Rainbow Beach Holiday Village – Top Tourist Parks – Discover Downunder

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Rainbow Beach Holiday Village is a two hour drive south of Hervey Bay with the bottom tip of Fraser Island directly off shore. Once again it’s the Top Tourist Park with the prime location in town. Brooke Hanson TV presenter of Discover Downunder talks to Geoff & Annette Cochrone who have been managing the park for 26 years. The park is popular and people who stay come back again and again. The area is not big so parking the car and walking around everywhere is popular with the guests. There are 100 powered sites, 27 units with 17 of them two bedroom and 10 one bedroom. The villas are from the Olympic stadium in Sydney. Brooke also talks to the Eddy Family who have a great set up for their holiday using a campertrailer. For more information go to or

Harriniva – Discover the real wilderness snowmobile safari in Lapland

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Discover Europe’s last wilderness on a snowmobile with Harriniva Hotels & Safaris.

Follow your guide and explore the unique nature and awesome landscapes on a snowmobile safari in Finnish Lapland.

Drive across the icy lakes, through frosty forests and discover the snow covered winter wonderland.


Filmed by Arthur Neumeirer
Music Seastock – Runaway heart

[Korean Variety] Discover exotic destinations in travelogue Suspicious Vacation on Viu, every Tue!

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This is a travel variety programme of which celebrities embark on a vacation to an exotic location that breaks the tedium of everyday life. Join the celebrities in discovering both beauty and inconvenient truth behind the facade of tourist destinations as they commune with the locals and their culture. Catch it first on Viu, every Tue with English subtitles or 中文字幕!

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Discover The Best African Safari Destinations

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Understand the African continent and where to find the best African safari destinations – in just three minutes.

Africa is more than triple the size of the United States. It has 54 countries. Lions and elephants don’t exist everywhere. Africa is not a zoo – it’s a continent. Unfortunately, all the fabled images of Africa aren’t found in the same place. This video shows you the main countries for safari and what is realistic when you travel in Africa. It illustrates the size of Africa’s safari parks and what you can combine on a single trip.

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On this short video you’ll get an understanding of Africa’s size and where to go on safari.

0:21 Africa vs USA size comparison
0:33 Incredible size of Africa’s safari destinations
1:20 Threats to Africa’s wildlife
2:10 Recommended safari regions
2:28 Getting expert planning advice

At Heritage Africa we recommend two regions, Southern Africa and East Africa. A South Africa safari is an excellent introduction and allows you to combine wildlife with other experiences, such as Cape Town or wine tasting. The best South Africa safari destinations are Kruger, especially the private Kruger concessions, and Phinda, a private reserve that’s the perfect destination for first-time travel to Africa.

Botswana is dominated by wilderness and offers highly authentic wildlife experiences, often on an unfathomable scale. You really need at least a week for a Botswana safari. It’s an escape from the world, a true immersion in African wildlife and landscapes. For a Botswana safari we recommend the Okavango Delta, Chobe, the Central Kalahari, and private concessions in the north of the country. Each offers a different and complementary experience.

For a Namibia safari visit Etosha and then the world’s greatest sand dunes – Namib Nauklift. On a Zimbabwe safari we recommend Victoria Falls, Mana Pools and Hwange. Zambia safaris can combine Victoria Falls with South Luangwa, North Luangwa and Kafue. Different Southern African countries can be combined as you plan out the dream safari experience.

Tanzania safaris often focus on Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, where the great wildebeest migration can be found. This country is packed with iconic destinations and you’re spoiled for choice. Tarangire and Lake Manyara connect beautifully with the Serengeti. To get off the beaten track we recommend Ruaha and Selous on a Tanzania safari.

Kenya is the grand dame of safari countries and offers the widest choice of destinations. The Masai Mara is the most famous for a Kenya safari, followed by Amboseli. Laikipea and Samburu are just as good but not as well known. We wouldn’t recommend Uganda or Rwanda for a big-game safari – it’s just much better elsewhere – but these are the two countries where you can go on a gorilla trekking safari.

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Discover Martinique and its people

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One island blessed with a wide assortment of fragrant and exotic flora it’s known as The Isle of Flowers.
One shoreline with beaches of every natural hue, from the silver-grey volcanic sands in the north to the brilliant white shores of Les Salines in the south.
One producer of the world’s finest rhum agricole, so confirmed by the coveted AOC designation on every label of our rums.
One Culinary Capital of the Caribbean offering traditional French fare and our own unique Creole cuisine, a superb blend of flavors from Africa, the Caribbean, and India.
One place where the generosity and the warmth of its people make you feel at home away from home.
One place where zouk is the music, bèlè a rhythm, Colombo a delicious spicy dish.

Martinique is truly one place that has it all!

Discover Canada & New England on a Princess Cruises vacation (V1)

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Learn all about our exciting options to visit Canada & New England from enriching cruises to in-depth Land & Sea Vacation, as well as our Discovery At Sea program, offering enriching on board experiences and exciting excursions ashore including Discovery and Animal Planet recommended and exclusive tours. And you won;t want to miss Oktoberfest, part of our Festivals of the World onboard celebrations and new menu items created by renown chef and best selling author Curtis Stone.

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Discover Baja Aboard Safari Endeavour – Baja Cruise Vacations | ExpeditionTrips

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Explore this World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve aboard a yacht-style vessel with kayaks, skiffs and stand-up paddle boards. Trip details @

I Love Thailand. Discover Thailand. Visit Thailand! LoveThailand.TV HD

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Welcome HD
LoveThailand.tv Vacations to Thailand: The Dream destination
Vacations to Thailand can be very beautiful, exotic, unique, sunny and rewarding. Therefore, in order to enjoy your vacations to the fullest, learn about the traditions and customs that are expected of tourists and visitors when in Thailand. If you follow all the tips like how to conduct yourself properly and show respect to their country and people, then you can become one of their most loved guests.

Vacations to Thailand can become truly rewarding and unique because of the cultural experience. It has relatively cheap prices, friendly people and a warm weather. Therefore, to experience more of their culture, you need to learn their customs more. “Wai” is the most important custom and is a way of greeting in Thailand. It is similar to Indian Namaste. In order to perform Wai you should place your palms together just as in a prayer position and then bow your head towards the person you wish to show respect. They would feel very happy that you are being considerate.

People who visit Thailand have many reasons- some visit to get relaxation on the most beautiful Phuket beaches, others climb the mountains close by to Mae Hong Son, yet others like to go for shopping on those bright centers and screaming Bangkok streets. Whether it is relaxation or adventure that you seek in your vacations to Thailand you will have it.

Many travelers have Phuket as their dream destination. This destination is famous for its beaches. Therefore, if you are planning to have Phuket as your destination for your vacations to Thailand, then it is essential to know the various exciting beaches that you can have the most memorable time. Most of the beaches are seen along the coast. If you want solitude then you can go to Nai Thon beach. It has very fascinating views. This beach has fewer crowds compared to various other beaches. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the serene surroundings.

While in Phuket, visit the Chalong Temple or Wat Chalong as it is called. It has full of Phuket history and culture. It has a legend that the place Wat Chaitararam saw many miracles performed and therefore, the Wat has healing powers. There is also a National park with the name Khao Phra Thaeo which is a virgin rainforest. Tourist can go trekking till 8 kilometers which leads to magnificent Tonsai waterfall or have a leisurely walk around.

The perfect vacations to Thailand can never be complete without staying in a comfortable luxurious hotel, villas or holiday homes. There are different types of villas located all around Phuket. You can stay as long as you want in these luxurious hotels and villas without any worries and problems.

Everyone is aware that Thailand has become the top travel destinations and has the most beautiful tropical islands. Therefore, it is a must visit for everyone young and old. Phuket is among the popular islands. Hence, most of the people rush to Phuket when they go for vacations to Thailand.

Discover Luxury at MannaBay Boutique Hotel | Rhino Africa

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Set at the foot of Table Mountain, MannaBay is an extraordinary luxury boutique hotel in Oranjezicht, the heart of Cape Town. Bordering the Table Mountain National Park, it offers spectacular views over the city and harbor beyond.
Discover Luxury at the Leading Boutique Hotel, MannaBay that comprises of one suite – the Versailles Suite – and seven luxury rooms, including Black & White, Orchid, Flamingo, Explorer, Persian, Pom Pom and Oriental, each individually decorated to express their unique theme.

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Italy Top Rated Tourist Destinations Discover Fantastic Things To Do, Places To Go

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On every person’s bucket list, Italy is a star-studded destination. From the Dolomites in the north, to its volcano dominated south, historic Rome in the centre, the coastal splendour of the Cinque Terra or Tuscany’s arts capital of Florence – it could take a lot of time to tick all the sights off in one trip, especially since eating could take a large chunk of time out of your visit.

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Discover South Africa ‘A World in One Country’ with Tropical Sky

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Few destinations are quite as diverse as South Africa – from penguins in the Cape to exotic safaris; BBQs in the wilderness and whale watching on the coast. And then there are the people – friendly, warm and welcoming.