How to pack a backpack? Packing list (Part 1)

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You want to know how to pack a backpack for 1 year of traveling or even longer. We travelled all around Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia for 9 months. This is what we packed.

-max. 3 t-shirts and 3 tank tops and 1 nice shirt for nights out
-1 sweater/ hoodie
-1 pair of long pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of sweatpants and swimwear
-1 rainjacket and a poncho
-hiking boots, sneakers and flip flops
-5 pairs of socks and 1 pair of hiking socks (really important)
-7 boxershorts/hot pants
-sunglasses and glasses

For women we also recommend:

-1 skirt
-1- 2 sports bra (so comfortable and you feel better when sweating A
LOT. Very cheap in Southeast Asia)
-comfortable scarf

-sleeping bag
-2 travel towels
-headlight (really important, if you want to have a pee in the jungle)
-money bag (to hide your money and credit cards under your shirt)
-rain protection for your backpack and small bag (good protection against rain, dirt or thieves)
-laundry detergent
-toilet paper
-dry bag
-travel pillow
-cloth bag (very handy and small in your backpack and even washable)

-a camera (Fuji X100) and a GoPro
-SD Cards (my advice take as many as you can – maybe between 5 and …. 100)
-a bag for all your chargers
-a power bank/power station
-iPod, MP3 player etc.
-mobile loudspeaker
-plug adapter and multiple plug for charging several gadgets at the same time
-a smartphone

Useful stuff:
-1 or 2 pad locks
-duct tape (useful for taping some holes in your tent or bungalow, so you are save from insects walking in your mouth)
-clothes line
-sewing kit (useful for fixing your clothes or holes in your mosquito net)
-pocket knife (if you want to open a can or a mango)
-paper and pen
-mosquito coils
-travel board games

-first aid kit
-a bag for all your pills
-pain killers
-pills for sea sickness
-medicine against diarrhoea
-medicine against nausea
-medicine against stomach ache
-electrolytes (really important if you get diarrhoea)
-clinical thermometer
-malaria pills (we didn’t take any malaria pills in advance as many -people recommend to take them when you actually get sick)
-insect repellent
-contraceptive (pill, condoms etc. – sell-by date is important if you travel for a long period)


I hope this video helped you to find the answers you need! If you have any question just post a comment.

Packing 101: Bucket List Packing Tips

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Preparing to go on an adventure somewhere exotic and new? With some smart planning, you’ll be prepared to enjoy your bucket list trip and return with luggage full of interesting souvenirs and beautiful pictures. Watch this trunk-packing video to start planning, then explore more of our packing tips:

List of 10 Best Mexico Vacation Spots

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Get Best vacation spots in Mexico Ideas by watching our video. Cancun and Los Cabos are best places to visit in Mexico.

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Playa del Carmen by David Gordillo
Copper Canyon by Chiva Congelado
Puerto Vallarta by Lucy Nieto
Mexico City by Alex Torres
Oaxaca by Solo se puede ser libre Cuándo no se tiene nada que perder
Los Cabos by David McSpadden
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JESSICA’S BIRTHDAY Surprise Sailboat :

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For Jessica’s birthday we had an extra special day out on the water on a boat with Trilogy. It was extra special because we saw breaching humpback whales and Dorothy said knew that the dolphins would come too! The boat was beautiful, the staff incredibly friendly and knowledgable and the food was amazing! If you’re in Hawaii, check them out!

This year, we sort of our-did ourselves for Christmas. We planned The Bucket List 12 of Christmas. We are so grateful for the gift of family travel and were so excited to share some of our very favorite places with you!

We first teamed up with our new friends Us the Duo to help announce each of the 12 days. Be sure to check them out, they are incredibly talented!

1st Day of Christmas : An African Safari

2nd Day of Christmas : A Private Island in Belize
Ray Caye –

3rd Day of Christmas : A ski getaway in Utah
Solitude Mountain Resort –

4th Day of Christmas : A Family Trip in Portugal
Martinhal –

5th Day of Christmas : A Stay in London
London Perfect –

6th Day of Christmas : Flights to Europe
Norwegian –

7th Day of Christmas : An Escape to the Maldives
Soneva –

8th Day of Christmas : An Irish Getaway
The Merrion Hotel –
Ashford Castle –

9th Day of Christmas : A trip to Southern California
Erin Air –
Montage Laguna Beach –

10th Day of Christmas : A Couples Trip to Tahiti
Tahitian Vacations –

11th Day of Christmas : A Stay in Paris
Paris Perfect –

12th Day of Christmas : An All-Inclusive Trip to Fiji
Fiji Vacations –

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.

Happy Travels,

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Ultimate Guide to Backpacking(Trekking) with Photography Gear ( Equipment List Included )

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Learn Everything You’ll Need & Get Started Today. I’ve also included a gear list and packing guide in the free tutorial linked below.

As a full time landscape photographer most of my year is spent living out of a backpack. From hiking into remote locations to traveling internationally ( with just 1 backpack ) I need a travel setup that is extremely versatile and efficient. After years of experimenting with different combinations I’ve found what works best ( at least for me ) and I’m here to share it with you.

Learn Everything You’ll Need & Get Started Today. I’ve also included a gear list and packing guide in the free tutorial linked below.


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Trouts Fly Fishing: Yeti Holiday Bucket List

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We sat down with Trouts Denver Regional Manager Matt Todd to get his takes on what he’d like to see his stocking stuffed with. Matt said – “Discard that Stocking…I want a Yeti Bucket.” Who are we to question Matt, so without further adieu, here is Matt Todd’s Yeti Bucket List for the Holidays!

Products featured in Matt’s YETI Bucket List

Simms Fall Run Jacket (
UMPQUA LT & HD Fly Boxes ( &
Orvis Nippers (
Redington TOPO Outfit
Home Team/Troncos Hat (

Camping Food List for Nomads: Our Top Travel Food Ideas (S2.E202)

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Deciding which foods to carry can be a daunting task for new nomads, travelers, and snowbirds. This is even more challenging if you do not have reliable refrigeration. Storage space is usually limited, and preparation tends to be more complicated than in a house as well.

In this video we share our camping food list for nomads. These are our top travel food ideas for RVers van dwellers, and other vehicle nomads.

What do you keep in your vehicle pantry while traveling? What are the essentials on your camping food list? Share your top travel food ideas in the comments!

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– Talking Guitar – Johan Hynynen
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Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

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A video about the contents of my Ultralight Backpack. I show you what I carry in the pack and on my person. This is my 3 season kit. It does change with the weather and when it’s cold I will pack an upper and lower base layer. This is my minimum pack. I want to give credit to John at IntenseAngler Outdoors ( )
He has great instructions on the alcohol stove, and lots of other ultralight stuff.
Hope you enjoy. Here’s some links to other video’s I mention:

Mountainsmith Daylight Review
SOL Escape Bivvy Review

Thanks For Watching! Don’t forget to check out IntenseAngler!

Ultralight Backpacking Tips & Gear List

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Most videos you see show base weight and I wanted to show a complete load out of what I actually have when I hit the trail. Don’t sacrifice weight for comfort and upgrade as you are able. Hope you enjoy the video showing my ultralight backpacking gear list.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Pack:

MSR Mesh House 2:
MSR Wing 70:
Black Diamond Hot Forge:
Therm-A-Rest Antares:
Therm-A-Rest Neo-Air:
Sea To Summit Dry Bags:
MSR Pocket Rocket 2:
Olight H1R:
Evernew Cookset:
Pack Towel:
Dude Wipes:
Adventure Medical Kit:
Sea To Summit Spoon:
Darn Tough Socks:
GoPro Hero 5:
Swiss Army Farmer:

Living Survival:
Second Channel:

#survival #prepping #selfreliance

Backpacking Gear Essentials | My Packing List

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My current gear list for a typical backpacking trip. It does not include what I bring for clothes and food, and the list sometimes changes depending on the situation. This is the gear I love and what works for me, other people may have different preferences. If you have any questions, comment below and I will try to help the best I can! 🙂

Backpack – Gregory Jade 60
Tent – Nemo Hornet 2p
Sleeping Pad #1 – REI Airrail 1.5
Sleeping Pad #2 – Thermarest Neoair Xtherm
Sleeping Bag #1 – Western Mountaineering Vestalite
Sleeping Bag #2 – REI Flash 34
Pillow –
Stove/Fuel/Lighter – Jetboil Flash
Water Filter – Sawyer Mini Squeeze
Headlamp – Petzl Tikka
Sun Protection (Sunscreen, Chapstick, Sunglasses)
Duct Tape
Phone, Battery & Cord
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, trowel, toilet paper)

IG: @amyelizabethroutt

My Fall Winter lightweight backpacking gear list

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As I head out for a trip to the Smokies I thought I’d show my lightweight backpacking gear list. It’s not ultralight mostly because of clothes but it definitely is a good load out to hopefully give you an idea of what I bring. Missing in the video are the plastic bags (for my feet) and the Garmin GPS I bring.

22.7 pounds total (including food, water and youtube gear). 13.3 pounds base weight.

Gear mentioned:
N-ferno balaclava:
Sawyer micro squeeze:
Seat pad:

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Fun-filled Saturday! Started off picking up our Christmas tree from Tai Pan, picking out Christmas gifts for Mom’s nail clients, getting interviewed on a podcast about Thanksgiving and family traditions, then finishing things off with an exclusive early access screening of Netflix new holiday show The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell as Santa Claus plus a fun early Christmas gift from Netflix to make the movie viewing a little more festive.

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Holiday Competition FINAL LIST TOP 10

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Fenix Consulting Group is hosting the 5th Annual Holiday Celebration in Newport Beach, CA! Year after year our organization has been growing, so we put together a friendly competition! Here is a list of our top 10 representatives who will be spending two nights in a Luxury Beach House with a day of brunch, yoga, and in house massages.