Vacation Swimwear

Vacation Swimwear

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Just to keep you up to date with what I take on vacation… I have some new swimwear that I took on my recent holiday to Cyprus. I show you them after they have been covered in sun lotion and then washed so this is a proper review!! There’s something expensive (from Addicted) and then a couple of very cheap items that seem to be everywhere on the Amazon store. To finish up I show you my new backless ‘Ass Freedom’ (!) pouch / jock from Addicted.
Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!
Dave x

PS I bought all these items myself and this video isn’t sponsored.

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  1. Being from Australia we wear budgie smugglers (speedos) here but recently I have made the switch to tight boxer brief swimwear, the speedos look good on you!

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