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Disney ANIMAL KINGDOM Vlog~ Day 1~ DISNEY VACATION!~Tusker House!!!!!

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This is our first day in the parks. Our first day is at Animal Kingdom. I must say this was the best most fun visit we have ever had and Animal Kingdom. We loved it. We hope you will enjoy. Thank you so much for watching and as always thank you for being part of my channel.

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Aruba Christmas Vacation Vlog

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Hi everyone!

My friends and I decided to go to Aruba (where I was born and raised) for our christmas vacation. We had so much fun in Aruba that I decided to make a little video to show you guys my beautiful island!

These are the places we visited in the video:
Moomba beach
Manchebo beach
Pelican pier
Eagle beach
Palm beach
Palm Island
Boca catalina
The local light houses (‘cas di luz’ only available in december)
The lighthouse
The gold mine
The new small natural pool
The natural pool (conchi)
Guadirikiri cave
The Jolly Pirates

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After years of raising a large family and making many dream family vacations a reality, we’d like to share 5 tips for amazing and affordable family vacations. There are ways to make cheap family vacations happen!

For more details on inexpensive family vacations:

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Big Adventure Fam is Chad and Beth and a large family of six kids. There are five brothers and one sister, she is the baby. We believe in putting family first and our motto is “Every moment matters.” For our weekly adventure vlog, we take weekend trips, in town exploring, hiking and camping adventures, beach days, museums, and lots of fun family travel. Our family fun videos on Thursdays consist of kid videos, challenges, toys, food, holidays, swimming, learning, parenting, teenager life and toddler life. We have a lot of loud and a lot of laughter and love to have fun family adventures!! Big family travels means big adventures!

Big Adventure Fam was was originally called Hutch House.

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JUMPING IN A BLUE HOLE + WATERFALL SAFARI Nickelodeon Hotel Punta Cana Part 3 (Funnel Fam Vlog)

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DUBAI VLOG PART 1 | SAFARI DESERT TRIP (Dune Buggy, Camel Rides, Belly Dancing)

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If you follow us on instagram then you know we just got back from Dubai recently, check out our vlog. Part two (Abu Dhabi) trip is right behind!

Enjoy 🙂

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Singapore December 2018 – Travel Vlog

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Singapore, a rich and multi-dimensional city, is where your passions can truly come alive. This is because we’re more than just a destination. We are where passion is made possible.

The video was taken on December 2018

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Hi, I’m Kevin Chapman, a full-time YouTuber, author, podcaster, speaker and occasional teacher from Peterborough, UK. As part of my daily vlog I release new videos every day at 5pm UK time with topics including life as an autism family, conventions and geek culture, technology, education and tutorials and entrepreneurship.

When I left my full-time as a Computer Science teacher in July 2017, my partner, Anna, was trapped in our house by our son Andy, who is autistic and had refused to go to school for 18 months. Our daughters Lucy and Amy and our dog Dave hardly saw me because I was always working to try and solve all our problems! Today I’m a full-time content creator who’s always at home when my kids get home from school (all our kids!) and Anna has been able to return to university. This channel is the story of my family’s ongoing journey as family vloggers! Previously known as lollujo Vlogs.


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Goodbye 2018! Happy New Year! | Vlog Catchup

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Week of Variety(DEE) Vlogs ~ Episode 38: “Goodbye 2018! Happy New Year!” My last vlog! well, at least for the year of 2018! Let us catch you up during our holidays while in Las Vegas. We’ll take you with us to the Glittering Lights of Motor Speedway, and Mystic Falls Winter Wonderland just like you being right along with us. THANK YOU everyone for watching and being part of our journey!!! See YOU in 2019!!!! ~ Dee

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Please check out my channel and find a little bit of this and that from trying to become a stay at home wife and caregiver for the first time, as well as cooking up some good dishes (FINALLY!!!), Cleaning, Decluttering, Home Improvements, Monthly Empties, Dollar Tree, Couponing, Walk with Me, TAGS, and keeping positive, inspirational, and hopefully motivational!

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DYRUS VLOG| How I spent my New Year’s

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