Easy Listening – The Very Best Instrumental Hits Part 1 – 2Hrs Playlist

Easy Listening - The Very Best Instrumental Hits Part 1 - 2Hrs Playlist

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The finest Easy Listening ever, ever, ever…
Bill Justis  A Swingin’ Safari   00:00
Bert Kaempfert  Afrikaan Bea   02:09
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra  Wheels   04:29
The Champs  Tequila   06:26
Les Baxter  Calcutta   08:35
The Shadows  Apache   10:44
Henry Mancini  Baby Elephant Walk   13:34
James Booker  Gonzo   16:14
Billy May And His Orchestra  Theme From A Summer Place   18:41
Ray Conniff & His Orchestra An  Stranger In Paradise   20:54
Freddy Martin And His Orchestr  Bubbles In The Wine   23:52
Santo & Johnny  Sleep Walk   26:32
The Shadows  Kon-tiki   31:20
The Young-holt Unlimited  Wack Wack   33:10
Lex Baxter  The Poor People Of Paris   37:25
Mantovani  Moulin Rouge Theme   41:40
The Whistling Artistry Of Muzz  Willow Weep For Me   44:40
Nelson Riddle And His Orchestr  Lisbon Antigua   46:39
Perez Prado  Patricia   49:11
Floyd Cramer  On The Rebound   51:27
David Rose And His Orchestra  Holiday For Strings   53:42
Frank Chacksfield & His Orches  Zorba’s Dance   57:35
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra  Morgen   01:00:04
Perez Prado  Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White   01:02:27
Ron Goodwin  Murder, She Said (Miss Marple’s Theme)  01:04:51
Donny And The Royals  The Beast   01:06:51
Billy May And His Orchestra  Perfidia   01:09:27
Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra  Sail Along Silvery Moon   01:12:24
Dave “baby” Cortez  Rinky Dink   01:14:22
The Shadows  Fbi   01:17:14
Bill Black Combo  Don’t Be Cruel   01:19:30
Henry Mancini  Peter Gunn Theme   01:21:26
Nelson Riddle And His Orchestr  C’est Magnifique   01:23:48
Earl Palmer, King Curtis  One Mint Julep   01:26:19
Ray Anthony  Peter Gunn Twist Tequila With A Twist   01:31:30
George Duning, M. Stoloff  Moonglow (Theme from Picnic)  01:35:18
Chris Barber’s Jazz Band  Petite Fleur   01:38:06
Anton Karas  Harry Lime (Third Man’s Theme)  01:40:46
Russ Conway  Roulette   01:42:51
Don Swan & His Orchestra  Tico Tico   01:44:57
Helmut Zacharias  Makin’ Whoopee   01:47:25
Mallet Men  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes   01:49:45
The Shadows  Blue Star   01:52:06
Alvino Rey & His Orchestra  Blues In The Night   01:52:47
Richard Marino & His Orchestra  Fever   01:57:47
Joe Fingers Carr & 80 Drums Ar  Istanbul (not Constantinople)   02:00:22
Kurt Edelhagen  My Prayer   02:04:30
Ray Conniff  The Way You Look Tonight   02:07:15
The Ventures  Walk Don’t Run   02:10:19
Boots Randolph  Yakety Sax   02:12:25

23 thoughts on “Easy Listening – The Very Best Instrumental Hits Part 1 – 2Hrs Playlist”

  1. Just thinking of the stuff we did, the possibilities we had, the music, and so much more, makes me think we were the luckiest generation. Every generation has it's accomplishments and we certainly had ours but the sheer creativity and freedom we embraced marks ours unique.

  2. Does anyone know who did this version of Sleepwalk?
    The guitar is so evenly tempered .
    I use to think the Santo N Johnny version was the best.

  3. Someone's reply to this sort of music is how I felt in the early 1970s. Hated some of it, but I really like it now.It reminds me of my mum, who passed away in 2014,and dad, who died 2017. X

  4. Why people write about their parents? I live in 2018 and listen often to such music. Today very few people are doing real music.

  5. I remember listening to this at the dentist's office when I was 10 waiting for him to call me back to that dreaded chair! (Then afterwards mom would take my sister and me to McDonald's for a shake. Lol ) He gave me a root canal in '75 and it's still holding compared to the ones I got in my teens. It seems everything was better back in those days. Great memories.

  6. My mom made me listen to this music as a punishment. Listening to this music now allows me to tap the mental resources I need to move objects with my mind.

  7. kids in back seat,cruising in dad's convertible; no headrests, no seat belts, no roll bar…just feelin the wind and the sunshine, listenin to these songs..wheeee. loved my 50/50 ice cream bar

  8. What a wonderfull sound,yes the 60s have it, a great time.This kind of music is real music and is far,far better than the rubbish we hear today.More please!

  9. I'm getting old! I rememberd all these songs. There was one I thought would save me, but after the intro…I recognized the tune.

  10. James last was always a big part of my music world, as I had about four or five of his LP,s the best one was intramentals forever

  11. this is the stuff they had piped in at the malls when i was a kid in the 70's… man this takes me back. sears… jc penny… k-mart!! o.O

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