ClayTrader Mail: Logic Slipping Away.

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ClayTrader Mail: Logic Slipping Away.

Having sound logic can take you far. It will contribute a whole lot to common sense and when it comes to progressing forward in life (and trading of course), sound logic and common sense are dynamics you want in your favor. When logic begins to slip away, as you’ll see is possible, things are setting themselves up to be much more challenging and less efficient.

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The ultimate backpacking gear mail call (III)

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Continuing the mail call series! Here’s what I was sent recently. Everything in this video was sent to me by the manufacturers.

Gear mentioned:
Anortrek hammock:
CNOC Vecto water bag:

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We decided to take a special trip and we wanted to surprise the kids with a fabulous family vacation so we decided the best way to get them there was to mail them in boxes. We were super excited for this family trip that kids, teens and the entire family would enjoy! While mom and dad made it safely to the surprise location the kids got lost in the mail! Where did they go? Will they be ok? Find out in this super funny, comedy SKIT video
that is a prank and will be sure to make you laugh. Where else should we ship the kids in the mail to?

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Adam Rayner visits Three Ponds Holiday Park, South Heighton, East Sussex. ( Tel: 01273 513530 SAT NAV. BN9 0TP) for the Angler’s Mail Where To Fish series.

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HOLIDAY FISHING 1 with Carl & Alex, Angler’s Mail juniors

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Carl and Alex, who have a weekly tip in Angler’s Mail magazine, are off on holiday to Cornwall. Here, their first holiday blog, shows how they got on, with more top tips. Watch out for more videos here, on ANGLERSMAILTV.

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