Dining at Festival of the Holidays | Epcot

Dining at Festival of the Holidays | Epcot

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Join Tyler, Katrina, and Ryno as they try out some of the offerings at the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays. They’ll visit the Feast of the Three Kings, Las Posadas, Tuscany, and American Holiday Table. Watch and see what they ordered and what they thought about their selections! Have you been to Festival of the Holidays yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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33 thoughts on “Dining at Festival of the Holidays | Epcot”

  1. Mad props to Katrina for her California-worthy pronunciations of the various foods. Great hearing more of her thoughts and opinions. Love to see you do a solo video sometime, Katrina! (Bonus point to Tyler for pronouncing "Oaxaca" correctly, though.)

  2. Ryno, Craig, and Kylie would have been a much better combination for this video. There's just something funny about having food fall from the guy's mouths and Kylie covering her mouth (and her sweet smile). Leave Tyler in Disneyland where I don't have to see him because I don't watch those segments!

  3. Food and wine was so awesome and the thing about these festivals you have to worry about is the prices and a stomach ache i am glad you had fun Tylor Ryno and Katrina.

  4. We did the cookie trail thing last week, it was ok because the cookies were only $2 each however I only really enjoyed 1 of the 5.

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