The ultimate backpacking gear mail call (III)

The ultimate backpacking gear mail call (III)

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Continuing the mail call series! Here’s what I was sent recently. Everything in this video was sent to me by the manufacturers.

Gear mentioned:
Anortrek hammock:
CNOC Vecto water bag:

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20 thoughts on “The ultimate backpacking gear mail call (III)”

  1. We improved the Vecto with a stiffer neck and a slider with a better grip. Any Vectos sold in August 2018 or later are these improved models. We're unfortunately not able to to move production of the Vectos to the US. We tried. We are moving our next round of trekking poles to the US. For those who have an older version of the Vecto, we recommend this video or emailing [email protected] for troubleshooting:

  2. We bought the CNOC water bag and the first time we used it, it leaked. Haven't used it since. We were extremely disappointed.

  3. Thanks for the honesty about your experience with the water bag. I'm a firm believer in the Platypus 2L bags. I've had my Platypus bags for over 2 years and haven't had one leak yet. Thanks Tim

  4. I have the vecto and like it but I need to be careful when threading the filter on or it leaks real bad. I've tried 3 different filters all behave the same way.

  5. Hi Tim, cool video. A little off subject, but how does one go about buying Mountain House Meals and getting the 30 % savings? Is there a link or just go to amazon or manufacture’s site?? Thanks!

  6. Dream Hammocks are great! I want one really bad, but it would be a 4th hammock. I may have a sickness. My go to hammock is the Dutchware Chameleon.

  7. What’s a daisy chain? Lol. Kidding. I work for the phone company and people look at me funny sometimes when I tell them their wiring is daisy chained. Lol

  8. I love my vecto. I just use the carabiner from my bear bag and gravity filter into my smart water bottle. Easy filling, too.

  9. I know the cnoc bag with the sawyer squeeze is a really popular option, but I’m a big fan of the Katadyn BeFree/Hydrapak Seeker combination. The bag is a lot more durable and it has a wide mouth so it’s easier to fill.
    I switched over from the sawyer mini and I’m sold on it!

  10. can't wait for the hammock vid tim, I'm hammock guy .. my ridge line set up is a little different then most..hopefully the water bag has been improved.
    billy joe

  11. I got a pin hole leak in my 2L Vecto on my last trip. Was bummed out about that, but I just ordered two of the 3L Vecto bags and hope they just get better. I love those bags!

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