BEST & WORST of the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays | Best and Worst | 12/12/18

BEST & WORST of the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays | Best and Worst | 12/12/18

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In this episode, the panel discusses what they consider a hit or miss at the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays, including the food booths, holiday storytellers, entertainment, Candlelight Processional, and the Illuminations Holiday Tag!

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27 thoughts on “BEST & WORST of the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays | Best and Worst | 12/12/18”

  1. La'chiam was a bit of an embarrassment. New York deli food. Storyteller with several mispronunciations. What was the point.

  2. Wow I just did Epcot the other day and did not see any of this other than the horrible song and dance show called Joyful in future world between the interventions buildings. That was just when we walked by.

    If you go with kids to Epcot you can't just walk around at the pace and speed you want to see everything. I missed the American Adventure show! We just never go to that section of the park even after being there for 11 hours.

  3. Love the Dis keep up the good work !
    I was able to see Candlelight Processional for the first time on Dec 2nd. It was at Disneyland it was the second show and I was AMAZED at how close I was able to stand and watch ! The show Blew Me Away ! The orchestras and choirs were STUNNING! Chris Pratt did I good job reading, his talk at the end was better. But I was thinking I can’t wait till next year and book it at WDW. Until I watched Craig’s video. Craig did a good job, but the show seemed small and artificial idk if that’s the right word. I didn’t like how you could see the lights in the ceiling and the background seems bland. I still can’t wait to book a show there and see for myself but I think if you enjoy it at Epcot you will LOVE it at Disneyland!!! I know it rains a lot in Florida but I bet if you could do it somewhere with the park in the background it would improve the WDW version.
    Thanks for all your videos this year !
    Happy Holidays to Everyone !

  4. I agree that the music is what makes Candlelight so special. I have not been in the amphitheater for CP, I have stood just outside the theater or what I do now is grab a table outside of Liberty Tree and catch from there.

    One of the negatives about CP is when the choir exits the theater they hold up everyone walking around and then it becomes a big mosh pit when they open the walkway back up. It’s a miserable experience.

  5. We saw Candlelight on the 11th with Bart Millard of Mercy Me, who probably isn't as popular a narrator. We got in line 1 hour before the show started, and didn't get a seat in the middle section. So it's a little frustrating that we paid for the dining package and still had to wait an hour to get a spot.

  6. The cookies are the best deal at kiosks. $2 for a cookie, and most of them are pretty large. Two of us tried to do the 5 cookies/get 1 free, and even sharing cookies we couldn't eat them all to get the free one.

  7. Good episode. I feel prepared for the Germany dumpster fire. Happy I won't be caught off guard. Side note, i was geeking out about Disney today at my office and mentioned I watch the DIS Unplugged. One of my coworkers also admitted she watched. Pretty sure we are gonna be BFFs 4 Eva now.

  8. We were in Disney for the last 2 weeks and didn't realize why much effort was made for Epcot. We normally do not spend much time in the worlds showcase, but found ourselves spending a great deal discovering all the great details in every country. "Father Christmas" in England was amazing.

  9. We met Pere Noel at the Canadian pavillion 12 years ago and he was the most magical storyteller ever! He had adults and children alike spellbound. Sad that they have lost the magic there.

  10. I performed in the candlelight processional almost fifteen years ago now. One of the most incredible experiences of my life, honestly.

  11. AMAZING!!!!!! All the members of the DIS FUTURE 4 in one room. ALWAYS great to see the Channels future doing shows it is a reminder of what we have now and what's to come. Great personalities shine through you all bring a special side of yourselves and bring out the best of one another. Pete your entire team are a true joy to watch in the future these young members will represent this Channel with all the Greatness in which you have and that is very exciting. #DIS FUTURE4.

  12. Joyful! is Painful! They need to turn down the volume like three years ago. Its the only act you can experience anywhere in the world showcase. I'm thinking that a barge slowly drifting away would be a better location for them.

  13. Candlelight is always popular but keep Craig’s tips in mind for seating. The orchestra and director will block your view.

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