Discover The Best African Safari Destinations

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Understand the African continent and where to find the best African safari destinations – in just three minutes.

Africa is more than triple the size of the United States. It has 54 countries. Lions and elephants don’t exist everywhere. Africa is not a zoo – it’s a continent. Unfortunately, all the fabled images of Africa aren’t found in the same place. This video shows you the main countries for safari and what is realistic when you travel in Africa. It illustrates the size of Africa’s safari parks and what you can combine on a single trip.

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On this short video you’ll get an understanding of Africa’s size and where to go on safari.

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At Heritage Africa we recommend two regions, Southern Africa and East Africa. A South Africa safari is an excellent introduction and allows you to combine wildlife with other experiences, such as Cape Town or wine tasting. The best South Africa safari destinations are Kruger, especially the private Kruger concessions, and Phinda, a private reserve that’s the perfect destination for first-time travel to Africa.

Botswana is dominated by wilderness and offers highly authentic wildlife experiences, often on an unfathomable scale. You really need at least a week for a Botswana safari. It’s an escape from the world, a true immersion in African wildlife and landscapes. For a Botswana safari we recommend the Okavango Delta, Chobe, the Central Kalahari, and private concessions in the north of the country. Each offers a different and complementary experience.

For a Namibia safari visit Etosha and then the world’s greatest sand dunes – Namib Nauklift. On a Zimbabwe safari we recommend Victoria Falls, Mana Pools and Hwange. Zambia safaris can combine Victoria Falls with South Luangwa, North Luangwa and Kafue. Different Southern African countries can be combined as you plan out the dream safari experience.

Tanzania safaris often focus on Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, where the great wildebeest migration can be found. This country is packed with iconic destinations and you’re spoiled for choice. Tarangire and Lake Manyara connect beautifully with the Serengeti. To get off the beaten track we recommend Ruaha and Selous on a Tanzania safari.

Kenya is the grand dame of safari countries and offers the widest choice of destinations. The Masai Mara is the most famous for a Kenya safari, followed by Amboseli. Laikipea and Samburu are just as good but not as well known. We wouldn’t recommend Uganda or Rwanda for a big-game safari – it’s just much better elsewhere – but these are the two countries where you can go on a gorilla trekking safari.

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