Carp in France – A family holiday fishing adventure

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Carp fishing is very popular in France and many lakes are stocked with deep bodied mirrors and enormous commons, but on a weeklong holiday with our parents we found this little pool and tried to find out what was in it!
From Carl and Alex
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Well it Looks like we have the New Camera figured out at least how to get it on here. So here is our Little Adventure Road trip and adventure with The New Camera.
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Fx Guru – Happy Holidays With Incredicoaster Ride in disney california adventure park

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Made from kinemaster and renderforest

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3. “Longboard Night time Adventure Myrtle Beach” (Myrtle Beach Vacation Series)

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7 videos in 3 days at Myrtle beach.
This is episode#3.
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All videos edited by me and shot on the worlds best point and shoot camera the Sony RX-100.

-Getting back to the hotel after the last episode, I immediately decided I might as well do the 3rd video for this day. Episode 3 is me venturing out on my own on a longboard down the ocean blvd of Myrtle Beach. This is my first time really riding the longboard for any real length of time. Brian stayed back at the hotel but don’t worry he’s back in the next episode “The excitement of Broadway at the Beach”. Make sure you check it out as it is by far my best video yet and My personal favorite. ALSO, I apologize for the shaky footage as this was my first time trying to ride the longboard and work the camera at the same time.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Adventure FUNnel V Park Hopper Family Vacation Fun! 2015

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After years of raising a large family and making many dream family vacations a reality, we’d like to share 5 tips for amazing and affordable family vacations. There are ways to make cheap family vacations happen!

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The Scooby-Doo Gang: A Fabulous DayZ 0.63 Adventure! (DayZ)

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I am initiated into a strange but loving gang, where the adventure has only just begun!

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Zoo Tivoli Water-park Safari Europe’s most complete adventure park!

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In the south-eastern Sweden you will find the most complete facility for holidays in Northern Europe, perhaps in all of Europe. There is everything from hotel, rental cabin at the safari park, restaurants, zoo, amusement park with rides, water park, dinosaurs and more.

Nepal Adventure 2016 | Backpacking | 15 days

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From the colours and magic of Kathmandu’s markets to the serenity of Himalayan trails, we went on a two week adventure through Nepal.
The rugged foothills of the Annapurna Range rewarded us with stunning views of mountain vistas.
We experienced Nepal from a different perspective exploring Chitwan National Park by 4×4 safari. We came away with a full and real appreciation for this fascinating land.

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DISNEY present FESTIVAL of HOLIDAYS at Disney California Adventure

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The Festival of Holiday is the mine best day of the years it part christmas Food & Wine Festival with Christmas. There lot of different kind of foods to eat it so delicious good well most of it. You want a taste too? Well come to Disney California Adventure have taste each tradition finest cuisine holiday dishes before the end of Jan 8 2019

Playmobil Story for Kids – Safari Adventure in Africa

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This is an exciting toy story about two photographers having a safari adventure in Africa staring Playmobil. It is great for kids and toddler which they can be entertained and learn different animals along the way. In this video, they can learn about Crow, Eagle, Rabbit, Wolf, Lion and more.
I hope it is a story both kids and their parents can enjoy!

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