Jurassic World Evolution – Tour in Jurassic Safari Park #1

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Tour in Jurassic Safari Park – Jurassic World Evolution

Watch the beautiful prehistoric world and relaxing with gentle, Soothing music!

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I-Rex Camouflage, T-Rex, Mamenchisaurus & Carcharodontosaurus:

Indoraptor, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus & Spinosaurus:

T-Rex Vs Carnotaurus Vs Baryonyx Vs Nodosaurus:


The BEST of Dinosaurs ►
Carnivore & Carnivore Battle! ►
Carnivore & Herbivore Battle! ►
Jurassic World Evolution Tour ►
Jurassic World Evolution Breakout! ►
Jurassic World Evolution Battle Royale ►

🎶 Music by Auditive Escape

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BEST SURPRISE EVER… We’re going to Disney World

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Today you’ll see DAY 1 of the special SURPRISE Disney trip my daughter Julia and I are taking. A total surprise for her 10th birthday! 💕🎀 We fly to Orlando and check-in to the Disney Resort.

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HAULS Playlist:

Log-Home Kitchen Tour:
How to Grind Coffee in a Vitamix:
Six Freezer Meals:

Music: song “when you wish upon a star” from Disney’s Pinocchio movie, video NOT montezied and music from bensound

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Choosing a Disney World Hotel

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Do you find choosing a Disney World hotel to be overwhelming? Not sure what your options are for a family of 5 or more? In this video, I will help simplify the process, so you can choose the perfect hotel for you.

Let me plan your next Disney vacation. I’ll take care of all the details and stay on top of deals from the time you book until the day you travel. The best part? There’s no cost to you! I’ll make the plans, you make the memories.

Top Vacation Spots In The World!

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Best vacation spots in the world! These are the countries to travel to for the best vacations and the must visit cities around the world that have the top travel attractions!

7. Ecuador –

This nation is located in the northwestern region of South America. If you’re a wildlife fanatic, Ecuador should be at the top of your list for travel destinations: specifically, the Galapagos Islands, which are found about five hundred miles west of the mainland. These islands are known for the extraordinarily diverse species that inhabit them, which were once studied by Charles Darwin and was essential for his Theory of Evolution. So, if you want to dive into the ocean, dive into history, and view some amazing creatures, one of the first places you should go is Galapaguera de Cerro Colorado, to see some of the world’s last giant tortoises. You can even check out the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about the renowned scientist and take a look at more fascinating species. While you’re there, remember to spend some time on the beach. A great place to soak up some sun is Galapagos Beach at Tortuga Bay, where the sand is white, the water is sparkling blue, and the wildlife roams free.

6. Sri Lanka –

This island nation is located in South Asia. It’s stunning landscapes, wildlife, monuments, and ruins are sure to keep travelers interested. If you’re heading to Sri Lanka any time soon, start your trip off with some awe-inspiring views. One option is to hike up to Ella Rock, where you can take in the mountainous scenery and greenery from atop the rock’s peak. If you’re looking to befriend some of the nation’s largest mammals, remember to stop by the Elephant Freedom Project, where you can accompany the creatures on walks and even take part in an elephant’s bath! Another thing to do is head up to the Citadel of Sigiriya, an ancient ruin with colossal lion claws decorating the entrance. It also features frescoes, gardens, and ponds, and is one of the country’s most-visited landmarks.

5. Paris –

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Paris, France is on the list for top vacation spots. The City of Light has been a popular destination for tourists for years. From its astonishing landmarks to its unmatched cuisine, there are limitless things to do in this capital. You’ll probably want to make stops at the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe to get those Instagram shots you’ve been waiting for, but remember to save time for the numerous other activities Paris has to offer. You might want to take an entire day to see the renowned paintings and sculptures the Louvre has on display. If you’re feeling spooky, take a trip underground to see the city’s famed catacombs. Plus, the food in this town is exceptional. For a fine-dining experience, make a reservation at Epicure , which has three Michelin Stars. Another option is to catch a show, such as Moulin Rouge, during which you can witness cabaret dancing and enjoy more delicious Parisian fare.

The 10 Most INSANE RIDES in the World!

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How to survive Walt Disney World during the holidays with DCP Vlogger Olaf and Olivia. We show you the top holiday things to do in Orlando inside Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios. The Disney Parks are a great place to visit during Christmas. I said goodbye to my favorite Disney Cast Members because of their Fall 2018 Disney College Program Ending.

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Jurassic World Evolution – Safari Park #10

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Holiday World Seasonal Job Previews (compilation)

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This video compilation shows all nine of our seasonal job previews showing you a day in the life of the Food & Beverage, Grounds, Lifeguard, Security, Sweeping, Rides, Retail, Games, and Warehouse departments here at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

Walt Disney World Florida December 2018 – Daily Mini Vlog 7 – Beach Club, Epcot & New Years Eve

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Walt Disney World Florida December 2018 – Daily Mini Vlog 7 – Beach Club, Epcot & New Years Eve

Thanks for watching us. Our mini vlogs are just a small snapshot from each day of our trip. Full vlogs will be uploaded on our return.

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My Talking Tom 2 || Subway Surfers World Tour Rio 2019 || Game for kids

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My talking tom 2 game trailer | My talking tom 2 gameplay [Android/ios] With Download apk

Your new best friend is here! Play with Talking Tom in his cool new game and go on the adventure of your life!

Just like before, you adopt baby Tom then take care of him as a virtual pet, helping him grow up happy and healthy. But now there are new mini games, new food, new clothes and new furniture to play with.

And that’s not all! Tom is now more fun to play with than ever before. You can now pick him up and move him around, spin him, drop him, throw him, and even put him on the toilet, in the bath, into bed and into his plane.

Wait… did we just say his PLANE?

Yes, Tom now has his own plane, and he can fly it to exciting new worlds where he’ll find amazing new items to dress up in and to decorate his house, as well as new food and new pets.

What? Tom has his own PETS!?

Yes! Tom’s pets are almost as cute and funny as he is. You can interact with the pet too, or just laugh as Tom and his pet interact with each other. There are five pets to unlock. Can you find them all?

Oh, and did we mention all the TOYS yet?

Tom now has a box full of awesome toys – the swing, basketball, trampoline and punching bag – and he loves playing with them all. Just don’t play too hard or he might get a little booboo…

What’s a BOOBOO!?

Well Tom needs more looking after than before – sometimes he gets just a little sick or hurt. Aw, when this poor little guy gets the hiccups or a runny nose, he needs your help to get better. Fortunately, there’s a medicine cabinet in his bathroom full of quick and easy cures!

Finally, for fans of mini games, there are loads to choose from, ranging from action games like Cupid Tom and Easy Squeezy, to puzzle games like Totem Blast and Ice Smash. And for the first time, Tom has a multiplayer mini game! Can you beat your friends at Space Trails?

My Talking Tom 2 is free, family-friendly fun. Download now and join Tom’s millions of fans around the world!


Download for Android

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Hybrid Dino Safari – Jurassic World Evolution Cinematic episode 06 (Season 3)

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Season 3 of Jurassic World Evolution continues the story of the dinosaurs raised in Konoa’s theme park. After the theme park’s disastrous end result, the dinosaurs roamed the island freely for a long time. Human help in the end did not seem needed as nature took its course. But the people are back now to introduce a new kind of park! A safari park where people can get up close and personal to the many different dinosaur species.