A Southern African Adventure – Travelogue PART 4 – Zimbabwe – Ruckomechi

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A Southern African Adventure – Travelogue PART 4 – ZIMBABWE – Ruckomechi
A Southern Africa Adventure! – A travelogue of a safari in Southern Africa, of which the Hwange, Lake Kariba and Mana Pools at the famed Ruckomechi Camp!

This last part of our series features Ruckomechi, A pachyderm rest stop! The rich elephant experience here is unparalleled… It’s a long piece for a reason…My love affair with eles, Louis’ healing…just the grandeur , the spendor of one of the most special places on earth!

Join Louis van Tonder ( www.AfricanSafaris.Travel) and Terri New (AfricanSafari.Vacations) on the adventure of a lifetime!

Louis has 30 years of experience in the safari business and has sent thousands on the vacation of a lifetime.

Produced by Terri New & Louis van Tonder

Videographer/Editor/Script – Terri New
Music Composition – Terri New
Elephant Ballet – In Another’s Shoes – My Best Friend – In The Heavens – The Timpani of My Heart- oUR hoUSE (Terri New & Danielle Adams)

Music Licensing Catooh

FOR THE SAFARI OF A LIFETIME – 30 Years of Life Changing Experiences!

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Family Travel Southern California Road Trip Ideas

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Join my son and I on a 7-day road trip as we checkout some family friendly adventure travel activities. We make stops in Hollywood, Pasadena, Huntington Beach, Dana Point Harbor and San Diego.

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Short Rib Tacos from La Grande Orange Café is just one of our favourite foodie picks in Old Pasadena. Discover more great spots shared here:

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Surfing, segway, and eating seafood fill our day trip in Huntington Beach. Read more here:

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Maldives Surf Boat Trip – Outer Southern Atolls 2011 video

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An amazing surfing boat trip to the outer southern atolls in the Maldives in early April 2011.

A remote place with plenty of marine life and good waves. We observed dolphins, turtles and sharks, all wonders of the marine life in the Maldives.

The conditions weren’t perfect and the surf was a bit small because it was early in the season, either way its always fun to surf in the Maldives.

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Southern Sumatra – Bodyboard-Holidays

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Back in 2002 we first visited the southern end of one of planet earths biggest islands – Sumatra.

The bodyboarding waves there were heavenly and the lifestyle was simple. It had all the ingredients of an incredible bodyboarding holidays location.

Fast forward to 2013 and we asked our lead bodyboard guide to start visiting the location again to complete reconnaissance missions.

4 years of trips and the feedback was amazing. We’ve located waves to suit all abilities and we’ve nailed down the logistics to make it all work seamlessly.

All we ask is that you arrange your flights to and from Jakarta and we will look after the rest of the details.

You will be guided to some of the most untouched, perfect waves in this tropical outpost and will stay in accommodation that is just a stones throw from a long, fun lefthander.

Whether it is awesome, fun beach breaks or the worlds most hollow reefbreaks, this stretch of coast holds some of the most awe inspiring waves that you’ll ever see.

Join us for the trip of a lifetime.

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Soulmate Haunted House Maze Walk Through Queen Mary Dark Harbor New for 2014

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A complete POV walk-through of the Soulmate haunted house at Queen Mary Dark Harbor Halloween Event in Southern California!

In Soulmate, the story of Gale unravels as her true spirit is revealed. Gale is not as graceful as she appears, she is haunting The Queen Mary in order to lure suitors into her possession. Once she captures the hearts of these men, she will have her adoring minions cut them up and reassemble them, trying to create for Gale the “perfect man.”

Filmed by David Wagner

Holiday Inn Club Vacations South Beach Resort – Myrtle Beach, SC

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Set across the street from a pristine white-sand stretch of Myrtle Beach and its own exclusive oceanfront beach club, Holiday Inn Club Vacations South Beach Resort offers both peaceful solitude and family fun in one of the top vacation destinations in the country. You’ll find deep relaxation an inviting poolside setting just steps from your luxurious villa. Plus, you’re just minutes away from beautiful championship golf courses and a waterfront that teems with sensational restaurants, shopping, attractions and entertainment.

A Southern Africa Adventure – Travelogue PART 1 – SOUTH AFRICA – The Fairest Cape

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A Southern Africa Adventure!
A travelogue of a safari in Southern Africa, of which the itinerary included a stay in Cape Town, followed by a safari in Zimbabwe, including Victoria Falls, Hwange, Lake Kariba and Mana Pools.
Join Louis van Tonder ( www.AfricanSafaris.Travel) and Terri New (AfricanSafari.Vacations) on the adventure of a lifetime!
Louis has 30 years of experience in the safari business and has sent thousands on the vacation of a lifetime. Producer/Videographer, Terri New decided “”After this particular trip I decided I wanted to put together more of these kind of trips for families – whether it’s father and grown daughter or people with kids or for elderly folks who prefer and appreciate an escorted trip – That is why want to focus more on companies that are elder and kid friendly, which also focus on the experiential aspect and have a great vibe!

FOR THE SAFARI OF A LIFETIME – 30 Years of Life Changing Experiences!
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Southern Africa (South-Africa/Namibia/Botswana) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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South Africa is not only impressive due to its size but also due to its amazing variety of fascinating scenery. Its paradise-like flora and fauna plus its historic and famous landmarks are totally captivating. Johannesburg is a modern metropolis and with around a million and a half inhabitants is the capital of Gauteng Province and the largest city in South Africa. It was founded in 1886 when gold was first discovered at Witwater Beach. Although European influence is obvious in South Africa the first inhabitants of this fascinating country were of course the various indigenous people of Africa and the village of Lesedi around twenty five kilometres south of Johannesburg provides many insights into ancient Africa’s traditions and dances. Lesedi contains four tiny villages that are inhabited by Zulus, Xhosas and members of the smaller Pedi and Basotho tribes. Close to Pilgrim’s Rest is one of the most beautiful landscapes in South Africa, Blyde River Canyon, a spectacular twenty six kilometre long and eight hundred metre deep canyon where erosion caused by the confluence of the Treu and Blyde rivers has created a number of amazing rock formations. With its many craters Moon Valley is evocative of the lunar landscape. This unusual area was formed during a wet period around four hundred and sixty million years ago by the Swakop River that is one of the longest and widest rivers in Namibia. The region became famous due to a miraculous plant, the Welwitschia Mirabilis, a living fossil that was first discovered in the middle of the nineteenth century and can survive for up to six hundred years. The Etosha National Park in the north of Namibia is one of the largest nature reserves in the world. In the dry winter months hundreds of thousands of animals gather and make this park into Africa’s most populated wildlife area. Man must continue to be fully aware of his responsibility to nature and nowhere more so than in Southern Africa that is one of the last natural paradises on Earth.

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Safari holidays Botswana

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Welcome to Botswana. What you will encounter is a comprehensive and insightful journey through Botswana’s most memorable attractions; a country brimming with prolific wildlife and lush landscapes. Botswana is a gem in the crown jewel of Africa’s safari circuit. Curate your experience and allow us to do the rest for you.