This Is How We Parrot Down Under

This Is How We Parrot Down Under

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Im back! Sorry it’s taken so long, been a hard couple of weeks.
Heres our recent play date though! It’s a nice location that met the needs for the amateur and experienced fliers.
Pabu was his usual self screaming at his invisible friends and or monsters 🤷🏼‍♂️ unfortunately i couldn’t edit out most of his screams for this video so hopefully its not too much haha

Most of the birds had been in their homes/cages for a week due to christmas holidays so they were all super keen to get out and stretch their wings!
Dory met her arch nemesis soss (they are not fans of eachother), another past quaker i hand reared, you can see him in prior uploads. Also beano is one of my old bubs, plus bumi annnnd i think thats it. Possibly another bird i reared i’ve missed lol

Some great moments in here! Like Kyrans super weird walk/strut 😂 its past midnight so im not sure what else to add, if i remember anything in the morning ill add it in.
Remember NEVER take your birds out to do this, these are free flight parrots which are very different to pet indoor parrots.
Please visit for all Free Flight training & info.

Birds in video
Marley – eclectus, male
Kyran – major mitchells cockatoo
Pabu – major mitchells cockatoo
Dory – quaker
Sosuke – quaker
Aslan – alexandrine
Kevin – galah
Kirby – galah
Denby – blue and gold macaw
Bumi – yellow tailed black cockatoo
Dekata – gang gang cockatoo, female

Exciting news! Penguin my little male ekky i hand reared not long ago (prior uploads) is back, due to his family having some changes he has come back. So need to find him a forever home all over again.

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  2. What a beautiful day to fly and hangout with friends and birds! Great video! Loved it–very relaxing after stressful holidays and lots of stuff I HAD to do! Just sit back and watch the sweet birds fly!

  3. How come there aren't any African Greys? Is the specie illegal in your country? Or is it because they aren't good at free flying?

  4. Do you think different breeds of cockatoo can understand each other's screeches, like the mm and galah? I always see galahs and corellas in the wild together and wondered this.

  5. I can only imagine how loud it actually is, how have you not lost your hearing yet? I have a Quaker too, Dory is by far the most "outspoken" quaker is seen before

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