Mornings – Dreamsea Costa Rica – Dreamsea Surf Camp

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At Dreamsea we find peace and connection – we learn to see beauty in the smallest of things.

Shot at Dreamsea Surf Camp in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Shot & edited by Luke D’Agostino

Sony a6500

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica – Flunky Ball! (Middle 2018)

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For anyone that has been to Dreamsea Costa Rica, they know that once in a while we like to dress up in costume, head to the beach, and indulge in a little beach game called: FLUNKY BALL!

An absolute BLAST every time, this round of Flunky Ball is brought to you by the Dreamsea crew in middle of 2018. Never a dull moment on Flunky Ball days, we loved every second of this crew and memory!

Want to join us for a game of Flunky Ball on the beach, or one of many other events we plan throughout the week? Check out the different options to join us on our website at:

Video shot and edited by: Luke D’Agostino
Personal Website:
Instagram @luke_dag


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Esta fue mi experiencia en este super glamping!
si queréis ver mas videos como este deja un comentario con tu mejor momento del video y un like por la super edición jeje

si queréis ver mas fotos y videos de DREAMSEA SURF aqui os dejo sus redes sociales 😀


Barbott – Dreamsea’s (DreamSea Surf Camp Portugal )

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Vídeo resumen de nuestra estancia en DreamSea Surf Camp Portugal este verano 2016.

Gracias a la organización y en especial a Xué por acompañarnos en esta bonita experiencia.

Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica — In One Sentence!

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Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica has travelers from all across the World come stay with us throughout the year. It’s often that you can find people from 30+ different countries within the camp at the same time!

It’s those same exact individuals, who are all made up of diverse and fascinating backgrounds, that are the heart and soul of what Dreamsea truly is at it’s core. It’s simply all about the people.

But what does Dreamsea Costa Rica mean to the travelers themselves? We asked some of those same adventurous and compassionate individuals within the camp to describe in one sentence, “What Dreamsea Means” to them…

Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica – FLUNKY BALL 2018!

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If you’ve been to Dreamsea Surf Camp of Costa Rica there’s a good chance you’ve joined us for FLUNKY BALL!

Always a legendary day full of laughter and fun in the sun, check out the video of our most recent group, in full costume, having an absolute blast together! What a special collection of people. Come and join us for our next round of this epic game!

Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica: Waterfall Excursion

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This video captures our excursions to Catarata de Llanos, one of the many beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica, as well as our trip to Playa Langosta.

Music: Say It feat. Tove Lo (Illenium Remix) – Flume

Film and Edit: Charlie Baetjer
Camera: Panosonic GH4 w/ Speedbooster, Canon 24-105mm, Tamaron 70-300mm

Dreamsea Surf Camp Portugal

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Some blinks and moments from 2016 Dreamsea Surf Camp, Portugal, Praia De Gale captured on my GoPro. We did learn how to surf yet we did not capture a good wave on film, well I guess we’re all camera shy!