My twin was attacked by a shark?!

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My twin was attacked by a shark?!

C3 (56inch Twin Fin Boogie Surf) POV | September 3rd | 2018 (RAW)

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Got my hands on the newish Custom X C3 56 inch twin fin board. Definately a quick little board that will be great for shorebreak in the near future. The fins are super flex so you’ll slide out a bit on the choppy turns definately makes for an interesting and fun session.

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Twin Telepathy Slime Challenge with Milkshake! Ryan’s Mommy Vs. Ryan’s Daddy

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Twin Telepathy Slime Challenge with Milkshake and cake! Ryan’s Mommy Vs. Ryan’s Daddy! Each pick three slime ingredients, who do you think makes the best slime???

We BURIED our Puppy!! BEACH VACATION with Twin Family Fun!

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Last vacation of the year! We played on the beach and had a TON of fun!! Our Newfoundland puppy actually let us bury her in the sand! EZ’s boys joined us for all the fun!

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WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK (End-of-School Challenge) 2017 | Kamri Noel

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So, everyone loves my twin sisters’ (BrooklynAndBailey) tradition of doing a WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK “End-of-School” un-Haul, that my friend Bella and I decided to film my own! Tomorrow is my last day of school, and I can’t wait to get rid of most of this stuff! I am not kidding… my backpack weighs about 60lbs! What disgusting things will I find?

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How many of you can relate to a backpack bag full of text books and binders (stuffed full of notes and papers), past projects, trashed notebooks, pencils with no erasers, gum wrappers, makeup, loose change and dollar bills, maybe a spare sock or two, etc?

Not only do we unpack our backpacks, but we also go through our soccer bags! GROSS! This isn’t a true reality vs expectation video, but it is a full-on REALITY video!

Today you’ll get to see Bella and I react to WHAT we find in our backpacks and soccer bags! Some items may surprise you, just as much as they did us! You’ll laugh, be grossed out, and be shouting at the computer screen, “Same, Kamri… same!” Everyone can relate to this… friends, siblings, girls, boys, teens, moms, dads, and even teachers!

Hey, its almost summer vacation, right? Time to trash those school backpacks!

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WATERFALL JUMPING KIDS! Epic Hiking Adventure @ Twin Falls Hawaii (FUNnel Vision Trip – Maui Part 6)

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We did so much in this HIKE it was hard to split it up into different videos but we hope you enjoy our epic TWIN FALLS Hike (on the road to HANA). This takes place directly after the end of our part 5 video in Hawaii (COCONUT WATER TASTES LIKE PEE). Thumbs up for family vlogs!
We’ll have two more vids of our Hawaii Trip, next up Snorkeling with fish! 🙂

Video Summary: we cross some creeks, lots of feet and shoes get wet, we jump off of one waterfall and trek to another, Mom & Chase are in danger, the trail gets a bit Jurassic, we find indigenous fruit after rock poop plops, the frog killer gets recognized and so much more we hope you enjoy it all. Sorry we couldn’t make it shorter, we had too much fun to share! 🙂

Where this vid was recorded: Twin Falls Maui, Hawaii | Wailele Farm in the Ho’olawa Valley

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Mike Gets Stuck in Hawaii! Shark Fears & Chilling w/ Fans (FUNnel Vision Trip – Maui Part 2) #TheCar

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♫ I LAVA YOU ♫ Kids Scuba Diving & Kayaking Near Hawaii Volcano (FUNnel Vision Trip – Maui Part 3)

➲Part 4
BRAIN FREEZE CHALLENGE @ LUAU in HAWAII w/ Fire Show (FUNnel Vision Trip – Maui Part 4)

➲Part 5
COCONUT WATER TASTE LIKE PEE! Kids Reaction + Fruit Ninja Action (FUNnel Vision Trip – Maui Part 5)

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Brooklyn and Bailey in Hawaii | Vacation Ideas

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We were super EXCITED when Disney invited us to spend a week in Hawaii! (We’d been wanting to go to for SO long!) This video is brought to you by Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa!

Our parents have called Hawaii their “sacred” place since we were little. It’s the place they love to go without children to relax and spend quality time together. They always take about the fun outdoor activities they get to do, too. Since they always talk about Hawaii that way, we’ve naturally always wanted to go!

When Disney Aulani reached out to partner with us, our parents decided to book a trip for the whole family over Spring Break! We had so much fun enjoying the resort and also enjoyed an ATV adventure, soaking in the sun, snorkeling, shave ice and much, much more!

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You Won’t Believe WHAT BrooklynAndBailey Saw on thier Safari! | Behind the Braid Ep.27

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For Spring Break this year, we took the four older kids to South Africa, to experience Cape Town and to spend a few days in the African Bush on Safari! Click to see all the animals we saw, LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT TO US!!!

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Out trip first took us to Cape Town where we spent several days touring the city, summiting Table Mountain, visiting a penguin reserve, great white shark diving, and eating amazing food! We take you with us on all these adventures, including swimming with Great White Sharks!!! Would you do it?

We then flew to Johannesburg where we drove for two hours to the What Kruger National Park, a game reserve of 435,000 acres of natural African habitat. We stayed at the Black Rhino Lodge, for three days worth of safari where we saw plenty of elephants, lions, cheetahs, giraffe, zebras, ostrich, impala, foxes, hyenas, wart hogs, monkeys, hippos, rhinos, etc! Only 20 minutes into our first drive, we saw a 12′ black mamba cross the road right in front of us! (The black mamba is Africa’s most poisonous snake!)

While we were there, we carried with us 50 pounds of school supplies that BrooklynAndBailey wanted to donate to a local school there. Come along with us as we drop off the supplies!

Meanwhile, back at home Dax & Paisley (who are still too young to adjust well to the 9 hour time difference) stayed home with a family friend and had a lot of fun with the activities we had planned for them. They had so much fun going to the zoo and seeing the same animals we were seeing, too! Shaun brought home a petrified shark tooth for Daxton and he LOVED it! The twins bought Paisley a toy giraffe.

We have to say, experiencing the safari the way we did was simply breathtaking! We observed all the animals in their natural habitat, and many of them walked right by in front of us! South Africa was even better than we had imagined, IT WAS SO AMAZING! We can’t wait to go back again!

What was your favorite part of our South African Safari vlog? Would you like to go on a safari? Also, please don’t forget to download BrooklynAndBailey’s new song “Dance Like Me” via the link above!

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