East Africa’s Best Beach Holiday Destination Everyone Should Visit

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“Shimmering white sand and warm enveloping waters. The color of the water makes your heart leap”, that’s how those who have visited Diani Beach in Kenya will describe the paradise for you.
DIANI BEACH is an idyllic 20-kilometer stretch of palm-fringed beach is kept pristine and clear of seaweed by the coral reef just offshore. This coastal paradise has become one of Kenya’s most popular beaches.
A vibrant, uncrowded, intimate little paradise on the quiet shores of the Indian Ocean just south of Mombasa in beautiful Kenya.
Incorporating Tiwi Beach, Galu Beach, Chale Island, Funzi Island, Msambweni and Kinondo.

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Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lake-lands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands.

Kenya also has very close ties with Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Togo, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Gabon, Senegal, Algeria, Rwanda, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Zambia, Mozambique, Sudan, Djibouti, Malawi, South Africa, Gabon, Senegal , Angola, Congo, Cape Verde, Nigeria and Burundi among other African Countries.

Internationally Kenya is a key and strategic ally to the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Canada, China, Pakistan, Russia, England(United Kingdom), Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Panama, Cuba, Malaysia, Indonesia, Austria, Saudi Arabia and India.

Algeria, Angola,Benin,Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde,Cameroon,Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Comoros,Democratic Republic of the Congo,Republic of the Congo,Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt,Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Ethiopia,Gabon,Gambia,Ghana,Guinea,Guinea-Bissau,Kenya,Lesotho,Liberia,Libya,Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius,Morocco,Mozambique,Namibia,Niger,Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal,Seychelles,Sierra Leone,Somalia,South Africa,South Sudan, Sudan,Tanzania,Togo,Tunisia,Uganda,Zambia,Zimbabwe

Incentive Travel to Sicily: a top destination for corporate events ideas and team building in Italy

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Plan your next incentive travel to Sicily, an exclusive destination where leisure and business activities can be combined for the best possible experience!

Take a look at our incentive travel programs and choose the best experience in Sicily!

What is an incentive travel and why choose Sicily for your next incentive travel in Italy?

Companies have finally realized the importance of the incentive travel: it is not a simple “vacation prize” but a fundamental marketing instrument for successful companies whose goal is to achieve gains and other desired outcomes by motivating and rewarding their employees.

Sicily is a top event destination in the world for a corporate event: it is the largest Italian region, a “little continent” rich in art, culture (17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites), history (almost 6000 years of heritage), breathtaking landscapes (4 National Parks, 77 Nature Reserves and 3 volcanoes), mountains, quiet medieval villages, excellent food and wine, literary traditions, myths and legends.

Sicily is a safe, strategic and exclusive destination, located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, just few hours by plane from anywhere in Europe.
4 international airports and more than 70 direct flights connect Sicily to anywhere in the world.
Because of its natural beauties, heritage and mild climate, Sicily attracts 5 millions tourists each year and it is one of the best destinations for an incentive travel in Italy and in the world.

Why Round Trip Consulting is a great corporate travel management solution for your incentive travel to Sicily?

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the Sicilian territory and our extensive, multi-year experience in event planning, we are an Italy Trip Planner, Destination Management Company and Incentive House in Sicily.

We are inspired by an ancient culture to create incentive travel programs with a strong Sicilian connotation. They always include the best things to do in Sicily and they are fully customizable to provide original and effective solutions to your special needs: reward trips for employees, product presentations and launches, corporate image innovation (brand reinforcement), customer acquisition and customer loyalty / retention.

From planning to execution we supply continuous support and guarantee that we will provide comprehensive care of all the Sicily event stages.
As Event Planner we are glad to give you the best corporate events ideas to make your next incentive trip to Sicily unique and unforgettable.

What about the best Sicilian locations to plan an incentive travel?

The choice of the perfect location is a delicate task during the planning of a successful incentive travel in Sicily.
We offer the utmost care in selecting suppliers to guarantee the highest quality standards.

We give you the opportunity to organize your next Sicily event or incentive travel to Sicily in the most luxurious and exclusive hotels and resorts (4, 5 and 5L Star), country boutique relais, historical palaces, modern meeting venues, wineries, castles and theaters.

Every location has a strategic position, close to the airports and near the most important cultural, archaeological and natural wonders. Most of them boast luxury services such as private harbor, heliport, golf course and spa.

How to plan and customize your successful corporate event in Sicily?

Our 4 key elements for a successful event in Sicily:

1) Exclusive and unusual locations
Finding the perfect accommodation in one of the best Sicily destinations is just the first step. The second is finding a great unconventional meeting venue, sometimes more interesting than the usual corporate hotels.

2) Unforgettable gala dinners and parties
As event planner in Sicily we will provide you with the best solutions for an exclusive gala dinner, an amazing party or an impressive entertainment show with music, dancers, actors and a spectacular choreography. All the events are designed to be rich in charm and magic!

3) Great ways to spend your leisure time
To each his own: the pleasure of knowledge, the passion for adventure, the desire to relax or to enjoy authentic experiences. As Destination Management Company we will share with you the best things to do in Sicily!

4) Exciting activities to improve group relationship and performance
Last but not least comes the funniest and most engaging part, the choice of the best team building activity in Sicily. Team building activities have a fundamental role for companies that aim to improve their own team performances.
Sicily boasts many amazing sceneries for outdoor and indoor team building activities in diverse areas such as Sport and Adventure, Creativity, Food and Wine, Art and Culture.

Look at our incentive travel programs at

For specific inquiries please email us: [email protected]

Russia’s “Exotic” Vacation Destination: Extreme Cold Lovers Head Out For Frozen Yakutia

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Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold, and Yakutia’s cold winters are making a new brand of tourism which has been attracting growing numbers of foreign tourists during the winters. Right now, it’s -58°F in the permafrost zone, which is, of course, exotic to most people. The tourist camp by the ancient rock formation in the Sakha Republic is fully booked for the winter holidays.

Top 10 Best Destination To Visit This Summer

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If you are thinking of exotic vacation posts right about now or you are still asking Where should I go in summer? Here, we found our summer vacation- all the hotel openings, cultural happenings, lesser-known landscapes, and rising food and wine spots significance travelling for (and which you just might, in some cases, have to yourself). We ’ve compiled buzz-worthy destinations with new resorts, exciting cruise calls, and noteworthy celebrations for this vacation.
From Dubai to the Bahamas, we pulled down the 10 most engaging summer vacation destination, to add to your bucket list.

Goa Baga Beach HOLIDAY Destination || GOA

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Goa Baga Beach HOLIDAY Destination || GOA
Holiday Camp GOA


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Halong Bay – the best destination in Vietnam

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Ha Long Bay (Vinh Ha Long) is on the northwest coast of the Gulf of Tonkin, near Ha Long city (Hon Gai), Quang Ninh province, northern Vietnam,

Halong Bay is listed as one of seven Heritage sites of the world.

Situated 102 miles (164 km) southeast of Hanoi,the area contains some 3,000 rocky and earthen islands, typically in the form of jagged limestone pillars jutting out from the sea, and several caves and grottoes, all of which blend together to produce an exotic and picturesque seascape.

A diverse population of marine and land mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds are found in the waters and tropical forests.

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Happy 1st day of Vlogmas 2018 IFAM! Today we reveal our pre Christmas holiday destination! We have had so much fun over the past few days and we are so excited to show you all what we have been up to! #Dubai #Holiday #Atlantis #Family #Holiday


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TOP 10 PHILIPPINES (Your DREAM Destination)

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I traveled the Philippines for 4 months and this is my top 10 list. This should be your next destination and for that, I have a full guide.
5 Hot Tips to Philippines (FREE):
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January 2018

Flamingo Safari | Mumbai’s lesser known travel destination

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All the bird watchers out there! What about sailing into the serene wetlands with your binoculars & cameras? Experience a lovely scene of the Flamingos spending their winter holidays in the Thane Creek Mudflats (1690 hectares of mangroves & mudflats between Airoli & Vashi). The Flamingo Safari gives you an up & close view of the beautiful pink creatures that have migrated from Kutch. There’s also a Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Centre where you will witness lifelike structures & exciting facts about the sea organisms.

Modern Green Home Offers Both A Vacation Destination and Family Home on Cape Cod

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Modern Green Home Offers Both A Vacation Destination and Family Home on Cape Cod
Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks!

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