South Africa Honeyguide Safari Pool

South Africa Honeyguide Safari Pool

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This was from the pool area at the Honeyguide Safari… There were no animals there…. I was the animal! I decided to put together a little video of it. I also had taken a few awesome sunset pictures there that you can see on my Travel Instagram.

7 thoughts on “South Africa Honeyguide Safari Pool”

  1. It's a good first video. I have some feedback ttho. I feel thmy 2 cents: at the use of wide angle lens, with the distance away from you that it is, causes you to look shorter and adds some weight. A longer lens would do your look more justice. Additionally, you have great shoulders, but I think you'd do your look more justice with more lower angle shots to lengthen your legs etc.

  2. Lol instagram whore who isn’t even that hot, trying to flash her boobs all the time to offset her shovel face & pancake ass. Travels every week, has all the money to do so by being an escort on the weekends.

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