Crowdsurfing January 9th – Just the News Jan. 9 2019

Crowdsurfing January 9th - Just the News Jan. 9 2019

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Tom Vasel takes a look at at the Kickstarter News for the week!

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9 thoughts on “Crowdsurfing January 9th – Just the News Jan. 9 2019”

  1. Zee really adds entertainment value to this segment and hope he stays. But Tom you need to bring the substance. This segment is getting less and less useful. Just browsing through pictures with out any actual comments on ideas of gameplay, is just amusing and not quality. I feel like this segment was far better in the past.

  2. Two dude flippin' through kickstarter for the first time commenting on things they are mostly guessing about. (You guys should'a used the time to pack for the cruise). Dang, I know less now about games on kickstarter then before the video. (Ok, Zee is funny at times).

  3. I really like Zee’s addition to this show. I also really enjoyed the Sam and Zee Q&A. I think I’ll watch anything where there is banter amongst the crew.

  4. As a Painter, not really use a small "glass jar" like idk kids food or whatever or even chewing gums plastic container put a sticky glue (the white thing that looks like a chewing gum) put the miniatures base on top of that and just rotate the "glass" jar as you paint… voila free of charge thank me later, and since I usually paint like a lot of those miniatures together I have like 20 of those just standing waiting for my projects to be primmed, painted, washed etc…

  5. Ok you guys need to do a review of the 2 minute intro video to Nocturion. The narrator's voice is comically uninspiring. You need to watch that video!!!

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