All Inclusive Resorts – 10 SHOCKS of All Inclusive Resorts S5:E1

All Inclusive Resorts - 10 SHOCKS of All Inclusive Resorts S5:E1

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Visiting Cancun or Jamaica? Perhaps Montego Bay or Malaysia? Well there are tons of All Inclusive Resorts that can help you have a great time abroad. From food until you can’t eat anymore to unlimited margaritas the all inclusive resort or hotel can be fun fun fun, but we have 10 Things That SHOCK Tourists when they stay at All Inclusive Resorts. From the sticker shock of the prices, to the variety of activities and hotels to overpriced sun block and fun for the whole family there are a lot of things that might shock first time all inclusive resort visitors. So we hope this video helps you decide on what all inclusive hotel or resort will be right for you, from Club Med to Moon Palace to All those in between.
Filmed in Cancun, Mexico
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

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37 thoughts on “All Inclusive Resorts – 10 SHOCKS of All Inclusive Resorts S5:E1”

  1. Your advices here are excellent. I went to an all inclusive hotel once in Malta, I enjoyed the cocktails all day, and the fact that me and my friends knew our budget in advance. 🙂 But indeed there was no local food, and first week the hotel was full of blonde young scandinavians while second week was full of latin portuguese families. And everything made for them. I guess tour operators had big deals with them. I enjoyed the "free" food and cocktails, but not sure the price was so good. And as you said, cocktails were not "real" cocktails, they add tons of ice in it. And hotel was far from cultural sites.

  2. Has WW done Jamaica or any of the Carribean? That would be so awesome. Don't think i've seen them do Costa Rica or PR either

  3. You’re right in #5 when me & my family went to Cancun , I remember me & my family spoke in Spanish to them & they open up more! I love how they told us (some of them) their lives or what part of Mexico they are from. They got excited to see someone speaking Spanish & my family having a Mexican background! Especially my dad who knows little English.

  4. Always tip the workers in cash! Many work 6 day weeks 12 hours per day if not more sometimes and make so little in pay, keeping the price of the all inclusive places so cheap.

  5. There is an extreme DANGER regarding tainted alcohol and DEATHS at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. Also, crime rings related to hospital stays from serious medical sequelae from the tainted alcohol, as well as deaths in swimming pools when the victims drowned from the tainted alcohol. DO NOT TRUST the ALCOHOL there! Period!

  6. Another thing to consider is if you have friends or family that have time shares. To get those discounted rates that they offer to the friends and family of the timeshare holders, you have to sit thru a 2 hour presentation. Sounds ok but when that 2 hours is up and you want to leave they don’t always like that and get kind of rude to you. The salesman in them comes out and it’s intimidating. It’s a lot of negotiating trying to get you to buy their timeshares and it goes on and on. I didn’t like that at all. I did however like the discounted rate we got so I guess it’s kind of a double edged sword? Loved the all inclusive part 100%!!

  7. The WORST thing about my trip was WEARING THAT STUUUUPID WRISTBAND! It gets really annoying having it on you at all times. My suggestion is to make it as Loose as possible so we can slide up your forearm. It really was a cheapening of the experience having to wear this they should provide photo ID that you clip on your shirt because this wristband is horrible!

  8. Don't buy all inclusive don't be scary just go by your own stay on the hotel area and bargain for tours food at the all inclusive hotels will be the same almost every day and If you are looking for local food and experiences there are a lot of restaurants out there don't go and eat like you were home eating American food

  9. Yes, I have met people who never leave the resort and they never go on a tour to see something else. Its a personal choice, but if there is transport to get out on my own I visit nearby places. I always go on one or two tours. I would hate not to see part of the country that I am visiting.

  10. Great video for people who do not know what All Inclusives are all about.  Good information. I have met people who never leave the resort.  I get out on tours and if local buses are available, I check out places. In some places, you can see a show at the city's theatre but that depends on where you are and what is playing.  People are always willing to help you if you need a question answered.  It is much more fun that way.  Besides having not to worry about my meals, I think it is the safety factor that I like.  I can feel safe because I travel alone. It is always good to go to one or two local places to eat.

  11. One lil problem with the all inclusive is that if you decide to go out one night for dinner to a local restaurant or go out one day for lunch and a few beers , you’re wasting money a bit as you’ve already paid for the food and drink back at the hotel, as soon as you leave the resort, you’re missing out on the things you’ve already paid for back in the hotel /resort which defeats the whole purpose of going all inclusive.
    Best thing in my opinion is to go “half board” in your hotel , which is breakfast and dinner. No lunch , free drinks etc.

  12. The "try to speak the language thing" is SO important whether you're at a resort or otherwise. Even if you totally butcher the language and they take pity on you and switch to English the fact that you even bothered to try makes a world of difference (if anything the fact you suck at the language but put yourself out there anyway gains you extra points, not less).

    It's a matter of courtesy. It shows you

    a) recognize that not all countries speak your language and you respect that
    b) aren't so arrogant or imperialistic as to expect them to speak your language when you don't speak theirs
    c) consider the other person's comfort important and are putting their ease above your own (which is particularly important if you're asking someone for a favour like directions or local tips; if they're taking the time to help you the least you can do is give them the least amount of work possible)

  13. I would stay at a small, boutique resort. Better service, much less crowded, and MUCH BETTER drinks!!! You'd think for the thousands you pay to stay at the behemoths, you should be getting proper drinks! RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!!!!

  14. Maybe some receptionists and sales people might ask you not to tip the staff at the resort. The reality is that many people don't earn a lot of money. Many waiters depend on tips literally. The reason why many receptionists and sales people ask you not to tip the staff is because they want to sell more.

  15. Hey Walter, i just bumped into your site. I need some advice from you about a good all-inclusive for me and my family. Can i call you, or call me +16479892837 (Toronto)

  16. Hi, really enjoyed the video. What is the name of the resort where you shot this video? My wife and I stayed there back in the 90's and cant remember the name of it.

  17. Yes the drinks are watered down!! But i love all inclusives! The Royal in Playa is my favorite. Trying Dreams Sands in Cancun this summer!

  18. what are the average price of an all inclusive resort? and is the food and activities included in the price?
    and what are some of the best all inclusive resorts you recomend? thanks in advance.

  19. Stay away from Royalton Blue Montego Bay, we arrived to a dirty nightmare that they were aware of weeks before! they had no electricity or water, the food was horrid and the manager couldn't care less! people were so fed up! it was a nightmare !!!

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