10 thoughts on “Solo Backpacking Norway”

  1. This was sick! I have a question, I'm going there in 3 weeks with my backpack, do you think it's worth renting a car or public transport is cheap? I'm going only for 6 days and I'll be camping too.

  2. Hi Mike, awesome video. Im planning a 8 days backpack trip in norway for July. Could you please recomend​ the best places to visit? thanks so much!

  3. Dude! You killed it. I am planning on doing the same this June. Then to the rest of Europe. I would love ask you some questions and get advice, let me know and ill send you an email.

  4. Do you have any details around the route that you took and how long you were backpacking for? Would love to pick your brain about the trip!

  5. Very beautiful trip. I hope you like meeting new friends on here, We are hikers from the U.S. in the Smokey Mountains in the Tennessee area please check out our channel and sub. and we will do the same

  6. Yo! Michael Frederick! How did you get to use AVICII's "The Days" music in this video without getting Copyright infringement alert YouTube?

    Pls do share.

    Thank you

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