Jamaica – man! Vacation idea for the fun, wild, and free… like me!

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Join me on vacation!

Jamaica Hedonism Resort
April 6-9, 2019
Book thru www.thenaughtytraveler.com
At checkout use promo code “Annabellpeaks” for $500 of a nude room! Check out all the fun extras you can do with me!

I’ll be shooting there all week, and basking in the hot sun on the beach! Join me and let’s make this one and only chance to share vacation time with me!

That’s it, check the website for the rest of the details!

Using Device In Backpack, Man Survived 555 Days Without Human Heart

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Each year, thousands die while waiting for needed donated organs, but a man in Michigan was able to survive the stretch by using a total artificial heart.

Each year, thousands die while waiting for needed donated organs, but a man in Michigan was able to survive the stretch by using an external mechanical heart. 

Stan Larkin was born with familial cardiomyopathy, and the condition rendered his own vital organ inoperable about a year and a half ago. 

In December of 2014, doctors at the University of Michigan outfitted him with an artificial heart and a SynCardia Freedom Portable Driver. 

The roughly 13-pound device, which Larkin carried around in a backpack, took over the blood pumping duties until a transplant was an option. 

Last month, Larkin, who is now 25, finally got the donated heart he’d been waiting for. 

He recently said at a press conference, “It was an emotional rollercoaster… I want to thank the donor who gave themselves for me. I’d like to meet their family one day.”

catching trout and redfish; catch cook to help a homeless man

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Piscifun Carbon X 2.0

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Helping others can be gratifying. I encourage everyone to lead by example and help your fellow neighbor.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I love ya’ll.

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Traveling Man / Packing / Backpacking / World Travel

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At the heart of travel is packing. Personally I’m a backpacker and I love backpacking around the world. My reason is I don’t thpically take short trips. I take long wandering extended vacations. I get lost and don’t always want to be found. That means no luggage with wheels and a pillow for my neck. That means pack for the inevitable, and hope for the best. While traveling I try to pack my essentials and leave the rest behind. My comfort items are usually electronics. Usually under 30 lbs of gear keeps me able to move long distances and makes my gear easy to fit on an airplane without extra cost as well as keeps me going for months. I also tend to pack several times to ensure I’m not packing the wrong things or things I just don’t need.

Soul Man

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Mark Watson (C. Thomas Howell) has been accepted to Harvard Law School, but his dreams are dashed when his parents withdraw financial support. In desperation, Mark chemically darkens his skin and wins a full scholarship intended for black students. What results is a series of comic misadventures including romantic entanglements that explode stereotypes. Suddenly, in a bout with his conscience, he learns that his clever trick denied a far more deserving student a scholarship. On his day of reckoning, Mark makes restitution and leaves everyone in the school a little changed by the experience. James Earl Jones, Rae Dawn Chong, Leslie Nielsen and Julia Louis-Dreyfus co-star in this outrageous comedy.

Man Rages After Credit Card Declines for 75 Cents ft. DavidSoComedy

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A man causes $700 in damages after his credit card declines for 75 cents.

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A Few Rules For any Man who Vacation’s in Pattaya, Thailand

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#JeremyClodfelter #Thailand #Pattaya
This video contains a few rules for any man who vacation’s in Pattaya, Thailand. These are a few rules, or suggestions I have put together for anyone, especially men, who plan to take a vacation to Pattaya, Thailand. If you follow these simple rules, I can guarantee they will minimize your problems.

Never tell anyone how much money you make

Forget the three-date rule

Never take someone you don’t know to you place of residence

Use the electronic safe in the room. It is there for a reason!

Pattay’s ecosystem is made to take your money. Know that going into your vacation, and you will have already won a small victory.

Making travel vlogs like this are why I love being an expat in Thailand.

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The Man Tour – Travel with us to Thailand and live like a King 6

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Exotic Thai Vacations is your portal to the ultimate holiday. Through our exclusive partnership with The Man Tour, we guarantee a 5% discount on your next tour booking. Visit our site for more info …

The Man Tour caters to men (and now couples) who are seeking

You will have it all when you vacation with us!

Picture this…we take you to a place where,
Having 2 or 3 girls at once is normal!
It is common for girls to be “BI”!
There is never a last call at the bars we go to!
You will meet women from 18, 19, 20’s & 30’s

Real footage shot in Thailand of one of our premier tours. Watch these guys experience Thai women and culture and celebrate like men.