“Abrir um Surf Camp” com o David Moore // O Programa do Francisco Baptista #20

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Conheci o David em Janeiro de 2014. Eu estava à procura de uma escola de surf e acabei por ser um dos primeiros 3 alunos dele. Volvidos 4 anos, além da escola, o David tem um surf camp (com clientes e funcionários maioritariamente estrangeiros) e uma loja em Cascais. Já não dá aulas e “apenas” gere todo o negócio e os vários professores que trabalham para ele. Falamos sobre como tudo aconteceu, o boom do surf em Portugal, o foco em clientes estrangeiros, como chegar até eles, o branding do surf e muito mais! É O Programa do Francisco Baptista #20 com o David Moore da Surf Cascais.

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Green River Chum Salmon Fishing With Special Guest Ryan Moore

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Took my one of followers now turned friend Ryan Moore to fish the Green River for his first time and also ran into a bunch of my other fishy friends and followers down there, but I tell you this, hanging out with a bunch of friends on the river is way better than catching fish that’s for sure.
I had an amazing day today with my fishy friend Ryan Moore at the Green River. The morning started off super cold and below freezing which made our guides keep on iceing and freezing up. The bite was on and off all day long but we still got lots of fish on the bank. We started off using a bobber and jig tipped off with a little bit of shrimp cure b y Pro-Cure Bait Scents and got a decent amount of fish on that in the morning then later on in the morning we switched over to 3/8oz twitching jigs that were Black, pink and purple and Ryan managed get in a nice Firetruck Coho. Then we went back over to bobber and jigs and slayed over 15+ fish until we left. There was lots of people everywhere catching fish left, right, up, down, and in every direction. While fishing with Ryan i found many of my other fishy friends slaying the Chum as well! It was like a chum party. I even caught one of my personal best chum with in probably weighing a little under 20lbs. Fishing will still be amazing through the holidays. The fish were so thick at times we couldn’t help but foul hook it but it was released back safely into the water with a special thanks to Angler Innovations Maruto semi barbless hooks. I never worry about forgetting to pinch my Barb again. The hook has a slight advantage with ridges that cause friction between the hook and fish plus it’s super sharp for more hook ups. I only kept two for the smoker and the eggs for Steelhead season coming head.

adult only vacations

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we plan trips to legalized prostitution countries