Festival of Holidays | Disney California Adventure

Festival of Holidays | Disney California Adventure

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Tyler and Katrina check out a bunch of food from the Festival of Holidays which takes place each Holiday season at Disney California Adventure! From Nashville Hot Turkey to Turkey Dinner Tamales, the festival has some amazing things to eat.

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29 thoughts on “Festival of Holidays | Disney California Adventure”

  1. Pot de crème (/ˈpoʊdəˈkrɛm/ POH-də-KREM; French: [po də kʁɛm]), plural pots de crème (pronounced the same), is a loose French dessert custard dating to the 17th century. The name means "pot of custard" or "pot of cream", which also refers to the porcelain cups in which the dessert is served.

  2. I love your guys Disneyland videos but I'm not a fan of the added clips and sounds. I think it takes away from the video just my opinion though.

  3. You do get an annual pass discount if you buy the Sip and Savor Pass. Each of the more expense offerings comes out to about $6.15 each. We loved the Corn Cakes and the Tamale.

  4. So glad Katrina does all the GF food reviews. It helps sooo much! I especially love that she doesn't whine or complain about what she can't eat (like I tend to do). I have a new positive perspective. You both rock!

  5. The food looks absolutely fantastic! Thank you both for you honest opinions. You guys do a great job balancing honesty and positivity. Love it!

  6. My wife and I just got back from Disneyland/California Adventure and we were really let down with California Adventure overall… pretty much everything was closed, including MUPPETS 3D and WORLD OF COLOR! When we asked about World of Color the cast members seemed confused as if it never existed, we were really pissed off. We only ended up spending a total of 3 hours in California adventure. Disneyland has way more to offer, dont waste your money guys!

  7. You all should do a vlog on how to save a ton of money, see cool things outside of the park, get a break from the crowds and eat way better food by going off property to for lunch or dinner. Great restaurants all around the Disneyland area that are worth checking out. Food quality is far better away from the park.

  8. We are SO thrilled to try these this week! Looking forward to allllll the treats this season! As always, we loved the review!

  9. I am sure that the Apple chip on the latkes is in reference to applesauce that is usually serve with traditional latkes. Sour cream and applesauce.

  10. Nice video, but did not like the corny edits. Very un “The Dis” like. Leave those corny edits to other vloggers. Tyler – you came out very dark in a number of scenes.

  11. Great video and festive foods offered. Tyler and Katrina’, your positive reviews and telling us so much about each food you tried will encourage viewers to try a lot of what’s being offered. I would love to come to this celebration.

  12. The tamale looks good. That's something I probably would not have ordinarily tried, but now I might give it a chance. You've also got all of the non-Festival of Holidays seasonal food to try (all of the things available at the restaurants, bake shops, etc.)!! From what it looks like, Disney has not yet put out a brochure with the list of holiday foods around Disneyland Resort (as they did for Halloween Time), but they really need to do that so people have something to carry around with them. The Parks Blog is not something we can carry!

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