Africa’s Cowboy Capitalists (Full Length)

Africa's Cowboy Capitalists (Full Length)

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For maverick entrepreneur Ian Cox, Africa is the last frontier of free enterprise. The former small-time hustler has been busting his ass on the continent for years, selling and moving merchandise. In 2012 he nabbed a lucrative United Nations contract to transport equipment from South Africa to South Sudan, a country on many countries’ embargo list. The other problem: the journey north entails passing through countless checkpoints and dealing with bribe-happy officials and their nonsensical paperwork and regulations.

Photographer and filmmaker Tim Freccia followed around Ian and the guys he hired for this job. “Cowboy Capitalists” documents their attempts to navigate the continent’s dangerous roads and bureaucratic chaos.

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32 thoughts on “Africa’s Cowboy Capitalists (Full Length)”

  1. Would've taken FARR less time to import good second hand trucks through Mombasa with a shorter drive to Juba. Sh*ts not adding up…..

  2. Here's something to think about, Australia, America, Industrialised Britain and major Euro countries started 200 to 300 years ago and look how far they have reached. Africa is at least 5000 years old and they have achieved nothing, absolute nothing other than remnants from the White man.

    I know recently of an Aid program in Africa to build a school from considerable donations, everytime supplies arrived, they would be stolen overnight and after 2 years and over a million USD, there was nothing but a bare single block made from bricks.

    We are not allowed to say African Blacks are lazy, apathetic, useless thieving cunts with extremely low values of life (check out the murder rates), because that would be "racist", apparently. The fact is, it's fact.

  3. Africa, no paved roads, what is wrong with it, been around 1000's of years longer than the United States, take a guess, it is always going to be the Wild West

  4. I hate seeing white devils in Africa, why ppl are the weakest race most of them are slobs an not built to be outdoors honestly the world is against them even the ☀️ is there enemy

  5. There has to be an easier way to make money. This job will cut forty years off anyone's life expectancy!! STRESS KILLS!!

  6. this is corruption that's keeping them still .. those roads are nothing compaired to the winter roads in northern canada. you get wet your dead. you go through the ice you die..faster than 15 km/h you catch your wave go through and die, or the ice explodes in front of you and your stuck.-40 and -60 on most daylight for the spring we stand on the step with the cruise on for when we do go through we can jump away from the truck….the canadian shield and bush have no roads a path pushed through the can't stop for sometimes 30-40 hours..there's nothing but bush for a thousand miles in any direction.

  7. What a fantastic journey! Yeah I was born and raised in Africa and have seen this. At these road stops, if you don't see any guns or chase vehicles, just keep driving. That's if you have a clear road ahead of you. Keep in mind, they don't have stop sticks, radios to the next stop or anything that could cause you to worry about not stopping.

  8. well i am from nairobi …i salute you lorry boys ….you trully are come to live like the locals …..kudos …having driven from s.a to sudan i believe you have a feel what it takes to live in africa …

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