Sunrise at the best beach, Limassol, Cyprus | Europe beach holidays

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[Applause] [Applause] Oh Toby a module ham Limassol me yoky Cyprus it wonderful solution heaven or koshish key Hamlin k morning sunset record Graham what are the beautiful sin we he bought his our just buta s view could record can really sorry rot some slogan is your hair Beach Villas area or finally Homme neige sunset we record here for the birth disputa I hope gap Logan is view enjoy IKEA the johnnesha play a piece fun condos three to four casts of subscribe John Isabella please fun Kardos three to four casts subscribe care of my family uplift friends or a play-doh so ero P sub go request karate please subscribe her there okay in chori chori videos canonically Padma not happy about time that the hot baths are like that they can either upload key support him and he who he go shyam good pinnacles again you to please subscribe conquer those three before thank you very much of Nepal Karthikeya you

Splashin’ Safari Water Park at Holiday World Theme Park: Wave Pools, Water Slides, & Water Coasters

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Oh holiday world is really known for a couple of things that's their roller coasters top of the line also there Splashin Safari waterpark which is really great too we're headed that way it's gonna feel good on like about a 92 degree day that's where the lines probably are there were too many lines actually in the park we have to add to the list of free things what's that Donna free under tubes and more free Sierra Mist yeah Y or water but free free inner tubes for like the lazy river and all that stuff it's pretty cool a lot other parts so charge you for inner tubes yeah pretty cool we're about to go get pretty cool when you walk into Splashin Safari there's a freshman snow factory first aid and mother's nursing station there's lockers restrooms and changing rooms safari outpost gift shop so we're going to go over here and rent a locker I think the small Locker will be enough for us just for a little backpack where we go off into the water park we'll go see how big they are this is locker rental one-day rental with unlimited access regular sizes $10 largest 15 música sizes large and regular Fidelis to show you how these lockers work you know wristbands barcode on it you wear that and it's disposable if you want to find put up your scanner your locker automatically opens no matter where it's at over here forget which number it is you just Severus there opens it's awesome spelled a smartlock is the monsoon lagoon area kids area it's really cool a lot of fun this is big bucket on top fills up and then fits over and black is everybody down below so waiting for that waiting president bucket to fill up in the water to pour out think it's about this is the ocean go slides and there are dark tubes so you're in the dark the whole way down these are the cabanas that you could rent you have a refrigerator and a fan and just some nice shaded area for you to sit you can rent them by the day go online and rent them ahead of time and there's a lazy river this is the patchouli kind of a funnel ride where you know you go down the tubes and you end up going around and around in the puddle and out the bottom here's where we get mine for the lazy river it's called the Bihari River water feels good I just got a snag it's a tube coming in on ya flip it over and we'll be ready to go that feel good feel good of lazy rivers of the big slides too but this is good for a change just to cool off she's flashing that is flashing Safari so you look happy now not hot there's Donna living it up this is alive the Interpol those you're gonna get it he's gonna get it back there's done the Bakula was a very cool ride it's like a four-person raft that goes down into the bowl and then you're throughout the bottom if you don't have someone to go with you it takes at least two people but they'll match you up with somebody or a group of two or three so you can go down have a real nice wave pool area really big and then some water features that spray out along the edge jets that come out of the side so pretty awesome we'll try that in a minute going on the wildebeest right now like a water coaster so I like those that'll be fun zooom Bob way ride starts out really high – and it's a thing it's pretty dark all the way down and ends in the goes into the funnel I'm gonna go take a look at that that is awesome it's really a big nice waterpark lots to do this is one of the greatest things about holiday world I think the coasters are great you know not everybody likes roller coasters I do but this is something about everybody can have fun at especially on a hot day a waterpark can't beat it hey Donna are you baked yet are you baked okay this is a splash land at Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana it's really cool they've got like mushroom clouds that like have rain coming down they've got like a little bitty tiny waterslide and inflatable palm trees and looks like a shaded area over there that if you have a baby sleeping that you could take it over there then there's this splash pad here where they can stomp on it and water comes up out of the ground and walkway where they can walk under it very very cool very neat because you're having a great time I don't know for sure with the ages or but I did see a sign back there this bed if you have a child that is not potty-trained or even if they are to please put them in a swimmer diaper so I guess they don't have any flow being tipsy roll so that would be important rights and since we have a grandson we wouldn't have wanted I think free lemonade – I didn't know they have lemonade so besides of soda and water you can get a pink lemonade ready for this we just put some more sunscreen on I ready to try the wave pool finally got Donna out of the lazy river I had to promise to feed her to do that so that's all that would get her out of there we are nacho chips yeah we shared we shared I was getting hungry for a snack so we got that now we're in the way pool gonna go out and check it out relax Laidback literally having a good time this is another wave pool called appropriately the wave and I don't know what the difference is just smaller what to be wrong go where comes down we had a good time at Splashin Safari we're leaving now it's a little after 6:00 the water park closes at 7:00 today the regular park closes at 9:00 one thing we would recommend remember to bring your own towel if you're coming that's one thing they don't know even just one big one to share on a warm day you you dry off pretty quick but towel would be a nice thing to pack with you and if you leave in the locker so we're leaving Splashin Safari there's elephants and the gorillas now we're looking for wat Donna right now water it's more free water or hosts or that or something the drinks would be nice water water water they've had enough soda water somewhere so Dennis okay water it is so when you're coming back from the waterpark you gotta put a shirt back on and shoes this makeshift goods mixing family park yeah that's where it belongs in there they're always the wings again we're gonna do the swings again probably pretty windy right here where you get scared trying to dry out my swimsuit yeah this is another kids area there's Halle dog get your picture taken with him there's games y'all going Trail truck ride Tea Party is telling he cups a Disney and a play area for the kids last year take the little jeep vehicles that they get to ride it's pretty cool having fun there's a little our rollercoaster of youth the Haller rollercoaster fun for little kids you holiday world is a great amusement park it's very family friendly it's a great place to go with your kids your grandkids your friends and it has a lot of things to do and it's a great value for your money but one of the things that really sets it apart is the Splashin Safari waterpark it's a top-of-the-line waterpark it has some great rides it has a water coaster a lazy river two wave pools and even has a special kids area and you still get the free drinks and the sunscreen and free inner tubes and they have smart lockers which are really handy and easy to use so we would definitely recommend it thanks for watching go to Holiday World if you can and please subscribe to us if you haven't already have a great day bye

Open Water Swimming Holiday Montenegro | SwimTrek Adventure Holidays

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offers so much and so much variety that is from Lake swimming rivers for me seas for me it's a total I think the last few days what I've realized swimming in a big group like this it really does encourage you to improve your stroke and really it's much easier actually swimming I'm Caitlin from Wollongong which is near Sydney Australia I'm in France where today it was beautiful lots of fish beautiful clear water can see right to the bottom most of the way amazing mountains coming straight up in churches that were swimming around there was a good group I was towards the back of my group that they kept on stopping for me which was nice and yeah it was just generally good fun my master denied in Germany and we are here in the sky lake today and there was some in the morning and afternoon and this one was clear border and no stuffiness around

Crunch’s Beach holiday

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Swimming Holiday Sardinia Emerald Coast | SwimTrek Adventure Holidays

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I'm Phil it's day two we're in a Sardinia on the Emerald Coast I've just finished our first swim of the day just in three KS from really nice waters perfect temperature not too hot not too cold seen lots of lots of sea life on the way lots of clams fish really good time could swim with with her two other friends in our group and yeah just looking forward to nice big lunch at the moment which has been there well and so hopefully that's a few days gonna carry on like this and there the sun's going to continue hi I'm Debbie I'm on some track in Sardinia and it's a fantastic day lovely calm waters crystal blue and green waters from the third day I'm just an abuse will swim through some lovely islands I am Nili water based in London and this is my second season here out in the Costa Smeralda we're sitting just in the hotel terrace by the pool here beautiful mirror longer here and we've just come back from New Delhi and the other two islands Rizzoli and Santa Maria which is the highlight of the trip and today the weather was exceptional a flat calm sea clear water the Sun was out wasn't too hot and we had some great swings you

LEGO Juniors Andrea & Stephanie’s Beach Holiday Review Build Silly Play Kids Toys

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hello welcome to le ve toys we are building a Lego jr. set today I love the Lego jr. sets because they're nice and quick and easy to build and there are lots and lots of play elements oh the boat Floyds we are going to have to put that in water and try it out this is awesome alright let go genius set this is Lego genius Andre and Stephanie's beach holiday and look at that we got three bags so that's cool we've also got a couple of mini dolls so of course we're gonna have Andre and Stephanie and here we've got Stephanie first she's dressed for the beach oh she's got one of those she's got a life vest who most lost the name for that to know what I was gonna call it one of those floaty thingies that they wear you wear on your body to keep you upright and safe and floaty in the water so we've got Stephanie and we've got Andre uh-huh she's wearing my favorite outfit to date for Andrea I really loved the pink and the orange the Chevron's on her I think it just suits us a beautifully and we almost forgot her orange floaty thing her life vests so we'll put that on safety first so important and she might like some hair good she's got hair she's got her floaty thingy and she's got Stephanie what else do you need girls it's very exciting well you need a dolphin of course you need a dolphin the dolphin is very curious and they're sniffing both of you the dolphin we've seen the Dolphins before but the dolphin does not need the spare life vest because the dolphin can swim so I'll put the spare life vest away and I'm sure we will find a use for it later all right first part of the build nice big baseplate with lots of little printed patterns with a splash and some shells on it so this is sand this is what I am ascertaining here that this pale yellow is sand because we're at the beach obviously and it's just looking down here onto the water that'll be the blue bit now what is this pink bit it's got some small it's gonna be a seat it's gonna be something too soutane it is it's a deckchair andrea would you like to try this out ah that's awesome you're gonna have a great time lounging around on the beach with Stephanie cuz she gets a matching deck chair there you are girls oh the dolphin would like a deck chair that's a bit unfair there you are you can show Stephanie's let's install these deck chairs so this one goes on the end and we'll put Stephanie back in because really dolphins don't feed on deck chairs and this one goes no that one doesn't go quite there we actually need another one over because we need to have spaces on either side of this green block so that they can be sitting under a nice big pink beach umbrella oh that's so nice relaxing on the beach and very important you need sunscreen Sun lotion and a drink you need to stay hydrated when you are at the beach good while the girls can relax while we continue building so here we've got a shower block it is literally a block with a shower on it printed on it this is another one of the reasons why I love the jr. LEGO sets there's a little showerhead Stephanie's gonna try that out is because there's no stickers to apply so all of the pieces are printed for the nice and easy to put on so we can get to playing with it so much quicker so the showers over here the Dolphins gonna stand under the shell look with a little splash actually on the base plate underneath that's really cute and a spot over here for the brush we'll just brush the dolphin and now that that's done we can put the brush away there we are good the beach looks lovely and we're up to bag number two this is going swimmingly get it well there's no swimming yet because we've got no water but next to the beach we've got a little built-up area so this is brown I don't know wonder what this is going to be might be a building of some sort if it's gonna be brown this yellow piece connects those two together yes good and we need some white uprights definitely going to be a building the dolphin is so curious so interest in everything that's going on here okay here we are here is a building it is a smoothie bar a juice bar in this little transparent window can either be a window or it can be a little tabletop look at that a little table out on the front of the building so that's where the customers could see it will stand and that's where you can put your drinks when you order them so there is a pink and a green alternating awning over the top very nice and a spot up here to put the sign there we are smoothie bar come here to get your smoothies that's some really great now we need to put some little steps up into the smoothie bar look at that hi hi Stephanie I'm loving this is great fun okay and inside the smoothie bar we need I think maybe something to make the smoothies that would be since this is a little tap there a little spout will put Stephanie on the outside because there's not much room while we're putting everything we need inside the smoothie bar so if you wait out here we can pull it we need a little was a little drawer and in the drawer goes to money perfect so that's where we're gonna keep all the money that the customers gonna pay us for all of our delicious smoothies that we're going to make yay and a table top across the top this is looking good and a cash register of course and underneath is the drawer where the cash goes now our smoothie maker thing um needs a top so we need something to actually make this movies in so we got cherries and a cup are there we are there we go so we can put the fruit in there cherry smooth as it is today excellent that's nice and easy okay on the outside a little stool for the customers to sit up where they can drink their smoothies a pineapple and a random banana here for delicious snacking and a random green apple for delicious snacking too and the juice bar is ready it's also fruit bar and we're up number three so fruit and juice bar next to the beach that's perfect so bag number three must yes we've got our boat now our boat has got one big single hull under the bottom so it's obviously going to be able to hold the water out because it's one big single piece but on the inside we need to build up so let's say we've got the steering wheel and the control panel very important make sure they're not speeding and a seat a bench seat for the girls to sit on and the dolphin if it's so wishes that's great Andreea has got her life vest on so she can hop in the boat and she can hop out again because we haven't finished building inside of the boat she's gonna fall out so a little box to go in the back to hold are all sorts of spare things we'll see what goes in there in a moment up on the front there's a single stud and our printed piece and a windshield this is this this is a speedboat you'll see whether they take things safely or whether they speed around huh you have to look out for the dolphin when you're speeding around in the speedboat very dangerous a little ladder up the back so that they can get in and out while the dolphin can get in and hang out up the water and into the baggage with its flippers and no legs oh speaking of flippers so in the Box goes some green flippers perfect and something else ah some ice blocks ice blocks some icicles we call them here in Australia for the boat trip is very important very hot out there in the ocean so good that's got the boats done now we need another a watery bit with some sand and ah it's going to be a little jetty I think for the boat to come and be moored at there we go definitely a little wooden jetty and a slippery slide so that chickens go straight down into the water if you so wish look at that whoo that's so much fun there's so much play potential in these sets I love it oK we've got some more railings and we're gonna finish the railings off with little pink tops and of course a flag so that it's easy to find when you're at the boat just to aim for the green flag oh and a life ring very important and a telescope and that can just sit here on the railing oh and a chain oh so this is when they bring the boat in they can obviously connect it here to the jetty and knock on door huff and there we go the boat is connected it's all built up poor Andre keeps falling off and put it safely over here except we've got this extra piece so we've got a little hook and that's where the extra lifejacket goes the life vest that's so compact with there's so much play in here look at all this is fun we're gonna have so much fun with this set are you ready let's get the water out so I have got my set all set up here here's the boat it is in erosion and now it needs some water so let's see is it gonna float it's not flowing yet I need to not be impatient because there's not enough water for it to float yet obviously so more water more water more water I need to be careful not to actually pour it into the boat because then it won't float it long it's floating we've got lots of water no more water what I would have whatever what everywhere and the boat is floating around oh this is so cool alright here we go and the dolphin can swim along beside the boat Oh or jump over the boat this is cool I love the fact that the boat floats and on dragons flash into the water she's still wearing her life vests so that's ok she'll be safe here in the water she's going to swim over here kind of wait over to the boat go up the ladder hop in the boat and the dolphin no nope the dolphin swimming away again oh and Stephanie is over here waiting hello little dolphin oh how lovely to see a little dolphin in the ocean and the dolphins gone away again but here comes Andre ready to pick Stephanie up for a nice spin in the speedboat you Stephanie you need a light jacket put a lifejacket on put it on now good girl good work all right stephanie is all life jacketed up and they can go out on the open ocean are we ready here they go oh actually it's a very small ocean but that's ok it just means they can get into less trouble on a small little ocean there with the dolphin well this is cool don't worry going girls I don't think they know do you think I might be time for a swim I think I might be time for a swim so Stephanie's in wow she's got the flippers on and her low fest so she's super duper safe and she can even touch the bottom they're gonna be ok I think all right Andrea come on in it's lovely and cool Hey oh this is great fun what a great beach holiday oh look they look so little in the water look little little pig little pig little pig it's cause the water distorts out looks the dolphin doesn't what kind of looks little and big more little and biggy look that's so cute all right enough mucking about in the order it is time to head back to the dock and let's yep we've got that the boats kind of pulled up at the front but that's okay and Stephanie's helping out there we go yep safely over over the top of entrees it's shower time and Andre is organizing the smoothies before the girls have a lovely relax over on the beach chairs got your delicious smoothies oh did you get one for the dolphin did you did you forget oh they just kick the dolphin ooh let's try it again all right let's see the ball sad dolphin would like something maybe is there any fish no fish but you can have an apple do you like apples no all right it's not like apples all that's a bit sad all right okay so some sunscreen very important you imply sunscreen before you go out in the Sun at least 20 minutes before and the dolphin is not sad the dolphin doesn't mind the dolphin can catch its own fish the dolphin I think wants the attention yes splashing the girls definitely was the attention of the LEGO Friends so I think they might need to finish their smoothies and go back for another swim that's just perfect I mean if you are on a beach holiday what else do you want to do apart from swim with the dolphins and relax on the beach and drink smoothies all right off they swim they're off to enjoy the rest of their beach holiday and we have to go but please don't forget to subscribe so you get notified when new videos go up give me a thumbs up check out some of my other silly videos and I'll be back with another one very very soon you

BEACH – Elsa & Anna toddlers – Vacation Sunbathe – Seagulls – Sand Play

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too much girls she told you girls if you listen to us see now we're at the be low and it's so windy today you want me yeah but it's still nice and warm all right let's get ready so do you wanna put the blanket here honor yeah I think this is a good spot yeah you can play girls okay let's play in the sand sand flight absolutely you have a sand find because then sand will come come in our eyes yeah then the what should we do how about you bury me okay right tie it here okay the umbrella is done and everything is set up how do you like girls whoa it's so cool and we can even rest on these comfy pillows let's be careful not to bring lots of sand on the carpet okay let me sit on this chair beside Anya they are super comfy else eeeh I know not nothing like a day at the beach did you see those seagulls over there oh yeah they're so funny and they're also very cute what's flying pretty birdy okay girls so we're gonna take our pants off and then we all go to the water a bit ta lotta hoie my pants off and I'm gonna put them here so they don't blow away your turn on up all right now relax Lodi or do you wanna leave it here I want to take my floaties okay so ready to go yeah let's go okay this way mommy can I give the seagulls my sandwich I don't think we're allowed to do that it's usually bad but you don't feel like eating anymore yeah I don't see if you like eating anymore and I don't want to waste it so I wanted to throw them at them okay you can throw it okay listen to me we don't have any more food I'm scared oh please Sonia not to step on a pointy showgirl okay put your legs in okay I guess we better hold you cuz this water is kind of dangerous here okay let's go are you okay now don't be a scaredy kappa why didn't you listen to me alright I'll start digging a hole for me girls and you make the other one okay whoa there are lots of shells in here tiny shells Elsa what are you doing one you're putting sounds on my legs oh sorry girls maybe I really need to see where I'm going looks like this fool will take a long time to make look at what a big call here I try to bury me up all right we better put it up to you all right let's put your ponytails out all right let's vary how do you feel Lana well my leg feels nothing I can't even move you look like a bobble head mommy wobble wobble wobble gonna bury me now girl yeah yeah yeah what about me we'll take you out later okay actually we'll take you out right now okay let's dig away the see your body let me let you watch that was it fast at all but I still I'm gonna try I want to try now okay go watch okay three whoa it takes me to one goal yet alright one more time for me and that's all this use like a bathtub and how about you stay over there because let's get Barry oh yeah I have to stay here alright girls let's go Barry Barry Barry put your hands down okay your cousin look how dirty we are we have to get clean in the ocean later yeah yeah and I feel so weird I can only move my head a bit like this girl alright let's take you out and then we'll go on okay I can see our body now let's pull you out help me girls like the sand monster – all right I'm we are going to get clean in the ocean and we'll come right back okay all right so girls now that we're dry can you please put sunscreen on us sure mommy I'll put it on put a little too much girls whatever I'm just gonna spread okay but you have to spread it everywhere okay oh no the other one is dripping quick take it okay Oh girls can you spread it girls sure we can I'll do this leg okay hurry this is like whipped cream huh okay and now you have to put some on my back girls okay here comes it spread it girls okay here Anya you can have some thank you hey it really does but at least the Sun will burn me now spread spread spread is it enough mommy yes that's enough now go put some on Elsa okay hurry up girls my skin is gonna burn okay coming don't worry Elsa squeeze it all right spread it ready that feels bad I can't feel that the Sun is not burning me anymore yep mommy now we're doing your arms okay let's get spreading spread spread okay a bit on my legs and that's all okay here it comes okay start spreading they like to spread it girls yeah it's so much fun dear mommy now you have to let it dry okay girls thank you for helping us yeah welcome you can't you can't I'll catch you on yeah you wait didn't you see a put just you just put sand on our sunscreen oh we're sorry mommy and don't stand on the blanket why are you still on the blanket No get off we're story mommy now we have to get washed again watch watch watch watch okay that feels much better let's go now sailing across the sea and in not the deep water but we can't go there girls yeah but it's still super cool when I grow up can I be a sailor short girls if you walk to be a sailor then you do this filler day but you have to believe you can do it yeah I will believe I can do it girls and I think I saw ice cream around here you wanna go get some ice cream yeah if you're nice girls you get top ice cream visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

A beach holiday in Marseilles

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you there are few places in the world where everybody must have the urge to travel to amongst them the South of France has to be a top destination for everyone so here I am in the heart of the French Riviera in this multicultural pot boil of the town called Marseille I'm walking to the quaint of the streets of Marseille with a local Marie how are you today fine thank you um I wanted to ask you you used to over mean that you were born here right yes I'm born in Marseille and brought up and you still live here definitely yes it's an absolutely one who loud streets it's an absolutely wonderful place to live as you were telling me earlier ray definitely this is a town that I don't I won't change I won't stay here because it's very lively it's a harbor so it's very lively you have many people you have a lot of communities this is of the aya cultural identity of this town and this permits to uh to live very nicely with the weather the weather is super super weather which is just sunny enough and just cool enough like she said my sea is a place we don't want to change a thing and I actually feel absolutely the same way about it so far but I'm about to see a lot more of Marseille today with my ring so let's hear what all we're going to actually go and take a look at tell me I know what we're gonna do I would love you to affirm we look to bring the group to the little harbor of Marseilles which was quite wide actually but the idea is to go where all started the foundation of the town meeting the people this is where every morning you have the market the fish market everybody's going there trying to have the news from what has happened the day before it's a this is really the heart of Marseille so we're going to start by this way and then we're going to go to the islands or to see the nice little beaches of course of Marseille where you have all these people spending the weekend having fun with the family so this will be as I'm sure a nice idea of what is Mack saying okay so we're gonna go and start with the fish market because like any coastal town Marseille probably has a wonderful fish market can't wait to take a look at that stuff see is Frances second largest city it's not exactly a beach town but it's place on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and there informs crux of this town for today though I set out by taking a walk through some of its famous streets I'm told that this mystical town has a dozen stories to tell so I'm glad that Murray has decided to guide me around soon enough we were at Marseilles famed Harbor to describe it in one word I would have to say it's just stunning clear blue waters and a row of stunning boats yachts and streamliners the harbour is a hub of activity with tourists and locals queuing up to get a feel of this vibrant city it's now that Murray decides to lead me to a man who's been coming to this harbour for more than four decades and he resides a very famous legend unique to this city we've made our way to the fish market it's a very lively little area just by the harbour beautiful boats parked here the sights are absolutely stunning and I'm about to find out about the legend of st. Lucia so Marie tell me you were telling me right now about this very particular to Marseille legend what what is it so Marseille it's very interesting because we all have in our little pocket money a little charm which is in order to bring you luck and to keep you know the money inside your pocket you know inside what is this car it's got the eye of centre Lucy okay so the eye of st. Lucie I'm holding that right here it's a little shell in fact from a little sea snail and this is Michel de Verano is one of the older fishermen and is the one knowing the history of the st. Lucie I borrow Michel a spoonful in losses pickier knowledge on the civil play-doh vanilla we smoked it hard we ha ha ah he's got him closer ternopil salary to simply pass consent do you see oh yes you know syndicate a number on it was the same that she was note I mean she was blind this was her signature was blind Monica suddenly make and she was used to bring you know around you know walking around the little shell in our hand and when you have you know you're either in teaching what you're going to do you're going to touch it with your fingers yeah absolutely memory and she always had this in his hand so she touch the little share with our eyes and I what I come to the door and she felt when she had the initial idea and she could see a miracle the ng TV news app has redefined the entire genre now another market eater is already hit abuot NDTV for us in those number one final download free at NDTV slash apps live stream of NDTV profit market news and your easy to manage portfolio download now NDTV profit comm slash apps

Exotic Infinite Water Pools To Visit In Your Vacations HD 2015

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