the surprise trip revealed, air b&b tour + beach trips! | RCsummer #3

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what a turn of events, if only my SD card didn’t corrupt lol

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VIP Travel vacation ideas – Air Canada Vacations

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Want ideas for your next vacation? Consider Air Canada Vacations. Offering air and hotel packages all over the world. Call VIP Travel for a full selection of holidays and pricing information at 604-522-3020 or visit Some video and audio elements are owned by AC Vacations and are reproduced here for cross promotional purposes.

Hunting Iguanas with Air Rifles in Puerto Rico: GunVenture| S2 E10 P2

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Millions of iguanas plague Puerto Rico – ruining farmland just like wild hogs. GunVenture’s Ryan and KJ meet up with the Iguana Hunters P.R. team to test some Pyramyd Air air rifles against the lounging lizards. Plus, a walk around Old San Juan!

GunVenture airs on Sportsman Channel and WildTV. Watch episodes right now on Gun Talk Media’s YouTube, Facebook, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV channels, and at

From the desert sand to snowy mountain tops, from coast to coast: Follow the GunVenture crew as they explore the world of shooting – training, hunting, personal defense, and everything in-between. The crew manages to fit in a few side trips, too. It might be a brewery trip, zip-lining through the trees, riding in a tank, or even fishing for sharks. Whatever it is, you know it’ll be fun!

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2018 Pyramyd Air Holiday Gift Guide with Tactical Tyler

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Join Tactical Tyler, and Insyder Video for the 2018 Pyramyd Air Airgun Gift Guide. This is not your ordinary gift guide. These are Santa-Approved so you can relax and have a stress-free holiday season!

SIG Sauer MCX |

Crosman DPMS |

Hellraiser Hellboy |

Benjamin Armada |

Heckler & Koch USP |

Glock 19 |

Sig Sauer M17 |

New Products at Pyramyd Air (Updated Daily)

Kandui Surf Resort by air – World Surfaris

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There is only one Kandui Surf Resort. Indulge in the ultimate surf experience in the surf rich, playgrounds’ region of the Mentawais. This video showcases the resorts’ stunning settings and surrounding surf. World Surfaris can’t recommend this trip enough, get in touch to organise your ultimate get away, today!
Call 1800 611 163 │ email [email protected] │ visit

Air – La Femme d’Argent

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Shotty’s Classic Series #10:

Air’s masterpiece debut “Moon Safari” flips that cold electronica feel upside-down, by combining warm ambience and pop sensibilities. The epic opener’s bubbling bassline and soothing atmospherics amount to one of the genre’s most well-crafted electrolullabyes (in a good way!).

Swimming Along Zlarin Island Croatia from the Air

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See this amazing drone swimming clip filmed along beautiful Zlarin island in Croatia. Sibenik archipelago is surrounded by several islands and we run our swimming holidays in this part of Dalmatian coast.

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‘Kwani unafanya kazi ya mjengo?’ Boy child embarrasses demanding slay queens live on air (Video)

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Kwani, unafanya, kazi, mjengo, Boy, child, embarrasses, demanding, slay, queens, live, (Video)’Kwani unafanya kazi ya mjengo?’ Boy child embarrasses demanding slay queens live on air (Video).
Ebru TV’s Perfect is one show that you must watch.This show is always full of dumb women and men, slay queens and kings who set high standards.Most of these slay queens demand what they cannot even afford.From asking for a man who drives big machines, one who earns a six-figure salary to one who will pay their rent and take them to exotic places for holidays, the boy child has really suffered during these dates.Men are always left humiliated especially those who meet slay queens who look down on them yet they can’t even afford to fend for themselves.Well, recently, identical twins identified Stephie and Santa Samperu went on a date with slay king, George.George: I have talked to your friends and can’t tell the difference between you.Kindly reintroduce yourselves.The twins go-ahead to introduce themselves but their body language speaks volumes.They’re already bored with the lad.Stephie, one of the twins, who’s louder than the other one tells the guy After the introduction, George asks them why they aren’t eating (a plate of anjera is on the table) and Stephie strikes George: Didn’t you eat before you came here? I know you can finish this whole plate based on your body structure.Did you used to work at a construction(mjengo)? Stephie insists she can’t share a meal with a stanger and George says; The three argue for sometime and at the end, Steph takes away the tray with the food and they leave the boychild hanging.The video has gone viral and below are reactions from Kenyans: Dennis M’cherah Kumbe all this time the ladies were sitting on their brains🤔 Salome Wanjiku I Pity our Kenyan girls sometimes especially the ones who think they are too fly that a man should kneel down n beg them, unfortunately after marriage most of then have nothing to brag about in terms of their body n whatever else makes them feel fly Humble yourselves girls if a man does not interest you just be calm n communicate it the right way dont look down on that man Ngendo Wa Mwangi That mouthy twinnie need some mental check up Kimani Edward This show has really lost its purpose.its nolonger about dating.its like kila kitu hapa huwa kimepangwa siku hizi.Am finding it so so so boring!!!!nkt Evans Omarion Give them three medals for being the most stupid people of the year 2018…add them 3 extra medals incase wapoteze zile za kwanza.Two confused slay chieth plus their imbicile king Ngoto Nkera Nashipai How do they get guts to putting someone down whom you don’t know?I side with the nigga even if he looks confused, but ladies should stop expecting young men to be sponsors….si sisi wengine tupewe tujaribu hii blind date,it will be of respect……if I go for first date, politeness is the key, always remember that Sharin Chiba: Mpaka the other twin anaona shame vile her sister anaongea gosh Baraka Banyeene: Is this how Kenyan girls behave on dates Marie Celstar Lakini ati you can’t share a meal with a stranger amevaa sportshoes smh my sister may tsunami take you to those wit
#Kwani, #unafanya, #kazi, #mjengo, #Boy, #child, #embarrasses, #demanding, #slay, #queens, #live, #(Video)

Deflating a Backpacker’s Air Mattress

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Backpacking is great exercise, fun and relaxing. With the proper wilderness skills and appropriate gear, backpacking is almost always an enjoy experience. #backpacking

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Open Air Resorts In Exotic Place In South Africa HD 2015 HD

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Fantastic Open Air Resorts In Exotic Place In South Africa

“Lion Sands Game Reserve”, situated in Sabi Sand Reserve in South Africa is the perfect place to escape from reality.
As the sun sets and night tactics, various amenities, including the absence of electricity, will allow you to feel like you’re one with nature. Fantastic Resort provides spa services, swimming pools and wonderful experience while eating. Along with his environment, he is definitely a place of dreams.

Please watch: “Undiscovered Places to Visit Now 2018 HD”


Amazing Flight over Stampeding Wildebeest Herd – Hot Air Balloon Safari.

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Amazing Flight over Stampeding Wildebeest Herd – Hot Air Balloon Safari.

“Hot air balloon flight over Maasai Mara. When we were getting close to the animals they heard the air balloon and went to stampede” – video owner, George Koposov

This video was not taken in South Africa’s Kruger national Park but in Kenia’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve.
Kruger Park does not offer any Hot Air Balloon Safaris over the Park due to poaching etc.

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This is just a short video of a Hot air balloon safari over a wildebeest herd in the Masai Mara. Amazing sighting and experience !

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Accommodation near Kruger National Park, self catering(Ngwenya Lodge)

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For Professional Kruger National Park Safaris, Tours and Guided Day and Night Drives

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Kruger National Park – Best Videos – Playlist

Video Taker: George Koposov

a Full List of Kruger National Park Rules is available when you book accommodation or visit Kruger Park as a Day Visitor.

You can read more about Wildebeest facts here:

#Flight #Wildebeest #Migration #Safari

Amazing Flight over Stampeding Wildebeest Herd – Hot Air Balloon Safari.

AIR – Moon Safari (Official Video)

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AIR – Moon Safari

Pre-order Twentyears:

20 MAY – Labrinto – Parma, Italy
21 MAY – Spring Attitude Festival – Rome, Italy
2 JUNE – Primavera Sound Festival – Barcelona, Spain
4 JUNE – This Is Not A Love Song – Nîmes, France
5 JUNE – We Love Green – Paris, France
11 JUNE – NOS Primavera Sound – Porto, Portugal
12 JUNE – Field Day – London, UK
18 JUNE – Best Kept Secret Festival – Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands
1 JULY – Montreux Jazz Festival – Montreux, Switzerland
2 JULY – Les Eurockéennes – Belfort, France
8 JULY – Ruisrock – Turku, Finland
10 JULY – Cactusfestival – Bruges, Belgium
15 JULY – Tivoli Gardens – Copenhagen, Denmark
17 JULY – Positivus – Salacgriva, Latvia
22 JULY – KKL Luzernersaal – Luzern, Switzerland
23 JULY – Bluedot Fest – Cheshire, UK
24 JULY – Secret Garden Party – Huntingdon, UK
29 JULY – Tbilisi Open Air Music Festival – Tbilisi, Georgia
31 JULY – Stockholm Music & Arts – Stockholm, Sweden
6 AUGUST – Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival – San Francisco, US
27 AUGUST – FYF Festival – Los Angeles, CA, US