Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts – Kid-Friendly Summer Beach Vacations

Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts - Kid-Friendly Summer Beach Vacations

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Four Seasons hotels and resorts are all about bringing beach vacations to the children. Four Seasons offers Kid-Kation packages to our guests at our Four Seasons hotel locations, which features child-sized bathrobes and slippers, kid-friendly DVD library, and kid-orientated activities such as make your own ice cream sundae in your suite, cooking lessons and more!*

If you’re looking for the perfect beach vacations that are kid-friendly, Four Seasons resorts offers Kids For All Seasons camp. Our camp features a combination of indoor and outdoor activities that are educational, active and fun. Some examples of outdoor activities include: nature walks, tennis lessons, surfing lessons, beach volleyball and more! Nintendo Wii games, arts and crafts, and movies are all examples of fun indoor activities part of our Kids For All Seasons camp.*

Enjoy the perfect kid-friendly, summer beach vacations at our Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

*Please note that Four Seasons hotels and resorts offers different services and amenities based on the location.

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