LEGO The Incredibles – All DLC Characters (Parr Family Vacation Pack)

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A look at all DLC characters in LEGO The Incredibles (PS4) This shows all members of the Parr family in their vacation attire.

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Vacation Packing Tips + HACKS | HOW TO ONLY PACK A CARRY ON! | Danielle Mansutti

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Hey loves! Today we have a pack with me style video, showing you my packing tips for vacation and showing you how I pack a carry on only! I’ll show you all my travel essentials as well as all my hacks and tricks to squeeze it all into a small suitcase 🙂
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What To Pack For TWO WEEKS In A Carry On | How I Pack | Aja Dang

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I’m Aja Dang and today I’ll be giving you a few packing tips for your suitcase with how I pack a carry on – how to pack for two weeks in a carryon. Enjoy $20 OFF a suitcase by visiting use Promo Code: aja20 during checkout! Summer travel is here so learn how to fit two weeks of summer outfits and bathing suits into your carryon with these easy packing/travel tips.


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WIN Coyote’s Adventure Pack!

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Travel Bag Packing Ideas/ How to pack for a winter trip

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Hello Friends,
Getting ready for a holiday trip? Then my travel tips are here for you. No more over packing, it’s time to get organized.

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How to pack a backpack? Packing list (Part 1)

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You want to know how to pack a backpack for 1 year of traveling or even longer. We travelled all around Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia for 9 months. This is what we packed.

-max. 3 t-shirts and 3 tank tops and 1 nice shirt for nights out
-1 sweater/ hoodie
-1 pair of long pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of sweatpants and swimwear
-1 rainjacket and a poncho
-hiking boots, sneakers and flip flops
-5 pairs of socks and 1 pair of hiking socks (really important)
-7 boxershorts/hot pants
-sunglasses and glasses

For women we also recommend:

-1 skirt
-1- 2 sports bra (so comfortable and you feel better when sweating A
LOT. Very cheap in Southeast Asia)
-comfortable scarf

-sleeping bag
-2 travel towels
-headlight (really important, if you want to have a pee in the jungle)
-money bag (to hide your money and credit cards under your shirt)
-rain protection for your backpack and small bag (good protection against rain, dirt or thieves)
-laundry detergent
-toilet paper
-dry bag
-travel pillow
-cloth bag (very handy and small in your backpack and even washable)

-a camera (Fuji X100) and a GoPro
-SD Cards (my advice take as many as you can – maybe between 5 and …. 100)
-a bag for all your chargers
-a power bank/power station
-iPod, MP3 player etc.
-mobile loudspeaker
-plug adapter and multiple plug for charging several gadgets at the same time
-a smartphone

Useful stuff:
-1 or 2 pad locks
-duct tape (useful for taping some holes in your tent or bungalow, so you are save from insects walking in your mouth)
-clothes line
-sewing kit (useful for fixing your clothes or holes in your mosquito net)
-pocket knife (if you want to open a can or a mango)
-paper and pen
-mosquito coils
-travel board games

-first aid kit
-a bag for all your pills
-pain killers
-pills for sea sickness
-medicine against diarrhoea
-medicine against nausea
-medicine against stomach ache
-electrolytes (really important if you get diarrhoea)
-clinical thermometer
-malaria pills (we didn’t take any malaria pills in advance as many -people recommend to take them when you actually get sick)
-insect repellent
-contraceptive (pill, condoms etc. – sell-by date is important if you travel for a long period)


I hope this video helped you to find the answers you need! If you have any question just post a comment.

ExoticMTG – Alpha Booster Pack Opening for a Patron! Unlimited Savannah GIVEAWAY!

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Flight Beach on Summer – (holidays) Stock Footage | Mega Pack +40 items

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How to Pack a Backpack

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This video will give some tips and ideas for how to pack and organize your gear for a multiday backpacking trip.

My Appalachian Trail Gear Guide:

In this video, I discuss how to pack a backpack for a multiday backpacking trip.

There are three basic rules for packing your backpack:

1. Pack heavier items near the bottom of the pack. This will keep the center of gravity low and keep your backpack from shifting as you hike. This is the most comfortable and safest way to pack your backpack.

2. Pack items that you will use frequently throughout the day in an easily accessible area of your pack. This will prevent you from having to dig through your gear looking for something that you use often.

3. Use dry bags to help organize your equipment inside your pack.

First, I stuff my tent and rain fly into a compression sack. Then, I stuff my sleeping bag into another compression sack. I used the largest of the three dry bags to pack my clothes. In the middle dry bag, I packed everything that I would use for cooking. In the smallest dry bag, I packed my medical kit, phone, and all my electronics.

Before packing the bag, I lined the inside with a heavy duty trash bag to prevent anything inside from getting wet. Then, starting with the heaviest and least frequently used items I packed the main compartment of the backpack in this order: Tent and ground cloth, sleeping bag, food, cooking equipment, rain jacket, and finally my food bag. I placed the tent poles inside the main compartment of the pack and centered them against the outside of the backpack.

In the top pocket of the backpack, I packed: the blue dry bag (containing my medical kit, phone, and electronics), my headlamp, and collapsible water bottle.

In the large front pocket of the backpack, I packed: A pack cover, a plastic bag containing a pen, notebook, and guidebook, and another plastic bag with some toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

How to Pack a Backpack – Traditional vs Lightweight

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Packing a backpack: Traditional pack vs lightweight pack. We cover the basics of how to pack a backpack for maximum comfort and balance while hiking.

If you have your own tips on how to pack, or want to share the way you do your own backpack, please leave a comment. We look forward to seeing everyone’s techniques.

WHAT TO PACK FOR A BEACH HOLIDAY | Vlogmas Day 18 | Nelly Mwangi

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Going to the beach for the xmas break? then here are a few key items I would advice you to carry.

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How to pack your backpack?

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There’s just one rule you follow while packing your bag. The ABCD Rule. A – Accessibility, B – Balance, C – Compactness and D – Done the above. It’s as simple as that. Swathi tells you in what order you can put your stuff in your backpack.

As for what all you need to take on the trek, you can take a look at this video –

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Pack Up and Go With These 15 Travel Hacks and More DIY Ideas by Crafty Panda

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Summer is the best time for travelling! Getting ready for a holiday trip? Discover how to pack your luggage quickly, save space and fit more clothes in your suitcase and learn how to pack your food for a long journey. Plus other clothes folding tips and DIY travelling hacks! Bon voyage!

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