DIY Ultralight Backpacking Quilt

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Hiccup formerly known as Clark Kent shows how to make your own 50 degree ultralight backpacking quilt.

Materials used:
(2) 0.66oz MEMBRANE 10 taffeta nylon, Burnt Orange
(2) 0.66oz MEMBRANE 10 taffeta nylon, Hot Pink
(1) 0.9oz MEMBRANE 15 poly taffeta, Olive Yellow
(2) Climashield APEX – 2.5oz/sq yd
(1) Gutermann MARA 70 thread, Lime Green
(3) Low-Profile Center Push Buckle, 3/4″
(1) MIL-SPEC Nylon Webbing, 3/4″
(1) Mini cordlock
(1) Shock cord, Black / 3/32″
(1) YKK #5 Vision Separating Zipper, 24″

Total Cost: $84.11

Materials were purchased at:

Also used were:
Sewing Machine (can be done by hand)
Sewing Pins
Tape Measure
Bodkin (can also use a safety pin)

Quilt Measurements:
Length: 71″
Width head: 54″
Width foot 42″ taper starts halfway.

Quilt Weight: 12.4oz

Heidi is 5″4′ 155lbs

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I made this in hopes it gives me motivation to actaully edit travel videos… Very little editing went into this but its clips from my travels!!That all started with my first time on a plane…

It was a wild time… Besides being robbed 3 times, “2 hospital” visits, scammed and taken, an appendix issue, a major/minor crash, being held in an airport, and a mildly fucked up arm I would say it all went pretty smoothly.

go pro, iphone and canon shot
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ADK GVC Meeting 2018_11_07 Part 3 of 3- Backpacking Wyoming’s Wind River Range by Roger Janezic

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Backpacking Wyoming’s Wind River Range and the Grandeur of the Cirque of the Towers
Presented by Roger Janezic
The majestic Wind River Range, located in western Wyoming, is a part of the Rockies whose dramatic scenery and challenging mountains have made it a major destination for outdoor adventurers. One such adventurer is Roger Janezic, whose 2016 backpack to this wilderness area will be the subject of Genesee Valley ADK’s November 7 program.
With the aid of copious photographs that he took on his trip, Roger will discuss the unique geology and fauna of the Wind River Range. One such feature that will get special attention is the dramatic Cirque of the Towers, a spectacular circular valley surrounded by steep granite mountains, some of which are 10,000 to 12,000 feet in height. And for those who may be inspired to experience this adventure for themselves, Roger will also cover his gear and the preparations he made for the trip. This is a program that you surely will not want to miss.
Roger Janezic is a father of three, an engineer and a resident of Rochester since 1988. He has backpacked extensively throughout the northeast United States as well as some stints in Wyoming and South America. He has taken his children backpacking every year since they were old enough to walk. He believes as John Muir wrote, “that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”. His favorite historical person is Abraham Lincoln and his favorite contemporary person is his wife, Lori Bryce.

This video is a recording of the November 7, 2018 meeting of the Genesee Valley Chapter (GVC) of ADK. The meetings are open to the public. For more information about meeting times and previous recorded meetings go to: WWW.ADK-GVC.ORG

Fjallraven Kaipack 58 | Backpacking Backpack | Field Review

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Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the Fjallraven Kaipack 58L backpack.

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Backpacking Patagonia Clip: Torres del Paine, El Chalten, Ushuaia, El Calafate

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Short Movie/Clip from backpacking in Argentina – Patagonia in 2018/2019. Eco Camp Torres del Paine, El Chalten, El Calafate, Ushuaia and more …

Backpacking Java, Indonesia 2018

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3 incredible weeks backpacking around Java and Karimunjawa Island, Indonesia 🌏🇮🇩Now one of my favourite places in the world!

Watch in HD for full quality. Give us a follow on Instagram if you like: @missionmagic @dazventures

Filmed using a Sony a6000 and GoPro Hero 5 🎥

SCANDINAVIA | Backpacking (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) | GoPro Hero 4 1080p HD

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Amazing trip backpacking across Scandinavia over the Easter break travelling through Denmark (Copenhagen) visiting the Little Mermaid and the beautiful Nyhavn area, Sweden (Stockholm) wandering the streets of Gamla Stan & Norway travelling between Oslo and Bergen on the Bergen Railway one of the world’s most scenic train rides.


Couple Spends 8 Years Living the Van Life & Backpacking Around the World

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Lauren & Craig are a couple of nomads from the UK who have been living the van life and backpacking on only $20 a day for over 8 years. They’ve visited over 50 countries so far and don’t plan to stop their long term travel streak anytime soon.

They typically work for 6 months, and then travel for 1 year using the money they earned. They apply for working holiday visas when visiting Western countries, which is how they manage to work while they travel.

They also buy camper vans when they visit countries where the accommodation is expensive, which allows them to spend next to nothing on accommodation while living in a van (they sell the van at the end of the trip to make their money back), and they also save money by eating out less and not going out drinking every night.

On average, the couple spends $10 each per day while backpacking and/or when living the van life.

During their travel time (when they’re not working), they go travelling and backpacking in countries where the cost of living is cheap, like India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Central and South America.

We love this couple’s sense of curiosity and adventure, and are excited to follow their blog – Non Stop Travelling – and follow them on Instagram, to live vicariously through them while they explore the world.


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Mat & Danielle


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WHAT I PACKED // Backpacking Southeast Asia

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What’s in my bag for my backpacking trip around Southeast Asia.

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Sierra Designs Lightning 2 Backpacking Tent

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My complete guide to backpacking Vietnam with all of the travel tips I’ve learned. Including: how to get a visa, how much money to budget, where to go, how to get around, what to pack, and more.

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