Denver Travel Agent Shares Travel Tips For Beach Vacations

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– Denver Travel Agent Shares Travel Tips For Beach Vacations – (303) 980-6483 – If you’re looking for the best all inclusive travel agents in Denver for your all inclusive vacation, we are a top ranked travel agent in to call. We specialize in all inclusive vacations and weddings to Costa Rica, the Caribbean and Mexico and we can help you plan the perfect all inclusive vacation for you and your family! For more info and to plan your all inclusive vacation, visit our website (listed above) or call (303) 980-6483.

Philippines Beach Holiday Destinations | Best Beach Holidays

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Philippines Beach Holiday Destinations | Best Beach Holidays

Don’t know what to do on long weekends?
Why not spend the holidays in a mystical place?

Batanes – with splendid holiday beaches!
Its natural attractions mesmerize holiday makers.

If you need to find solace in nature,
Go solo or with family to the best place up north.

Surprises that await travelers include:

Crystal clear waters, seaside lagoons,
Majestic falls, stunning rock formations, wildlife.

Marvelous underwater caves, coral fishes
Lush islets, scenic greens and lots more!

If you’re dying to experience
the best moments of your life, get set to travel!

Not just to the best city beaches around
Savor Batanes’ captivating beauty, pure splendor.

Explore the Philippine beach holidays!
Visit now for details.

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20 Places Everyone Should Visit Before Die | adventure holidays | adventure travel | adventure tours

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20 Places Everyone Should Visit Before Die, in this video i show you top 20 amazing places in the world . It’s a big world out there—so big that it can be daunting to decide what international destinations to visit in the course of a lifetime.
Where: Brazil
Known as the Cidade Maravilhosa, or the Marvelous City, Rio de Janeiro has more than 20 beaches and many dramatic landmarks, including the much-photographed Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks the city.
Where: Peru
The Lost City of the Incas is perched on the edge of a mountain high in the Andes, a location so remote that it remained hidden from ravaging conquistadors and untouched by the 20th century until it was “discovered” in 1911.
Where: Ecuador
Located 575 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos archipelago and its surrounding waters are a national park, a biological marine preserve, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Where: Chile
There are more sheep than people in the Magallanes Region of Chilean Patagonia—one of many factors that make Torres del Paine National Park so fascinating.
Where: Iceland
There’s simply no place else on earth like Iceland. From waterfalls to active volcanoes, from glaciers to hot springs, the Land of Fire and Ice is a study in extremes.
Where: France
The Eiffel Tower, Cathedral of Notre Dame, Louvre, Champs-Elysees, and Arc de Triomphe—Paris is like a living museum of architecture and history
Where: Italy
Cities don’t get more epic than Rome. The Eternal City, founded in 753 B.C., is one of the oldest occupied cities in Europe and widely regarded as the birthplace of Western civilization. This is the center of Renaissance art and religious opulence.
Where: Morocco
Perhaps the most exotic city on the planet, Marrakesh began as a trading post along the ancient caravan routes from Timbuktu. It remains a shopping mecca, and the city’s main square, Djemâa el Fna, is regarded as the busiest in Africa.
Where: Tanzania
There are few wildlife experiences as awe-inspiring as the Great Migration, when 1.5 million wildebeests, accompanied by 400,000 gazelles and 200,000 zebra, move throughout the Serengeti ecosystem. There is no better time to go on a safari in Serengeti National Park.
Where: Zambia/Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya, its indigenous name meaning “smoke that thunders,” is neither the tallest nor the widest waterfall on the planet. But its combined height and width make it the largest—an enormous sheet of falling water twice the height of Niagara Falls.
Where: Israel
One of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem is also perhaps the most divine—literally.
Where: Jordan
Jordan’s most popular tourist attraction, Petra means “rock” in Greek. Built in the first century B.C., the city appears to spring from the very cliffs that surround it, a marvel of rock-cut architecture and mystery.
Where: Turkey
It’s hard to top Istanbul for history, culture, and lore. The city formerly known as Constantinople is located along the Silk Road and straddles two continents.
Where: India
The awe-inspiring Taj Mahal is the world’s most famous monument in honor of love.
Where: Nepal
The summit of Mt. Everest is an icon for adventurers. But you don’t need to conquer the 29,000-foot peak to experience the exhilaration, challenge, and culture of life in the high Himalayas.
Where: Bhutan
The isolated Kingdom of Bhutan transitioned to a constitutional monarchy in 2008, and quickly became more open and welcoming to travelers.
Where: China
One of the most iconic man-made structures on Earth, the Great Wall of China is not one continuous wall, but rather a series of shorter walls.
Where: Antarctica
The most remote place on the planet, Antarctica is located almost entirely within in the Antarctic Circle. There are no human residents here, thanks to a hostile climate of cold and wind.
Where: Australia
Located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is more than 1,400 miles long and the largest coral reef system on the planet. Dubbed the Blue Outback, the reef is a protected marine park and World Heritage Site comprised of 900 islands and 3,000 individual.

Fly Fishing holidays Norway : Gaula River-Atlantic Salmon Fishing

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Fly Fishing holidays in Norway on the Gaula. 18lb Salmon from the Bridge Pool. More fishing holidays and fishing vacations at

CHEAP Camping & Backpacking Food

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Backpacking food doesn’t have to be expensive! Even though options like mountain house etc taste awesome – they can be pricey.

In this video we go through our favorite budget food items

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Msambweni Beach House, Exclusive & Private Villas – Kenya Beach & Safari Holidays

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Msambweni House is in a quiet, unspoilt, unique setting on the beach surrounded by 28 acres of natural land. The house offers 700 feet of private beach along a tropical 4 mile white, sandy coastline with palm trees where guests can really feel at one with nature. It stands on a 40 feet high cliff and is safely surrounded by a typical coral wall. Msambweni house is luxury uncompromised. It’s a family owned and run exclusive house consisting of one main house, with three spacious rooms, one ocean suite and three totally private villas. The perfect Kenya beach and safari holiday.

Cultural Vacations & Safaris Kenya Baloon Safari & Cultural Village Visit

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Baby Elephant rescued… viewed with Alan Tours while on Safari at the Addo Elephant National Park.

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For the second time in three days we observed a baby elephant falling into the water hole and eventually after some heart breaking and nail biting moments was walked to the safety of the bank where it proceeded to feed with great gusto. Please see the previous video for the rescue of the twin babies a couple of days before hand.

Memorable moments while of safari with Alan Tours!

Beach Vacations Coogee Beach Sydney Autralia

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Beach Vacations Coogee Beach Sydney Autralia
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Beach Holidays :The Most Beautiful Beaches in Spain Europe Ibiza

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MY TOP MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES IN SPAIN IBIZA ISLAND Europe I SAW. Some of the best beaches in Spain: Cala Salada, Cala D’Hort, Cala Tarida. Enjoy the video. Sunset in San Antonio. The Best beach in Spain Ibiza Cala Salada.Beach Vacation,Beach holidays.