The 10 Most INSANE RIDES in the World!

The 10 Most INSANE RIDES in the World!

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30 thoughts on “The 10 Most INSANE RIDES in the World!”

  1. the scariest ride i went on was the skyscraper at wildwood in NJ since it wasn't an enclosed seat made it even crazier. there was also the rock-o-plane that was at a random fair in my state but the only thing that made it scary was that a big bolt fell into where i was sitting which had me a panicked

  2. U forgot 1 rollercoaster in Denmark called the DEVIL. So you basically have a 30 second line of loops and corkscrews WHILE ur having a VR experience………holy jebus

  3. I know a ride like sky sky screamer in Busch gear dens Williamsburg,Virginia. It's called tempesto. I went on it. I almost fell out (shiver)

  4. I will never go on any of those rides, why? Because I have an insane fear of heights that's right I just named the intensity of the fear after the intensity of the rides you mentioned I don't know even if I would be able to handle going on an airplane

  5. The craziest roller coaster I have been on is the powder keg. It’s this giant ride that you start going uphill then you stop on an edge that is not too high up. All of a sudden the ride flings you forward and you go through 3 to 4 drops in less than a minute. It is a short ride but it does have enough power in it to make you throw up.

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