Family Vlog*

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Oh boy! It’s a big vlog today! We head up the north coast and Adele has a crafty girls weekend away while Aaron and Archie spend some quality time with Nonni and Pappy.

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You Won’t Believe WHAT BrooklynAndBailey Saw on thier Safari! | Behind the Braid Ep.27

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For Spring Break this year, we took the four older kids to South Africa, to experience Cape Town and to spend a few days in the African Bush on Safari! Click to see all the animals we saw, LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT TO US!!!

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Out trip first took us to Cape Town where we spent several days touring the city, summiting Table Mountain, visiting a penguin reserve, great white shark diving, and eating amazing food! We take you with us on all these adventures, including swimming with Great White Sharks!!! Would you do it?

We then flew to Johannesburg where we drove for two hours to the What Kruger National Park, a game reserve of 435,000 acres of natural African habitat. We stayed at the Black Rhino Lodge, for three days worth of safari where we saw plenty of elephants, lions, cheetahs, giraffe, zebras, ostrich, impala, foxes, hyenas, wart hogs, monkeys, hippos, rhinos, etc! Only 20 minutes into our first drive, we saw a 12′ black mamba cross the road right in front of us! (The black mamba is Africa’s most poisonous snake!)

While we were there, we carried with us 50 pounds of school supplies that BrooklynAndBailey wanted to donate to a local school there. Come along with us as we drop off the supplies!

Meanwhile, back at home Dax & Paisley (who are still too young to adjust well to the 9 hour time difference) stayed home with a family friend and had a lot of fun with the activities we had planned for them. They had so much fun going to the zoo and seeing the same animals we were seeing, too! Shaun brought home a petrified shark tooth for Daxton and he LOVED it! The twins bought Paisley a toy giraffe.

We have to say, experiencing the safari the way we did was simply breathtaking! We observed all the animals in their natural habitat, and many of them walked right by in front of us! South Africa was even better than we had imagined, IT WAS SO AMAZING! We can’t wait to go back again!

What was your favorite part of our South African Safari vlog? Would you like to go on a safari? Also, please don’t forget to download BrooklynAndBailey’s new song “Dance Like Me” via the link above!

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