REVIEW – El Dorado Casitas Royale (Mexico)

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Today I’m reviewing the El Dorado Casitas Royale in the Riviera Maya. The El Dorado Royale Resort is operated by the Karisma brand – and it is massive. Its beachside span is about a mile long.
The resort is divided into three sections. The El Dorado Royale, which is adults only. The El Dorado Casitas Royale, which is the higher end section, and also adults only. And then there’s Generations, which is kid-friendly and more of a hotel style. You can visit and use any of the three sections of the resort. They have many pools I think there’s over 14 but I couldn’t tell you the exact amount that’s how many there were. There are 15 restaurants, 17 bars, including swim-up bars, and 2 spas. It’s an All-Inclusive resort excluding Spa treatments, excursions, and a few types of drinks, etc.

The grounds were unbelievable just because of how large this property is. We stayed in the Casitas section so it took about 10-15 minutes to walk to the Main Lobby. They do have golf carts shuttling people around which is definitely helpful if you don’t want to walk. It’s a beautiful resort, the design of the buildings, the pathways, the vegetation all top notch.

The Room at the Casitas was amazing! We had a ground floor room which I don’t normally recommend but in this case, I do. Since there is a lazy river from your back door that connects to the pool with a swim-up bar I might add. The room was very clean and comfortable. The style is extremely charming and it’s really cute how they arrange a greeting with flowers and pebbles when you arrive. The room had a jacuzzi and TWO showers! One inside and one outside. Now that’s luxury.

The Food was pretty good and all inclusive – They actually like to refer to themselves as Gourmet Inclusive. They have their own greenhouse on the property where they harvest their own vegetables. They also have many restaurants to choose from which is nice if you like variety. We went to the restaurant ‘Le Chique’ at Azul Sensatori Resort. It is an amazing experience if you want a break from the ‘all inclusive’ options.

The Pool automatically gets 5 Stars because there were tons of them. The main pool was ginormous. The El Dorado and Casitas rooms are arranged into smaller groups with their own pool. The fact that some of the pools connect to your room via lazy river is just awesome and There are swim-up bars in most pools.

There were a ton of activities at the El Dorado during the day. There was water volleyball, tequila tasting classes, fitness classes, just to name a few because there were many activities.

There are many things to do and see in Mexico and I highly suggest doing your research before arriving. That way you are prepared and aware of the wonders that Mexico has to offer.

The beach, I was pretty disappointed in this beach as you know I choose my destination based on their beach. The beach itself was beautiful and very long which was really nice. There were many cabanas and lounge chairs available. However, there was tons of seaweed. Piles of it. I saw the staff desperately trying to get it of it. I’ve talked to many people about this issue and apparently it’s the time of year or the currents that makes the seaweed come up. We went early September which is hurricane season. Maybe that’s not the best time to go. However, if the seaweed wasn’t there the water looked a little rocky in some places. I also wanted to note those big rocks sticking out of the ocean are not rocks. The resort deliberately placed them there to create one of the worlds longest artificial reefs. It’s supposed to protect the coast from natural erosion and provide a new habitat for thousands of species. I like to support companies that are environmentally conscious and go the extra distance to preserve our planet. Apparently, these rocks will be completely submerged within 10 years. As beautiful as this beach was, I did not go swimming in the ocean once because of the seaweed and I really love swimming in the ocean.

Overall, this resort was incredible. Everything about the El Dorado Casitas Royale was perfect except for the ocean which is out of their control. If this resort were on an island with pristine waters I would definitely go back. Karisma has many other hotels around the world including Jamaica so I will definitely have to check that out. I’m rating this trip 4.5 out of 5 stars.

El Dorado Maroma Review

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Hola everybody, it’s Burt Kramer, the Karisma Guy. Since you are watching this video, you’re probably looking for a review of the El Dorado Maroma in Riviera Maya, Mexico. You are in the right place. Stay with me to the end of this video, and I’m going to give you VIP access to my full reviews, plus all my videos, pictures, drone footage and even my exclusive 3D Virtual Reality Tours of this amazing resort. By the way, I have a short preview at the end of this video you’ll wanna see.

So, Patricia and I just got back from visiting the adult-only El Dorado Maroma. We first stayed here probably four years ago, and it’s gone through some major changes and updates in the past few years. In this review, I’m gunna cover some of these changes, but you really want to check out my full review to learn about all the new changes – use the link in the description to access that review.

When we stayed here the first time, we got a little spoiled as the owners of the resort upgraded us to the Villa Maroma. Now, Villa Maroma is 10,500 square-feet of pure luxury, with amazing ocean views, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a full kitchen and dining room, a private pool and beach. Gorgeous. But I’m gunna save THAT review for another time.

See, El Dorado Maroma is a relatively small resort with just 157 deluxe suites. There’s twelve different room categories to choose from to best accommodate you on your vacation. Every intimate yet beautifully furnished suite offers a relaxing daybed on the balcony along with 24-hour room service.

As soon as you arrive at the resort, you are greeted with glass of chilled, sparkling wine, a cold hand towel and a full-service concierge. The El Dorado Maroma also offers some the amenities we have come to anticipate, such as nightly turndown service, a once-daily restocked mini bar, complimentary Wi-Fi, use of in-room security safe, and high-end toiletries.

The El Dorado Maroma prides themselves on their exquisite culinary cuisine, which can be found at now seven Karisma Gourmet Inclusive restaurants. Including Mexican, Caribbean, Asian, Peruvian, Italian, and international cuisine, you’ll never go hungry. You have to make sure that you check out Papito’s Gourmet Beach Club which is literally right on the beach overlooking the breathtaking ocean! Enjoy an interactive culinary experience that features an open-style kitchen and a themed menu designed for every day of the week. They also have a pop-up fish market every Thursday featuring seafood that was caught that very morning. Trust me, it’s not something you’re going to want to miss!

Speaking of the beach… the greatest thing about this resort is the breathtaking white sands of Maroma Beach. Rated by the Travel Channel as one of the “Top Ten Best Beaches”, this one of the nicest beaches on the Yucatan Peninsula. Up and down the beach are ample lounge chairs, and Bali Beds with beach butlers service. Just a few steps away is Maroma Adventures where you can rent jet skis and speed boats, as well as kayaks and snorkel gear.

While on vacation, you can make sure you always have a refreshing, premium beverage in your hand, as the El Dorado Maroma offers five bars and lounges. Providing a laid-back, Caribbean atmosphere, this resort will have you relaxing in no time. Whether you are enjoying yoga or Spanish dancing classes, swimming with dolphins, horseback riding along the shore, or relaxing in one of the six grand pools there is plenty to do, or you can do nothing alt all.

The El Dorado Maroma just opened their brand new, multi-story, Naay Spa with an extensive spa menu to choose from, including sunrise couples’ massages in a thatched-roof bungalow on the beach and holistic treatments derived from traditional Mayan remedies. They also have a complete beauty salon, perfect in preparation for a romantic night out with your significant other.

Patricia and I spent a lot of time taking pictures and videos to offer you the ultimate online description of this beautiful beachfront resort. If you click on the link in the description below, I’m happy to give you VIP access to my full review of this resort, all the restaurants, bars, pools, and the Naay Spa. Plus we have some exclusive 3D Virtual Reality Tours of El Dorado Maroma that literally transport you right in to various rooms, bars, restaurants, and even the new Naay Spa. Before you go check those out – make sure tp like my video, leave a comment, and even subscribe to my channel. Hopefully we’ll see you on the beach at El Dorado Maroma!

Looking for a review of the beach at El Dorado Maroma? Watch this…

Ibiza Holidays | Sandos El Greco Beach Hotel

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Sandos El Greco Beach Hotel opened on the 1st May of after a complete transformation as an adult’s only all-inclusive hotel in Ibiza. This chic hotel is located in Portinatx and sits in front of a gorgeous beach encompassed by a beautiful blue watered bay. Some of the highlights of the hotel include the newly renovated massages and beauty treatments centre, stylish pool with Jacuzzi, chill-out terrace and the Xaloc Gourmet Mediterranean Restaurant.
There are tonnes of things to do in Portinatx, and no shortage of activities and entertainment in the hotel itself. To find more about all the restaurants, bars, and facilities at the hotel visit our website and check out the offers page to see how much you can save on an all-inclusive holiday in Ibiza with Sandos El Greco Beach Hotel.

Despicable Me Minion Rush : Hazmat Minion Vs The El Macho !

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Hazmat Minion Throwing Pollo locos at El Macho

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#snowsafari Grandvalira Andorra 2018 El Tarter Snowboarding

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Snowboarding tour with to Andorra
Snowpark El tarter
February 2017

Nym – We Were Never There
Little People – Basique
O.Torvald – Outro

Shot on GoPro Hero 4 Black, Sony A6300

El Arco Los Cabos, Mexico | WestJet Vacations

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There are so many things to do in Los Cabos, but a visit to El Arco is a must. Follow us to these iconic rock formations at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

A variety of boat tours will take you to see the Arch, Neptune’s Finger and Land’s End. Emerging from the water like majestic mountain peaks, these rock formations make a home for marine birds and sea lions – and are an amazing part of the Cabo experience.

The incredible spectacle of El Arco is complemented perfectly by clear turquoise waters. Glass bottom boat tours show you the world beneath the surface; kayaking and sailing are also popular. The best way to enjoy the water, however, is to jump right in. The warm waters make for world-class snorkelling and diving. Water-taxis will take you to the beautiful Lovers Beach and Pelican Beach, while Divorce Beach, with its strong surf and currents is for sightseeing from the boat only.

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Morocco Carp & Hotel Bin el Ouidane – Pioneer fishing

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Lake Bin el Ouidane, set high within the dramatic and spectacular Moroccan Atlas mountains in an area of rich natural beauty and stunning scenery, has to be one of the most unique and exciting settings for a Carp angler to fish anywhere, worldwide! At nearly 4000 hectares, Bin el Ouidane is one of the largest lakes in Morocco.

With snow capped mountains, lush green valleys, traditional mud thatched Berber villages and remote pinnacles, the lake offers a wonderful escape from the busy, crowded Carp scene of Europe. To be present on such a lake is simply breathtaking and an experience that will remain with you forever.

The landscape varies from season to season on Bin El Ouidane, winter drops meters of snow on the mountain tops, that leads to gushing river valleys in the spring; summer brings a glorious sun, while the autumnal sunlight brings the browns and deep rich clay reds of the surrounding lake to life!

In the 1950’s a valley within this region of Atlas mountain was flooded. The River El-AbID was dammed, and the lake was born. This created a hydro-electric reservoir, supplying power to the nearby city of Marrakech.

The lakes immense topography of old river beds, deep waters and massive shallow bays, islands and miles of warm crystal clear water, make Bin El Ouidane such a fascinating place. The sheer size allows the carp angler to have that sense of adventure in a wild setting…. True pioneer carping in peace and tranquility.