What an American girl LOVES about Poland

What an American girl LOVES about Poland

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After driving around Poland it’s time for a little summary! In “What an American girl loves about Poland” Blonnie talks about all the wonderful things she found out about and in Poland.

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41 thoughts on “What an American girl LOVES about Poland”

  1. This video is masterpiece. Perfect camerawork, and very smart, talkative person. You totally deserved my subscription! I love you, from Poland

  2. I loved this video. I have not been to Poland "yet" but cannot wait to see where my ancestors came from. Just to be there! It's such a beautiful country and I really enjoy how you share your story and the experience of it all. I couldn't click the "subscribe" button and bell fast enough. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Jak mnie to WKURWIA!!! Mieszkam w UK jak Anglik do nas przyjeżdża to tak strasznie się cieszy, że u nas tanio wszystko- lekarze, hotele, najlepsze restauracje, baseny, ble ble it'd.A JA SIĘ PYTAM GDZIE DLA POLAKA JEST TANIO GDZIE POLAK MOŻE POJECHAĆ I POWIEDZIEĆ ŻE JEST TANIO? NIGDZIE!!!!

  4. we have a realy smart dogs here my is adopted and hi have seciurs geting plants medicine to calm down morst important hi act like kid or bayby

  5. probably poland have richest history in europe even jingis hun was promise lechit wife with was poland and hi never conquer that land

  6. Warszawe odbudowali niszcząc cenne budowle Szczecina. Szczecin zaprasza!
    Polskie rodziny sa wspaniałe, ja mam taką cudowna ❤

  7. Kurcze ale montaz macie nie do pobicia. Swietny. Co do deserow faktycznie dla przecieetnego Polaka amerykanskie desery sa niejadalne wlasnie z powodu ilosci cukru

  8. The US no longer has a strong sense of its history and culture not bec. we are a "melting pot" but bec. those aspects have been purposefully undermined by the Communits/Marxist Left – just like in Poland the Russians and the Nazis in the past tried to destroy Polish culture.

  9. Yes, we need to preserve our Polish culture and identity.
    A polite message to out Muslim friends.
    You are always welcome to come to Poland for holidays, but we can not allow you to stay forever and you know very well why.

  10. she loves Poland because have not Polish pay for work… every Poles who have to leave behind Poland today like Poland but not get a job here but they don't want.

  11. WELL LL WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!, I'LL plan a trip to Poland, been looking for a charming place to explore, n spend money!!!!

  12. You forgot to mention how gorgeous their cemeteries are. That really blew me away! They are almost a sight-seeing place in of their own, lol. Candles were burning on beautiful graves for as far as the eye could see. My father is buried there, became an RAF pilot at the end of the war. Ran barefoot (someone stole his boots) all the way to Warsaw as a teenager to defend it when under attack. Amazing people! Amazing culture! I don't know if it's still there, but they left the tanks parked across sidewalks like memorials, so as to never forget their fight for freedom. My father took me to a beautiful square where a man in 1980's set himself on fire in protest against communism. I mean wow. Just wow. This is why they are successful in fighting the hateful multicultural agenda. They know what it's like to lose their identity. It hurts deeply. <3 Poland!

  13. I was there in 1990, and also in Gdansk. It is breathtaking! My father is Polish, and my all-American husband wanted to live there afterwards. I wish we did now. Their protectiveness about their borders and culture and identity is so important and beautiful. America is set to become Brazil 🙁

  14. Polish education system is fantastic they teach the Polish people their history that's why they stand together. they know their history and will not forget it. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”.

  15. 2:28 Forget cell phones. How about health care? An on-demand MRI scan in the US: $7,500. An on-demand MRI scan in Poland: $110 (400 PLN). Same machine, same everything.

  16. For me to go from my home in Buczkowice to Sarbinowo on coast took 8 hours,even tho it was worth of it,but the best is in mountains,homeland 😀

  17. Poland looks beautiful! Plus, I didn’t notice any refugees roaming through the streets stabbing people or raping women. Long live Poland! (from the USA).

  18. "All dogs in Poland seem to have an agenda"  That's real funny, and it is funny because looking at the dog in your video it rings true!  Lately I find that one of every four or five videos I watch in YouTube is about Poland, so I guess I will be visiting soon.  The more I learn about this country and its people the more fascinated I am by them.  The only thing is…  The language.  I speak two languages fluently, a third one less fluidly, so I was looking at Polish to see how hard it is and I don't know if it is me, but it seems pretty hard.  I've been to Europe a number of times and it is kind of satisfying to be able to communicate with people in their language, even if on a limited basis.  I've been able to do that in several countries there, but it doesn't look like i'll be doing that in Poland.

  19. Thank you for making this. I am a first generation polish american and i have never been. You have truley inspired me to visit my parents homeland. Everything i hear about it and other parts of europe i feel we as americans are getting robbed and exploited.

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