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Each episode, Weekend Getaways show shares great ideas for an easy weekend getaway for everyone. A short road trip or fun vacation ideas. We do the research so you don’t have to. Featuring great off the beaten path locations, boutique hotel and vacation rentals. Activities that will create memories for years to come and places to eat, to share a great meal or unwind after a great day.

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Weekend Getaways Show

Backpacking Europe Intro

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Welcome to our Backpacking Europe series! The two of us backpacked through nine different countries from the beginning of July to mid-August 2018 in Central and Eastern Europe. During that time, we had quite the variety of experiences. We swam in clear blue waters, ate exotic and delicious food, climbed mountains, drove rental cars (and even wrecked one), admired numerous castles, gawked at stunning vistas, and even learned a few historical lessons. It wasn’t all rainbows and sunsets; there were a plethora of bumps along the way. However, it was one of the most rewarding trips of our lives. Thank you for tagging along and watching Words with Winos take on Eastern Europe!


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Sunset Safari Christmas Intro 2018 | Roblox Bloxburg

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Hey There! My name is Sunset Safari but you may call me Sun,Sunset or Safari. Welcome to my channel. I hope that you enjoyed the video. If you are a returning Safarians Thank you for support. If you are new to the family Welcome to Safarian Nation, Sunset Squad if you hit that subscribe button you are now legally a Safarian.


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Q) What do you use to record with?
A) Bandicam

Q) How did you make your intro?
A) Intro was inspired by Msp Youtubers

Q) Will you do a FaceReveal?
A) Most Likely Not.

Q) Can we Collab?
A) If you want to collab you must request and wait to see if your accepted or not contact on any social media platform except youtube.

Q) Can you friend me?
A) No sorry, its like every youtuber always says . “Roblox only allows you to add 200 people” It’s just not fair. However you guys can follow me.

Q) Can I have a subscriber Tour?
A) Off Course! Send me pics of your home on twitter in DM and we can make arrangements!

Q) Can you Donate me some money?
A) Sorry, I can’t with all the projects I have planned its just to much. However, giveaways will be coming soon!

Q) Can we role-play together?
A) No sorry, if i role-play with certain people others will feel left out and i don’t want that to happen.

Q) Why can’t i join your game?
A) When you cant join my game its because i turned my join off to film an important video. My join will be turned back on once I’m done.

Q) How can i be in one of your videos?
A) There is not an exact answer for this question. When I’m in game i am not always filming. I guess just be lucky!

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Intro To Backpacking Food (Basics for Beginners)

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Choosing the right backpacking food to bring on a trip is one of the most important decisions to make. Backpacking takes a lot of energy, and you’ll need plenty of calories and nutrients to stay fueled out there. On top of that, a good meal can sometimes be a much needed morale boost after a challenging day on the trail.

In this video, we go through what we think are some of the best backpacking food options to give you an enjoyable, worry-free experience when you’re backpacking. These foods will give you the energy you need with the least weight burden in the pack, while also being tasty and enjoyable.


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▪ Breakfast Skillet →
▪ Biscuits And Gravy →
▪ Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo →
▪ Shepherd’s Meat Pie →
▪ Hot Apple Cider →


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