Epcot festival of the Holidays!

Epcot festival of the Holidays!

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Today we go to Epcot and check out the festival of the Holidays and do the cookie stroll!

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Hello everyone! We are paging mr & mrs morrow! We are just a couple of theme park vloggers that especially love going to Disneys Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios! We do the occasional trips to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. So if you enjoy Orlando, Florida and beer, we are the type of people you may end up liking! Note: We can be loud, we sing and announce the time randomly, this you may not find pleasing. We love life and enjoy every single day. Love the life you live, live the life you love. We LOVE hearing from you all! We reply to every comment and cherish the bonds we make with every SINGLE one of you!! BE HUMBLE AND KIND TO EVERYONE

25 thoughts on “Epcot festival of the Holidays!”

  1. When we finally get to come back to Disneyworld (might not be until May 2020 due to nursing school) we want to meet ya'll and buy you a bud light!

  2. It's nice to see Nate picked up a part time job at Epcot so he never has to say no to Veronica when she wants something haha

  3. Another great video. I love how you show support to the cast as well. Keep those fantastic intros coming. I could watch an entire compilation of them all day long!

  4. I was just telling my husband how cool it would be to meet one of the youtubers I watch regularly while we are in Disney this coming June. I also told him that you two are the ones I would want to meet most. I love how thoughtful you are to everyone you meet and even the people you never get to meet (for example the people you gave the character spot fast passes to). Always stay that way!

  5. Love the new Italian ears! So festive! My favorite tree in all the parks is the Epcot tree. I love the angel on the top, too, Veronica!

  6. Hi there! Thanks for the great video! Josh at Resorttv1 said you might be joining them, but that you might have to work. We hope you can join them on one of their live streams some day.

  7. OMG I remember when I first met Nate&Veronica I was coming out of Indiana Jones and I had messaged them and I met them both over at the water fountain and it was so nice, because at the time I was celebrating my late birthday and Veronica says, everyone say Happy Birthday theresa and right from then I knew Veronica and Nate were such an awesome couple. They even took me to ride Aerosmith which I never got to ride, then over to Tower Terror and then we tried to go and meet Kylo Renn and the fire alarms went off and we were evacuated out of the building and that was the last time I got to see them. So, hopefully I'll get to see them in February so that we reunite and do Aerosmith, Tower Of Terror, and meet Kylo Ren. But, you gotta admit Nate and Veronica they are such the sweetest couple I have ever met and if you haven't met them yet, you need to they are such alot of FUN I mean FUN that you'll go home laughing, because that's how much FUN they both are. <3

  8. I still remember the first time we met y'all. It was awesome. And you two are fun to hangout with. It is memories Brooke and I will keep and remember for the rest of our lives.

  9. Hi friends your both so generous so pleased you give the cast member a PMM pin can I get one I would wear it at work they would be so jealous. You both look amazing today . Will you both be hitting the parks on Christmas Day. Cookie trail looks so amazing is it busy there yet Dominic loos so early. Yip in the parade amazing. Best cookie because it's beer dunked lol. We so looked for you on our last vacation I am so going to wear my celebration button for you both next time. Thanks for sharing TTFN .

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