Captain warns of crime in Bahamas – Royal Caribbean Bahamas warning

Captain warns of crime in Bahamas - Royal Caribbean Bahamas warning

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Captain warns of crime in Bahamas. A Royal caribbean captain sent a letter to his passengers warning of crime in the Bahamas and places and things to avoid. Things like don’t flash cash around and go to areas after dark. The minister from Bahamas is very upset with this and has made Royal Caribbean retract the statement. Trouble is, was he right?

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34 thoughts on “Captain warns of crime in Bahamas – Royal Caribbean Bahamas warning”

  1. People just got to use common sense. Yeah, you're on a vacation, but crime doesn't take a holiday. Those islands in the Caribbean are not just fully staffed resorts with guards like in Sandals or Atlantis. I remember when I went to Nassau last year, you have to be firm and say no when you don't want to do something. Period. I'd also advise that if you do visit Nassau, that either you go to the restaurants ON the shore or pre-book a shore excursion with the line. Also, don't bring anything you aren't prepared to lose. All I brought was my phone, my money belt with maybe $100 in it (The rest was in my cabin on board) and my ID to get back on board the ship. I've seen people get off the ship with so much stuff they don't need. Designer bags, iPods, Invicta, Movado, and Rolex watches, Real jewelry, fat wallets with Discover Cards, Master Cards, AMEX, Diners Club, etc. People do this, and they wonder why they got robbed. Leave that stuff on board. Try and look like you're broke there. None of those folks know you bought a suite or an inside cabin.

  2. Thanks for sharing some great advice. Always, Safety First when traveling. Sincerely Adventures of David and Aaron

  3. I remember on our cruise to Nassau, it was around dinner time and we stopped into a souvenir shop to pick up one last item. When we came out, about a half hour later, the streets were almost deserted. It was a creepy feeling. We double timed it back to the ship. So I agree with the captain.

  4. I was on the Norwegian Sky this week, which visited 2 ports in the Bahamas and the captain on the ship also sent out a travel advisory.

  5. If the Bahamas minister was really smart, he would have agreed with the captain and said, "We want everyone to have a safe and happy experience while on our islands. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself." Instead, attacking the captain just makes him look defensive. We all know there are thieves everywhere, even at Disney World.

  6. It would definitely ruin the mood of your cruise if there were no warnings and something did happen because you were excited about the shore excursion, so you weren't paying attention like you would have with the warning.

  7. I once had someone take my camera bag in Jamaica. I had the camera with me, but I had cash in the bag. Luckily I sensed something and took the money out before I had to leave the bag. They took an empty bag.

  8. The captain was right and the minister is wrong. Safety comes first. Yes!!!!! Royal Caribbean should always keep sending out those facts because the passengers safety should always come first.

  9. We had a similar warning going into Baja, Mexico. We did some of our own traveling there and felt relatively safe, but definitely heeded the words of the captain and paid close attention to our surroundings, didn't wear jewelry, etc. Honestly, for all we know, someone else did get robbed or hurt while in Mexico. Just because we had a relatively safe trip, who's to say everyone else did too? That's why I feel these warnings are always justified.

  10. I agree with the captain. Sad that RC doesn't stand behind their people who are looking our for their guest. Too PC or follow the money. Payoff somewhere. I will stick with Princess and not be using RC.

  11. I like your compromise…It's only common sense. Many of these countries are so poor, so why taunt them. It's rude and unnecessary. Tone down the bling, and make the blast about frivolous petty crime all across the board for all excursions everywhere. They're foreign countries, use your noodles people!

  12. We were just there mid-December and no warning from any crew members at all.  NCL though.  The crime was the Straw Marketplace.  Stay away from there.

  13. I live near Barcelona, a very touristic place with quite a lot of small crime with tourists being one of the prime targets. Do I think it's a good idea to warn them? Heck yeah! In fact local authorities often issue such warnings in places such as public transportation, etc.

  14. I think Captain was totally justified! I think they are common sense I mean I take precautions at home as well it’s no different

  15. Captain is totally right and it"s his duty and responsibility for the well being of every passenger and freight that enters and exits his ship. RCCL is wrong if they are going to tone down warnings as their interest lies with future corporate profits over safety.

  16. I just went to Nassau on a New Years cruise. We had the same warning from Carnival. I have been to Nassau numerous times and I was happy they warned us as a lot of people on that ship had never been to Nassau. Nassau government needs to spend more time and clean up their island then bashing the cruise lines that bring them the revenue or they can just skip Nassau. It would not hurt my feelings.

  17. I think all cruise lines should pull out of Nassau. Until it cleans up its act. Literally trash is everywhere and crime is rampant. I use to go ashore all the time. But after my wife was harassed by a drunk local and I had to fight him to stay away from her. We just don’t get off the ship in Nassau anymore.

  18. Hi Don ,  Personally the warning  I believe is just that aheads up. just be aware of  where you are and don't tempt  temptation. That's always been our stand when travelling . I  ado agree with you on this. KEEP THEM COMING WE READ THEM ALL. THANKS.      kruise runner

  19. I don't know why cruises still go to the Bahamas. I say that especially because of Nassau it's a nasty port, the people are rude, they hound you to buy things, the military presence is not welcoming after you exit the gate. Unless someone pays my way to the Bahamas I don't book cruises with that iteniary because I don't feel safe and the taxi drivers like taking advantage of visitors. I paid over 45 dollars to get from Atlantis to the cruise port I mean round trip and the guy wanted a tip both times. It's just a one time say you done it port in my opinion.

  20. Last time I was in Nassau, I stayed on the ship and had the pool to myself. Been there, done that, didn't have to walk around.

  21. The struggle is real in the Bahamas, poverty leads to desperation, so you have to be on your toes and alert in Nassau. It's best to walk in groups.

  22. I've spent time on New Providence since the 90s, and I have a lot of good friends from there. The bottom line is that great people exist on the island, and overall I'd say they are far friendlier than the average American where I am from in the U.S. However, just use basic street sense and don't fall for scams, while also trusting your gut instincts regarding shady situations. Also, be cool with the people, and experience the life away from the enclosed resorts.

  23. Yeh, that's like even with cameras…when we travel—I won't take the $500 CAnon even though it takes great pics. I take the little Powershot even going through the airport because I'm paranoid someone will take it.

  24. The Captain had. Nothing to hide or gain so I trust the Captain more than a public officer for the Bahamas. Plus I think the Bahamas are over rated.

  25. Use common sense. Don’t wear expensive jewelry, don’t bring your full wallet , take a different wallet with one credit card, not your main card. Don’t take much cash. Use common sense.

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