Big Trouble in Little Pattaya

Big Trouble in Little Pattaya

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Big trouble in little Pattaya is a walk and talk live steam and travel vlog. It features myself and Richard who is currently in Pattaya, Thailand on vacation.
Here is the short version of this story: Richard got on my motorbike without his helmet. I was wearing mine. I dropped him off at a bar on Pattaya Beach road to see one of his friends. This bar was about 100 meters away from central festival in Pattaya. I was heading south on beach road to Starbucks for my morning coffee when the Thai police standing out in the road waved me over. He said he saw me drop off my friend without a helmet. So he wrote me a ticket, and gave me a 400 Baht fine. I went into the police station, paid the ticket, and was on my way. Not the way I wanted to start my day, but it was great walking down Pattaya Beach, talking to you guys about it! It was a great way to start 2019 in Pattaya.

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33 thoughts on “Big Trouble in Little Pattaya”

  1. It’s just a revenue day in Pattaya. When you awake and look around that morning and observe all of the locals wearing helmets, be on the watch for the police. But a farang can be wearing a helmet and you will still get flagged down. Just be prepared to pay the $12 that day. Support the local economy, it’s give back day. And carry the ticket with you from there out. They won’t fine you twice in one day

  2. That's some serious inflation, I remember when the ticket for no helmet was just 100 baht. The oldest bar in Pattaya has got to be the Tahaitian Queen gogo there on beach road.

  3. Avoid beach road nr Soi 7 and 2nd Road at the junction with Pattaya Klang (central road), there is a police box there, unless you 100% legal on a bike. These are notorious spots where the bib give out fines like confetti.

  4. Jeremy what can you tell me about metal detection on the beaches….do people wear jewelry are drop change on the beaches .. im in Ecuador now beaches are ok about $35.00 in coins some gold per day..

  5. In Thailand the driver is responsible for the passenger wearing his/her helmet on a motor cycle.
    My darling wife has cost me once but never again.
    Always carry paperwork when riding your motorbike, the international driving licence is accepted for 90 days.
    Be nice don't argue.

  6. Pattaya might be placed in Thailand, but its not the real "picture" of thailand !
    I never went to Pattaya, and not going to, cos i prefer real Thai culture, so ill bet my pennies on north west or north east (Isaan).

  7. It's interesting that you should be discussing 5 year visas… I just obtained a 5 year US visa. I've been 'stuck' in Thailand for almost 4 months resolving the visa, but hey, not a bad place to be stuck. ☺ 2 more weeks, then return to America.

  8. In some states you can get a ticket if a passenger in your car isn’t wearing a safety belt so the passenger not having a helmet isn’t any different

  9. Great story Jeremy. Tell Richard I said hi. I stayed across the hall form him at the p72 when he was doing his review, lol

  10. Will be coming there in Feb. Trying to figure out health insurance options. If this is something you know about, it would be a good video topic. Thanks! Keep the content coming and I will reach out if I am near you.

  11. If you rent a scooter there is an amazing resort in Pattaya called Villa Wanida, it is on the other side of Sukunvit (Pattaya) so it's pretty far from the beach, but it took me about 10 minutes by scooter to get to beach road.

  12. Believe it or not, an US with motorcycle driver license is the best, no need to have international driver license. They stopped me in Pattaya a few time on a scooter, but let me go every time, one time I got sent to the police station and in 2 minutes we had some laughs with the chief of the police station and they canceled the ticket right a way. Huge tip! A good sense of humor will go a long way in Thailand!!!

  13. In Aus you get held responsible for passengers not wearing seatbelts or helmets , they also get a ticket. Not suprised Thais are also doing this to raise revenue. Is it true they are fining people for standing on the back of the baht bus?.

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