Northernlion and Mathas Play: Hitman 2 – Ghost Mode! [Episode 1]

Northernlion and Mathas Play: Hitman 2 - Ghost Mode! [Episode 1]

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Mathas and I got together for some friendly, good-natured Hitman 2 ghost mode gaming. Check it out!

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About this game:

Travel the globe and track your targets across exotic sandbox locations in HITMAN™ 2. From sun-drenched streets to dark and dangerous rainforests, nowhere is safe from the world’s most creative assassin, Agent 47.

48 thoughts on “Northernlion and Mathas Play: Hitman 2 – Ghost Mode! [Episode 1]”

  1. The real benifits of the fiberwire is that it is A. a silent none-prohibited weapon that doesnt leave blood B. it is faster then the regular choke by a few seconds (which can mean alot in tight situations and timing) and immediately drags them so you can hide them quickly. that being said, it is only worth using if you already have it, probably not worth taking it as a starting equipment in a mission. for example, if you used fiberwire instead of knife here (if you had one), nobody wouldve noticed. 35:35

  2. The reason you kept getting engaged was that you were seen doing something illegal on camera. The people watching the camera trigger an alarm and move to engage you.

  3. How come NL never uses the button to snap the neck while choking someone out? It's not a big deal but it seems strange not to do it when it makes the whole process quicker.

  4. > Has a race driver disguise that is suitable for VIP
    > Changes into a shitty engineer outfit that only works on the other half of the map
    > Still wins

    It’s not egg-magic, it’s egg-wizardry.

  5. Isn't the fiber wire a faster kill and it goes right into a very fast drag animation? I honestly find it super useful.

  6. Hey, both players speaking and neither one is a professional. Dope.

    Hitman Roulette was still good though, maybe better. Actually requirements than just a clean kill.

  7. This is pretty God-tier, NL and Mathas toe-to-toe Hitman 2 Ghost Mode where madness lurks around every corner.
    Also 68th comment — almost famous.

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